My name is Nova and I am a Master’s student in Marine Biology. In order to escape the 9-5 life of a graduate student slave, I have devoted myself deeply to beauty products. I am very passionate about trying the latest and the greatest and can definitely say that I am an addict.

On my blog I most often feature product reviews on cosmetics, hair and skin care. I really enjoy zeroing in on whether a product has good value, so in all of my reviews, I compare the amount of product you get for the price you pay against other similar products on the market. You would be surprised by how much product amounts can vary! My series Wow! or Waste? is an expansion on this, where I evaluate the value of new releases and whether they are worth your time and hard-earned money!

I also love sharing the makeup looks I create. You will find all of my weekly eyeshadow looks in my new series, Palette Roulette, where each week I randomly select an eyeshadow palette that I will have to use for all of that week.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!