Maniology Little Box of Horrors Halloween Countdown Calendar | Unboxing, Nail Art + Swatches

Hello everyone! Today I have a very exciting (and very long) post for you! Maniology was kind enough to send me their very first Halloween advent calendar, the Little Box of Horrors Halloween Countdown Calendar*! I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks so I haven’t done all my planned manis with this box yet, but will be adding around three more to this post as I complete them. So, if you want to spoil the surprise and see everything that is included, you better get scrolling!

This post contains spoilers and products received in PR*

Product Information

Cost $113 USD | 13 products total, two exclusive to the box | Launch date August 11th, 2021

I’ll start off by saying that it’s a little anti-climatic that I am posting this today as the box has already sold out within the first 48 hours. The box was available for pre-sale to MXM subscribers and Muse members August 10th and officially launched August 11th. There were several hiccups along the way during the launch, but these things happen! Fortunately, Maniology has excellent customer service, so I hope everyone ended up happy. For those who are disappointed at the box selling out so quickly, almost all of the items are going to be available for individual purchase in September!

Product Description

What wicked treats will you unearth from our Little Box of Horrors? Countdown to the Halloween season with 13 ghoulish gifts. This limited-edition collection features all-new stamping polishes, stamping plates, tools, nail art accessories, and some special exclusive delights. From nail stamping plates to special polishes, each surprise will leave you enchanted to awaken your creative powers and feed your curiosity. Enter if you dare.

Unboxing, swatches and nail art

If the cat isn’t already out of the bag, which I feel it very much is for a lot of people, let’s get into this unboxing! First of all, the outer box is SO cute. I was totally inspired by the designs and I was pleasantly surprised to find them within the box as well. This was what inspired my first mani, which you will see later in this post. Inside, you will find a booklet with clues for each item (if you plan on opening the products in countdown style), and a seriously adorable sticker sheet with vintage Halloween designs. Funnily enough, this is what inspired my second mani! Two manis and we haven’t even gotten beyond the packaging and stickers 😂😅.

For this being Maniology’s first ‘countdown calendar/advent calendar’, I was really impressed with the level of detail on all the outer packaging obscuring each item! Everything was really nicely wrapped, but not in an excessive way. So let’s get into the different days and I will show you swatches and manis along the way.

Day 1 | Haunted House Stamping Plate

What better way to start off this countdown to Halloween than with a stamping plate? This plate features very intricate ‘gothic farmhouse’ or just in general, haunted house, decor! This is the plate that includes the designs found on the outer box, and those are definitely what I fixated on the most when using this plate in my first mani.

If you want to see how I created this mani and all the products I used, check out my Youtube tutorial!

Day 2 | Halloween Monocle Stamper/Scraper Set

Us nail art fiends can always use more stampers and Maniology is giving the people what they want! This stamper and scraper set is exclusive to the box and is so freaking cute. I am particularly in love with the scraper card! If you are familiar with their monocle stamper you will know that it has a very large head which gives nice visualization and allows you to pick up multiple or large designs. Something interesting about this stamper is that it has a removable bottom! This is my first monocle stamper so I’m not sure if this is a typical feature of this stamper, but this can be handy in case the bottom gets polish or acetone spilled on it! However, it was popping out here and there during use, which I personally found kind of annoying.

Day 3 | Vintage Halloween Stamping Plate

Stamping plates you say? More? Always more! This stamping plate is particularly cute because it features a lot of classic and old school designs, including a Halloween pin-up girl! A lot of these designs were featured on the sticker sheet, which is what inspired my second mani!

If you want to see how I created this mani and all the products I used, check out my Youtube tutorial!

Day 4 | Raven Stamping Polish

Raven is a black metallic stamping polish with silver and holographic microshimmer. Something that I will say overall is that all of the polishes in this box have a touch of holo, but they aren’t a strong linear holo. You will really need sunlight to see the holo properly, but none of them have that strong holo flame that linear holos have. One polish that lends a good comparison is Maniology Black Magick, which is a black holo stamping polish. While more holo, that stamping polish is actually much more sheer than Raven, as you can see in the comparison photos below. This black stamps beautifully and adds a nice sparkly touch compared to Maniology Straight Up Black, although it isn’t quite as pigmented.

Day 5 | Superstition Orange Holographic Powder

Superstition is a burnt orange linear holographic power. I truly feel that this is the show stopper of the box!! This powder is STUNNINGLY beautiful! When you look in the container, the powder itself looks completely underwhemling. But on the nails……!!!! Chef’s kiss.

Day 6 | Writing on the Wall Stamping Plate

This plate seriously has the most fun lettering I have ever seen. I am particularly in love with the spider web letters, but the tombstone ones are amazing too! And how fun are the monster letters? This plate is jam-packed with other small additional designs, which I love and used in my Vintage Halloween mani shown above in Day 3.

Day 7 | Lime Green 106 Drawing Nail Art Brush

I always love it when tools like these are included in boxes, and these gemstone ones are particularly beautiful! This brush is exclusive to the box. For years I used brushes like this one for reverse stamping, but I have since learned that I far prefer dotting tools now, as they are less likely to streak the design. At this point I prefer brushes like this one for nail art, but you will see in my videos that I did use it for reverse stamping.

Day 8 | Slasher Stamping Polish

Slasher is a red metallic stamping polish with holographic microshimmer. Again, the holo is very discreet here and can only really be seen in direct sunlight. This is a beautifully pigmented warmer red that stamps nicely. You can see this shade in action in my Freakshow mani later in this post.

Day 9 | Vampire Stamping Plate

This is definitely my favourite stamping plate in the collection. The full nail damask/floral/bat designs have me head over heels in love!

Day 10 | Malice Stamping Polish

Malice is an emerald green metallic stamping polish with holographic microshimmer. Same as the first two, the holo is more like a discreet scattered holo and can only really be seen in direct sunlight. I do, however, love the tone of this green and I can see it being a new go-to for me for anything plant/greenery themed.

Day 11 | Freakshow Stamping Plate

Now scary circus isn’t necessarily a theme that I am super into, but it’s a Halloween must have, given CarnEvil and all! Plus every haunted house has a clown, doesn’t it? Even for those of you who feel similarly to me, this plate really does have a lot to work with! Upon seeing it I could immediately envision which mani I wanted to do with it first, which you can see below!

If you want to see how I created this mani and all the products I used, check out my Youtube tutorial!

Day 12 | Silhouette Multichrome Powder

Silhouette is a blue-purple-red-orangey/copper multichrome power. This is truly a powder of many faces. When I first saw it I thought it was just a blue chrome, and when taking photos of it I could see it shifted to purple. In fact, I was told that this powder was just a duochrome. Well when I got it on the NAILS, boy was I surprised! The most obvious shades are blue-purple-red but in lower lighting at the extreme edges, you can even see a bit of copper. Now that’s a multichrome! Very, very beautiful!

Day 13 | Halloween Mini Organizer

Up until now I haven’t been super interested in the mini organizers as a lot of them were pretty feminine. However this one?! Wow I just love it and can totally see using it for all of my Halloween plates!!! This one is a total win for me!

Final Thoughts

This box comes with five stamping plates, three stamping polishes, two powders, a monocle stamper and scraper set, a detail nail art brush and a mini organizer. When adding up the expected value of these items it totals around $126 USD, given that some items vary in price because of holo or multichrome pigments. So while you aren’t getting a crazy deal within this box, at least it totals at or over what you are paying for it.

I personally feel that this is a really great, and carefully curated box, that includes an amazing variety of products. What makes it even better though, is knowing that you will be able to purchase the items individually later! I’m a big believer in having a curated collection, rather than literally collecting everything, so being able to pick and choose which items you want really gives some power to the consumer. The only items you won’t be able to buy later are the LE stamper and scraper set and the nail art brush. To me, this box had no drawbacks, and if you’ve ever read any of my MXM Express reviews, you’ll know that I can be critical of some of the items sometimes! But to me, this box is filled with useful and fun items to inspire some really awesome Halloween manis! I can’t wait to see what everyone creates with it!

You can shop Maniology Halloween products here (including these items being released in September):

Did you pick up this box? If not, which items will you be picking up individually later? Remember to check back later for more manis using this box!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

2 thoughts on “Maniology Little Box of Horrors Halloween Countdown Calendar | Unboxing, Nail Art + Swatches

  1. What technique do you use for applying the chrome powder with such clean transfer only where you want it? It seems like you don’t use gel polish. When I use the chrome powders, I am getting pigment stuck all over the nail.

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