Maniology Mani X Me Express Kit | June 2021 High Seas

Hey everyone! Because I got to this box pretty late and took a while to prepare THREE manis this time, I’m posting pretty late. However, because I’m so happy with this collection of manis, I had to share them all in a post together! These plates are now available for purchase separately on the Maniology website! Make sure you check out my past reviews of this subscription box here.

The Mani X Me Monthly Box is a subscription service that delivers you Maniology nail art goodies every month. There are two different options: The Monthly Club and the Express Kit. 

Monthly Club ($25 USD per month)

  • 2 Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for members!
  • 2 New Coordinated Stamping Polishes
  • A Surprise Gift Every Month
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Free Stamper & Scraper Set with your first express kit

Express Kit ($18 USD per month)

  • 2 Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for members!
  • A Surprise Gift Every Month
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Free Stamper & Scraper Set with your first express kit

I have only ever gotten the Express kit. With shipping ($4 USD to Canada), in CAD the price turns out to be just over $30 CAD, which I think is fairly reasonable. One of the things that I love about this box is that you are given spoilers of the next month’s box a week before so that you can decide whether you want to skip a month or not. You can easily skip a month on the Maniology website without penalty. I love the flexibility that this subscription has!

June 2021: High Seas

For June we received two pirate-themed stamping plates featuring a variety of sea life, ships and pirate paraphernalia, plus a multichrome cuticle tool! Even though I have a few of those tools, any tools in the boxes make them feel like they have more value IMO!

Mani #1

For this first mani I wanted to feature the large octopus! Some of you might know that I am a Marine Biologist (currently doing my PhD), so any sea life always attracts me!

Products Used:

Mani #2

This second mani is giving me all the Jolly Roger vibes, the flying pirate ship from Peter Pan! Perhaps not an obvious way to use these plates, but I was itching to use a star topper I had and it set the perfect scene for a flying pirate ship in the night sky!

Products Used:

Mani #3

Since my first two manis with this box were deep and dark, for this one I wanted to do something bright and cheerful. The floral anchor image on one of the plates really grabbed me and made me want to do something a bit more feminine.

Products Used:

Final Thoughts

When this box was first announced, I wasn’t too thrilled about the theme. However, I could totally see the potential in the plates since they were filled with such a variety of designs. I’m glad I went through with getting it because I have thoroughly enjoyed using these plates! I can still imagine many ways in which they can be used, and I think variety is really something to be valued in stamping plates. The cuticle pusher tool was definitely a bonus for me this month, and a valuable one at that. I’ve been using it a lot!

Watch my video tutorials below to see how I created these three manis!

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