Colourpop False Lashes | Review + Six Styles Ranked

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of the Colourpop False Lashes. I tried a couple of styles when they first came out, mostly due to the fairly affordable price (I believe they were $6 USD when they launched). This time around I decided to order more of a selection and I’ve prepared some thoughts for you while trying them out over the last couple of months! This time, I thought it would be fun to do this ranking style, so I start out with an overview and my overall thoughts, and then go into the ranking and specific thoughts on each style.


All of Colourpop’s lashes come in protective boxes with the lashes adhered to a plastic insert. When removing them you do need to be careful to avoid pulling them apart, as they are glued in. All Colourpop lashes are faux mink lashes, made with 100% synthetic fibers. Currently there are 14 styles available that range from demure to dramatic, with new styles often launching with new collections or collaborations. They are typically priced at $8 USD, but those that launch with collaborations are typically priced at $9-$10 USD.

Overall, I find the bands are nice and thin, lending to increased flexibility and ease in manoeuvring when placing them on the lash line. Because of this, these are good ‘beginner’ lashes. For me personally, all styles have required a trim, indicating that they might fit those with larger eyes. I find all of the styles very light and comfortable. The fibers themselves don’t look fake, and don’t have a shiny plastic-y look (although they can be a bit shiny at the base; Kiss and Nikkia Joy lashes are guilty of this IMO). In the past my favourite lashes have always been the Ardell Faux Mink Lashes, and I find these are just as comfortable and easy to apply. I also do feel they last quite a while if you care for them properly. I’ve worn these lashes, in the past, upwards of five times.

Colourpop does not sell their own lash adhesive. My favourite for a while was the House of Lashes Adhesive (I went through several tubes over the years) but Sephora Canada has had problems stocking it for years now, so my most recent glue has been the Tarte Tartiest Lash Adhesive, which I find to be fine. It’s about time for me to purchase another adhesive and I might just try Duo again since I know a lot of people still swear by it (it’s been so long, I can’t remember what it is even like!).

Overall, I think these are great affordable lashes to try if you are already placing a Colourpop order! I love that there is a range of styles, but based on personal preferences I definitely prefer some over others. So let’s go through all the styles I purchased, ranked #1-6, with #1 being my favourite.

#1 Minx

$8 USD | “Get the perfect length, volume, and cat-eye shape with these faux mink false lashes! Flared at the ends to give a sexy shape to your eye, while the criss-cross pattern provides all the volume.”

Minx is definitely my everyday go to style. They have enough volume and length to enhance a look but aren’t too long or dramatic to be overwhelming. I find this style very comfortable and flattering, and I never feel self-conscious in them. I need like 10 pairs of these!

Eye look created using: Natasha Denona Zendo Palette

#2 Oh Deer

$10 USD | “For the perfect doe-eyed look, our newest pair of 100% vegan lashes add a full and flirty touch to your spring look!”

This feathery style of lash is always a favourite for me when it comes to more flirty or feminine looks. I like that they flare out while also having irregular length throughout. They add a lot of interest to any look but again aren’t too dramatic. Honestly, this style is almost tied with #1, I love them that much. Unfortunately, because they are a collab with Disney they are $2 more expensive, but I think they are worth it! These also remind me of the Ardell Faux Mink 810’s, but I think these are better because the shape is a bit more irregular and feathery.

Eye look created using: Colourpop Limoncello Palette

#3 Hunni

$8 USD | “Get the fullest lashes with these criss-crossed patterned faux mink falsies! Longer fibers in the middle of the lash creates a volumized doll-eyed look!”

Hunni is another everyday staple that is very similar in shape to Minx, just a bit longer in length. This length, however, is still within my personal comfort zone and add intensity without spidery-ness. The volume of these is just right for me.

Eye look created using: Colourpop Limoncello Palette

#4 Chica

$8 USD | “for lengthening and volume, she’s your go-to lash for any look”

We are now entering lengths that are a bit longer than I prefer. Chica is definitely quite a bit longer than the previous three, which is why it is ranked at #4. I still quite like the shape, as it is similar to Minx and Hunni, just longer. The fiber layout of this lash is also a bit more sparse, so you don’t get as much volume. These lashes are fine, but this is where I start to feel a little self-conscious about the length. It’s possible that I didn’t do a great job of gluing these down, having them oriented more ‘up’ than ‘out’, so it’s possible that they don’t have to look so long in the upwards direction (when the eye is open) as they are in the close up eye shots (I’m by no means perfect at applying false lashes!).

Eye look created using: Colourpop Limoncello Palette

#5 Queenie

$8 USD | “fluffy, flared faux mink lashes for the perf cat eye 😻”

It used to be that flare lashes were my favourite (Ardell Faux Mink 811’s!), but I think my personal preferences have changed to rounder, more symmetrical shapes over the years. Queenie has a more sparse flare, and I think I would like them better if there was more volume. Flare lashes are a dramatic but comfortable option for more intense eye looks since they taper in at the inner eye but have length at the periphery. They also add a nice cat eye look, which pairs really nicely with or without winged liner. Just looking at pictures of the Ardell Faux Mink 811’s to remind myself, those actually do look more full so I think I would prefer those next time!

Eye look created using: Whats Up Beauty Desert Monsoon Palette

#6 Chick

$8 USD | “flared and flawless, add length and drama with this main chick”

The style Chick is just…. awful. I really hated this style. The transition from the sparse inner half to the more voluminous outer half is not subtle at ALL and they look just CRAZY on me. They were also just so so long, way beyond my comfort zone. I really felt like they ruined this eye look! Cannot recommend. Even if you want long length, flared lashes, the blending is just awful! They look like two different lashes Frankestine-d together.

Eye look created using: Colourpop Limoncello Palette

Final Thoughts

I think Colourpop lashes are great for beginners and pros alike! The quality of the lashes is very nice, despite the more affordable price, and they last through multiple wears. There are many different styles to choose from, it’s just all about finding what styles you like!

Have you tried lashes from Colourpop? Which is your favourite style?

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