Abstract Smoosh | National Indigenous Peoples Day Mani

Hi everyone. Today I have created a mani based on a more serious inspiration. Recently several mass graves of children at Residential Schools in Canada have been revealed, confirming suspicions many already had. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, so it hits close to home that a mass grave of 215 children at a Kamloops residential school was discovered just weeks ago. As more investigations are underway across Canada, the confirmed death toll rises. I live in Canada and have made the decision to not celebrate Canada day this year. This year I am not proud to be Canadian, because I am not proud to be from a country that would commit such atrocities to the Indigenous Peoples of this land. Instead, I will be honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day, and wanted to start it off with this mani.

I chose to do an orange smoosh mani as a beautiful abstract background for a delicate lilting feather. Orange is in reference to orange shirt day in Canada, which recognizes the wide-ranging harm the residential school system did to children. This harm that residential schools did is not in the past. It is not history. There are people living to this day that bear this deeply traumatic burden and it lives on in the generations since. I grew up on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish Peoples in British Columbia and now reside in Newfoundland and Labrador which is the traditional territory of the Beothuk, Mi’kmaq, Innu and Inuit. I hope we can all remember, acknowledge and do better to be active allies going forward.

  1. For this manicure, I started by applying a peel off base coat (UNT Ready for Takeoff).
  2. For the base I used one coat of a peachy creme (KL South Peach). I didn’t care about this being opaque as it was just in case the abstract art on top didn’t cover everything entirely.
  3. To make clean up easier I applied a liquid latex to my cuticles (Edge Perfection Easy Peel Polish Barrier).
  4. Using a small silicone mat, I dripped different colours of orange nail polish (KL Polish South Peach, KL Polish Aries, Potion Polish I ❤ Fall, Hit the Bottle Copper Haired Girl Stamping Polish and Polished for Days Ghost Host) in an area just bigger than the size of my nail. I then tilted the pools of polish together in different directions, and folded the mat on itself a couple of times to mix the polishes unevenly. The goal is to get some mixing but not a ton.
  5. When I was happy with the layout of the polish I then pressed the head of a Whats Up Nails Jumbo Clear Stamper into the polish pool, picking up a layer of the polish. I then let this dry for 10-20 minutes (it should be dry to the touch, but you don’t want it to be so dry that it’s brittle).
  6. To make transfer easier I applied the Maniology Sticky Base Coat to all my nails and let that dry 2-3 minutes.
  7. I then transferred each smooshed design onto each nail and removed the excess.
  8. On all fingers I stamped a feather design from the Nicole Diary L-29 Stamping plate with a gold stamping polish (Hit the Bottle Calypso Gold).
  9. To protect the design I used the Apipila Cosmeticos Smudge Free Nail Art Top Coat. I then added a glossy top coat, Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with how this smoosh design turned out. It’s exactly what I envisioned and the flakies really added some dimension.

Watch my video tutorial below to see how it was done!

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