Colourpop Limoncello Palette | Swatches + 4 Looks

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of the Colourpop Limoncello paletteIt might be a warm palette with a pop of blue, but I’m living for this blue yellow fantasy!! Honestly the packaging makes it totally worth it too! Another beautiful collection from Colourpop!

Packaging and First Impressions

This is a cardboard palette with a magnetic closure that has beautiful cover art that looks like tuscan tile with lemons. As usual the attention to detail is incredible, with the lemons actually having a rind texture and golden accents here and there. This palette actually has a mirror, which is unusual for their cardboard palettes, and it feels a lot heavier and more luxury than usual.

Inside you have 12 shades ranging from warm browns, yellows to a green and blue. This palette is almost evenly split by formula, with seven mattes and five metallics. These shadows have no scent, other than the typical makeup scent. The pans in this palette are actually much larger than the typical 12 pan palettes from Colourpop, so the palette itself is a big bigger. However, I’m not certain that you actually get more product as the net weight doesn’t differ very much from their other 12 pans and they don’t give individual shade weights.


“Living la dolce vita! Inspired by dreamy spring days and freshly squeezed lemons for the perfect limoncello, our newest 12-pan palette features richly pigmented matte and metallic shadows in fun and vibrant shades. Create a bright and fresh look perfect for cruisin’ down the coast or a sunny picnic escape!”


tuscan fun: matte mid-tone brown
fly girl: metallic tangerine* not intended for use around the eye area
easy peasy: metallic dirty olive
limone squeezy: matte warm ginger
touring: warm metallic champagne
amalfi: matte canary yellow
serenade: pale metallic lemon
capri: metallic deep lime
the grotto: matte deep terracotta
semifreddo: matte neutral suede
vespa: rich matte charcoal brown
la festa: matte dusty denim

Price and Quantity

This palette is priced at $18 USD and has 0.42 oz of product.

While I usually include price comparisons in my makeup reviews to other popular items on the market, I do not with lower priced items that would typically appear in a drugstore. This is because prices are not standardized between drugstore retailers. Therefore, no comparison today since Colourpop prices can’t possibly compare in a helpful way to higher end items! Colourpop will always likely have a better value, which is good!

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I would say this is a very good Colourpop palette! I have tried some really excellent palettes from Colourpop, and some that aren’t as great and this is one of the tops for me!

As usual, the pigmentation of this palette is great. The only shade that was slightly lacking was Semifreddo because it appeared to be packed a bit harder, but it was very buildable. The rest either had great pigmentation to start with, or built really well. One standout was the yellow matte, Amalfi. It was SO pigmented, and yet very blendable!

The mattes in this palette were great with really no problem shades. I’ve always enjoyed the CP matte formula and these were no exception. Even the extremely dark brown, Vespa, had no issues with blending! Moreover, the blue was great as well, and I didn’t even use another shade to help blend it out! All shades built and layered on top of each other nicely, with no problem achieving some level of depth. I also didn’t notice any fading throughout the day.

The metallics in this palette are some of the best released lately. The extra creamy CP formula that I love but see all too rarely is in this palette, and we get two of those (Touring and Capri)! The remaining metallics are very close to being just as good, with the exception of Easy Peasy, which is a thinner and less creamy formula. When I used it in person I was underwhelmed, but the photos actually don’t look so bad.

So let’s get into the eye looks and I will let you know all the shades used and my thoughts on each shade as we go through. Each look was created on a set concealer base with metallics applied on top of a glitter glue. 

Shades Used
: Crease, lower lash line. This is a neutral to warm-leaning medium chocolate brown matte. I noticed that it was pressed harder than typical Colourpop mattes and therefore wasn’t quite as pigmented. It did build up with multiple layers.
Vespa: Outer corner. This is a very dark cool brown matte that is much more powdery than Semifreddo, but it blended nicely and was definitely effective at adding depth!
Easy Peasy: Inner and center lid. This is a brown base with an olive green flip. When I applied this in person I honestly felt underwhelmed as it didn’t look very shiny, but in the photos it looks pretty decent! It definitely doesn’t have that creamy texture that I love to see in some CP metallics.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Double Life” is on the waterline and I am wearing the Colourpop Faux Mink Lashes in the style “Chica”.

Shades Used
The Grotto
: Crease. This is a warm terracotta matte that has nice pigmentation and blended smoothly.
Tuscan Fun: Transition and lower lash line. This is the sightly warmer version of Semifreddo but is a little more pigmented because it isn’t pressed as hard.
Vespa: Outer corner.
Touring: Inner corner and inner lid. This is a very reflective and creamy light metallic champagne. This is the creamy formula I know and love from CP, but see all too rarely!
Fly Girl: Center lid. This is a metallic peachy orange. It is less creamy than Touring but still has a nice sheen to it and has good body to it.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Lucky” is on the waterline and I am wearing the Colourpop Faux Mink Lashes in the style “Hunni”.

Shades Used
: Crease, lower lash line. This is a VERY bright and pigmented yellow matte. I was honestly very impressed. It also blended really well.
Limone Squeezy: Outer corner. This is a warmer mustard matte that added a nice warmth and a bit of depth to the look.
Serenade: Inner corner and inner and center lid. This is a lemon yellow metallic. This formula is also pretty creamy, but nothing quite beats Touring.

Creme Gel Liner in the shade “Marigold” is on the waterline and I am wearing the Colourpop Faux Mink Lashes in the style “Chick”. I admit these lashes look kind of crazy here…. Stay posted for my upcoming review.

Shades Used
La Festa
: Crease, lid, outer lower lash line. This is a denim blue matte that has great pigmentation. It did tend to blend away a bit in areas where I wanted maximum pigment, but it was really easy to pack on again and the periphery blended really nicely.
Capri: Center lid and center lower lash line. This is a metallic lime green. Oh BOY do I love this shade! It has such a beautiful reflect to it, and I would say it is also one of the extra creamy shades. Just beautiful!

Creme Gel Liner in the shade “Big Splash” is on the waterline and I am wearing the Colourpop Faux Mink Lashes in the style “Oh Deer”.

Final Thoughts

It’s another banger from Colourpop! Gosh, there’s just something about this palette that gives you the full fantasy of summer, Italy, and travelling. Something that I think a lot of us need right now! I’m also loving how detailed the palette design is becoming these days, and this palette in particular feels much more luxury than usual.

Did you get or are you planning on getting this palette? What do you think? Which is your favourite look?

2 thoughts on “Colourpop Limoncello Palette | Swatches + 4 Looks

  1. Such a pretty palette! The more I see it, the more I want to buy it! I love all of your eye looks, but especially the blue-yellow one. You make blue look so wearable. Thanks for sharing!


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