Polish Pick Up Haul Round Up | December 2020 & January 2021

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you a round up of the last two months of my Polish Pickup hauls. Because my December haul was so small, I decided to combine it with January’s, which just arrived last week.

Polish Pickup

Polish Pickup (PPU) is an online store that offers new indie nail polish, bath and body products, wax, and jewelry from 100+ brands every month, inspired by a different group-chosen theme. All products made each month are limited edition and can only be purchased during the first Friday-Monday of every month, when the PPU shop is open. PPU has a very cool community of makers located all over the world, coming together to sell their super unique products. Most of the information on PPU is in their facebook group, where you can see swatches and reviews of the upcoming products for each month. The one important thing to note is that when you order with PPU, it is effectively a preorder and items purchased won’t be shipped for around three weeks, so you need to be patient!

What I am showing you today are swatches of all the polishes I purchased. Even though some of these are LE items that can no longer be purchased a lot of people trade past PPU polishes in this facebook group here. So, if you really fall in love with something you see, it may be possible to still buy it at some point. However, this is also a great opportunity just to showcase some really incredible indie brands that have whole lines of polish that are permanent! Check them out and support small businesses! When has there been a better time?

December 2020 Everything is Fine

December’s theme was all about the shitstorm that 2020 was. Some makers decided to take a more positive route, whereas others were perhaps more realistic.

Fair Maiden Trailblazer

Trailblazer is a black-red-orange-gold multichrome with silver holographic flecks. This shade was inspired by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In bright lighting the dominant colour of this multichrome is black, but once lighting dims and varies, you can really see that red and orange pop out, with gold at extreme angles. Here I used two coats and one coat of glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Cuticula Let’s Try That Again

Let’s Try That Again is a warm pink holographic base packed with bronze, rose gold, and platinum metallic flakes, rose hex glitters and gold metallic dots. This shade was inspired by celebrating the New Year with pink champagne. This shade is seriously jam-packed with goodies. It has so much going on in it, and I love it! Pinks don’t get much more fun than this! Here I used two coats, two coats of a glitter smoothing top coat, and one coat of a glossy top coat to try to eliminate all that texture! The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Polish Molish That Darn 5G

That Darn 5G is a cool purple jelly packed with red iridescent flakies and red-orange glitter. This shade was inspired by a picture of a cell tower at sunset. Another glorious crelly from Polish Molish! The colour contrast is simply stunning. I can see Polish Molish being another brand that I purchase from almost monthly! Here I used two coats, one coat of a smoothing top coat and one coat of a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard Quick Dry Top Coat

The scent for December was “Wrap it up 2020”, which was described as an enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries with notes of French vanilla. I mostly get raspberry and vanilla notes from it. This is my favourite top coat that I have been consistently purchasing since last Fall. It is offered every month in PPU, plus they sell it on their website and you can customize your scent there. I have actually purchased it during past PPU’s but didn’t show it in my hauls for whatever reason. Pretty much anytime you see a photo of my nails, know that this is the top coat on top! You’ll see that I also purchased it during January!

Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber

This is a smoothing top coat that is intended to help reduce texture from chunky polishes (like Cuticula above). Depending on the polish, you might need one or two coats of this, followed by a coat of your regular top coat. So far I have been happy with it, and it definitely does reduce texture. I’m not sure how much better it is than just using an extra coat of your regular top coat, so I do still need to do some more testing.

January 2021 Birthstones, Gems & Minerals

Atomic Polish Silicate

Silicate is a pink jelly with orange to pink shifting shimmer. This shade was inspired by a bicolour pink and orange tourmaline crystal. This shade is suuuuper glowy. When in direct light it looks more pinky, but in warmer or dimmer light it is quite orange and you can see some gold at extreme angles. Overall, the saturation is out of this world! Here I used three coats and one coat of glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Tips Red Amber

Red Amber is a deep orange jelly packed with three sizes of gold holographic, light gold and red glitters. This shade was inspired by red amber. This was Tips’ first month participating in PPU and I think this was a great intro shade! All I could see were the Fall mani possibilities!!! Upon application I was actually shocked by how pigmented this jelly was, giving you beautiful depth in shade, but still lots of dimension with the layered glitters. Here I used three coats, one coat of a smoothing top coat and one coat of a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Whatcha Blue Aura Quartz

Blue Aura Quartz is a bright blue jelly packed with iridescent flakies. This shade was inspired by blue crystals. This is my second shade from Whatcha and I haven’t been disappointed yet! I was stunned by the pigmentation of this jelly and how beautifully it built up. I can’t wait to do some ocean-themed manis with this shade! Here I used three coats, one coat of a smoothing top coat and one coat of a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Fair Maiden Celestine

Celestine is a blue-aqua-silver multichrome with silver holographic flakes. This shade was inspired by a teal geode. I actually haven’t ever been super interested in duo or multichromes, but when they have holographic flakes in them too? Sold. The dominant colour in direct lighting is that silver teal shade, but in dimmer lighting deeper blues and purples pop out at extreme angles. Here I used two coats and one coat of glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard Quick Dry Top Coat

The scent for January was “Rainbow Aura”, which was described as a blend of blue cotton candy, tart blue raspberry and fizzy pop candy. I mostly get nondescript candy notes from it. As I said before, I’ve been stocking up on this top coat monthly, but I’ll probably go a few months without now since I have a pretty good collection of it now! (Although I do think I purchased it in Feb too 😅).

Apipila Cosmeticos Smudge Free Nail Art Top Coat

This is a water-based top coat that is proven to not smudge nail art one bit!! The video reviews I have seen on this are insane. No matter how hard you TRY to smudge your design, it just won’t! I’m very happy with it so far, but have only used it twice. An example is my latest mani below. No smudging!

Esmaltes da Kelly Sea Life Stamping Plate

This is a stunningly versatile and accurate stamping plate filled with ocean-themed stamping designs! This was the third time that this plate was offered on PPU and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake of missing out on it again! If you don’t know, I’m currently working on my third degree in Marine Biology, so this plate was right up my alley. I haven’t used it yet, mostly because I associate ocean designs with the summer (why, I don’t know), but I can’t wait to! I think it would pair really nicely with Whatcha Blue Aura Quartz as well!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these shades together as much as I did! Until next time! And just you wait, because my February order is on the way!

What is your favourite from this round up?

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