Rare Beauty Melting Blush | Review + Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of the new Rare Beauty Melting Blushes! I don’t know what it is about Rare, but I feel intrigued every time they release something. I also continue to be intrigued by cream blushes even though I am a powder girl and like to set my foundation with powder. This typically causes problems with cream products, so let’s see what happened this time! Can it work with a powder?

Packaging and First Impressions

This cream blush comes in a petite baby pink plastic compact that is the size of your palm. It is truly adorable and the magnetic closure makes it feel slightly luxury! Inside the lid there is a tiny mirror, and the blush sits as a risen pan. I think Emily Noel described it looking like a little pad of butter, and I totally agree. This blush has no scent.

This formula comes in five shades, spanning neutral, coral, pink, mauve and berry tones. I purchased the shade “Nearly Neutral”, described as a “soft neutral pink”. This shade is a lovely neutral pink with quite a bit of brown to it. While the photos on the Rare Beauty website look accurate, I would say the photo on Sephora makes this shade look much more pink than it is.


“Inspired by the soft, flushed look we get when we feel the most vulnerable, this unique liquid-like cream melts on contact for a truly weightless wash of color that lasts all day. First-of-its-kind formula combines pigments with a non-greasy blend of lightweight oils and spherical powders for a mistakeproof blush like you’ve never seen or felt before. Goes on smooth and seamless for a natural satin finish with a soft blurring effect. Water-resistant, and won’t cake, crease, or clog pores.”

Price and Quantity

This blush is priced at $27 CAD ($21 USD) and has 0.17 oz of product.

For price comparisons I chose higher end cream blushes. Because I’m not familiar with all these formulas, they could significantly differ in the amount of emollience or glow.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

RankProduct Cost
Quantity (oz)Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1Milk Lip + Cheek$200.21$95/oz
2Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush$380.25$152/oz
3Rare Melting Cream Blush$270.17$159/oz
4Tower 28 BeachPlease Cheek Balm$260.158$165/oz
5Kaja Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush$260.15$173/oz
6Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Blush$260.1$260/oz
7RMS Lip2Cheek$480.17$282/oz
8Lilah B. Divine Duo Lip & Cheek$590.08$738/oz

I’m impressed that the Rare blush ended up in the top three, although I’m not surprised. There is clearly a lot of product included, and it really does seem like it would probably last forever!

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I am so excited by this cream blush! And you will read why shortly!

First of all, the pigmentation of this shade in particular, Nearly Neutral, is very gentle. As you will see in the swatch below, the pigmentation is on the lighter, or even sheer side, and that’s after building it up with a couple of swatches. I like how user-friendly that makes this blush, which I think is what most people are looking for!

As for the application and performance of this blush, I’m loving it! Honestly, I can’t hold back this information any longer: This blush works on top of powder!!!! Freaking hallelujah everybody! The texture of the blush itself is interesting, because then you feel it in the pan, it is very creamy, but when you apply it or swatch it, it does feel mostly dry to the touch. So overall, that transition from cream to a powder finish happens almost immediately, making this a great cream product to apply over powders if that is something that you prefer.

Now, I did try it both before and after powdering my foundation, and I actually preferred how it applied on top of set foundation! When applied directly on top of unset foundation with a sponge or my fingers, I found it didn’t apply very seamlessly. It almost looked a bit patchy and I wasn’t super happy with how it looked, until I powdered on top and that seemed to even things out. If I had a stippling brush, I think application may have gone better. When I applied on top of set foundation with a sponge, I thought it applied VERY seamlessly. It was very easy to gradually build it up, and you’ll see in the photos I applied it more generously in this case, just so you could see the colour a bit better (blush never translates that well in photos unless you go overboard). The finished feeling of the blush on the skin is not tacky at all and I would say a satin finish is pretty accurate. This meant that the blush didn’t move around on my face, and I didn’t notice any fading throughout the day.

Below are some full face photos showing the blush applied on unset and set foundation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m thrilled that you can use this blush on set foundation. I’ve always been so curious about cream products, but they often just don’t work well on top of set foundation. Yes, I suppose I could try not setting my foundation, but I just don’t enjoy that. I have a routine, you know? If you are looking for an emollient or glowy blush, this is not it. But, if you are a powder lover who wants to try cream products, I do think this is a perfect introduction for you!

Have you tried anything from Rare Beauty yet? What is your favourite cream blush?

6 thoughts on “Rare Beauty Melting Blush | Review + Swatches

  1. I’ve had my eye on this particular cream blush. All reviews I’ve read so far have all been positive. Thanks to your post, I will consult with the Rare Beauty site for colour selection before I order from Sephora.

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