Zoya Naturel Transitional 2020

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of the Zoya Naturel Transitional 2020 collection*. We’re starting off this year calm, cool and collected with this transitional Winter to Spring collection, Naturel. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love dusty blush and mauve tones this time of year. Don’t forget to check out my swatch video of all the shades at the end of this post!

This post contains products received in PR*

**Edited to add that I just got an email today with the below sale coupon! So maybe that will help you with your decisions if you want to get any of these shades!

About Zoya

Zoya polishes are 10 free, meaning that they are formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor, THPH, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide or lead. Their polishes are also safe for pregnant women, are breathable and vegan!

My thoughts on the Zoya Formula

Overall, I really enjoy the Zoya formula. The most impressive quality of Zoya nail polishes is the opacity of their lighter cremes. Often “skin-coloured” or lighter cremes require at least two if not three coats to reach full opacity. Zoya’s lighter cremes are almost fully opaque with ONE coat. That is incredible! So clearly the pigment is there. And this rings true for most of their other shades as well.  In terms of wear, I find that the Zoya formula is chip resistant until you hit around the 4-5 day mark, which is pretty typical, if not a bit better than typical.

In terms of the brush, it is the thinner style, but they do offer a wider brush called the Z-Wide Brush which can be purchased separately for $2 each.

Zoya Naturel Transitional 2020

This nail palette includes six (6) new colors which include a lovely range of mauve-toned neutral creams, plus an exciting duo-chrome topper in Marlowe which can be worn alone, or as a topper over your favorite shades for added sparkle. This collection embodies the transition from Winter to Spring with calming hues.


Evelyn is a pale baby pink with a creme finish. As usual, this creme has excellent opacity, being mostly opaque at one coat, and fully opaque at two. Here I used two coats and a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.


Cami is a dusty blush with a creme finish. I loooove this shade. So delicate and feminine, yet modern. Again the same excellent opacity as the last shade. Here I used two coats and a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.


Barrett is a dusty light mauve purple with a creme finish. Another drool-worthy dusty shade with the same excellent opacity as the last two. Here I used two coats and a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.


Vivian is a dusty medium grape purple with a creme finish. This shade was interesting because it almost applied with a jelly-like consistency. But with two coats, it was completely opaque. Here I used two coats and a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.


Adeline is a deep taupe with purple undertones and a creme finish. I don’t know what it is but I just love this shade! I think it’s a really unique shade of taupe. This shade was also similar to Vivian in that it seemed less opaque with the first coat, but built up well in two coats. Here I used two coats and a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.


Marlowe is a sheer jelly blue base packed with purple/gold microglitter. While this shade is advertised as a duochrome, I really can’t tell if the glitter is actually a duochrome that shifts from purple to gold or if there is just purple and gold glitter in it. Regardless, this shade is soo sparkly and pretty! It does take three coats to reach full opacity though, if you don’t like there to be a visible nail line. Here I used three coats and a glossy top coat. The last two pictures show this shade matte.

Because this collection did include many similar cremes, here are some comparisons for you.

Thoughts on the Naturel Transitional 2020 Collection

These are exactly the kinds of shades that I love this time of year, so this collection really speaks to me. I have also been a fan of smaller, more curated collections and this one is perfect! I also think it is different to release a collection that is mostly cremes, especially after the very sparkly holiday collection! As usual, the performance and opacity of all the shades was pretty great, with the exception of the microglitter which required an extra coat. But man, was that extra coat worth it for that sparkly shade!

If you are interested in any of these shades, make sure you check out the full collection here on the Zoya website!

Want to see the shades live and in action? Check out my live swatches below!

Have you tried out the Zoya formula? What is your favourite shade from the collection? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

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