12 Days of Nailmas | Day 1 Holiday Lights

Hey everyone! Today is my 27th birthday! So in celebration of my birthday and the beginning of December, I am bringing back my 12 Days of Nailmas series! This is the third year I am doing this challenge and I can’t wait to get started!

For the first twelve days of December I am going to be featuring 12 different manis on my blog, instagram and Youtube. Even though these aren’t the “real” 12 days of Christmas (the 12 days are actually after Christmas), this is definitely my favourite way to start off the month of December. I just love doing nail art during the holiday season, and I always find that I have the most inspiration during this time!

Because this is an endurance challenge that does take quite a bit of time to do, I won’t be writing up my usual tutorials in these posts. All products used will be provided, and of course the video tutorial should make the process clear. But, if you do have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

For day one I have the perfect combination of winter holiday and birthday: some very colourful and bright Christmas string lights on top of my all time favourite polish, Whatcha Candy Cake!

Products Used:

Watch my video tutorial below to see how it was done!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow to see the next mani for my 12 Days of Nailmas!

Missed last years manis? Check them out here!

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