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Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you a review of a dip kit* from a recently launched indie dip powder brand! As you may have seen in a post earlier this year, I have been doing my own dip powder nails since the pandemic started. Obviously going to a salon became a lot more complicated, plus I had already been interested in finding a way to do my own sets. I wasn’t always happy with the acrylic sets I would get in the salon (too thick, too thin, not shaped properly), regardless of wherever I went, so I wanted to find a way where I would have more control over the process and hopefully save some money! Dip powder was the obvious way to go since it is a super simple process to get the same effect as classic acrylic nails that you would get in a salon. The thing about dip kits is that they are EXPENSIVE! There is definitely an initial investment so I can see that turning a lot of people off. However, in the long run, these kits will almost always pay themselves off after a couple of months of not going to the salon. Plus, this dip kit I’m talking about today is majorly on sale!!

This post contains products received in PR*

About Best Is Yet Beauty

Best Is Yet Beauty is a recently launched indie dip polish brand based in Michigan, USA. They currently only ship domestically, so this is for you my US friends! From the information on their website and my interactions with the owner, this business is clearly something that was developed out of a love and passion for creating high quality nail products. I’m personally excited to see how this brand evolves over time.

The products on their website range from full and partial dip kits to individual powders available in 64 colours, individual dip liquids and bundles, and tools for doing your manicure. The kits and individual product options are great because it gives you a lot of flexibility with choosing what you need. I, frankly, am so impressed that as a new brand they already have 64 shades available!

Best Is Yet Beauty Full Dip Kit*

$89.99 USD – Currently on sale for $59.99 USD!!

I’m going to start by saying the best thing about this kit: You get to choose your own colours!!! This dip kit comes with one clear dip powder, and you get to choose two additional shades to add to the kit. I chose a dusty rose and a sparkly emerald green. There is nothing I hate more than dip kits that come with a ton of shades that I simply have no interest in! So, this customizability is awesome to me. This kit comes with the following:

  • Three dip powders: one clear and two shades of your choosing
  • Five liquids: Primer, Dip Base, Activator, Top Coat, Brush Saver
  • Tools for completing your manicure: brush, file, buffing block, orange stick, dipping tray
  • Travel bag

My thoughts on the formula


Overall, I am very happy with this dip powder formula. Whether you are experienced or not, this dip powder is really quite easy to use. These powders are very finely milled, so they build up evenly on the nail during application. One thing that I did notice is that once you apply all of your layers to reach the desired thickness/opacity, and have applied the activator, it took quite a while for the powder to harden to the point where you could actually shape/file the nail. For only three layers it took about 20 minutes to harden. An easy way to deal with this long setting time is to adjust how you apply the powders.

Typically what I do when applying dip is I over build the nail, making it bulkier than I would like so that I can file it down and sculpt it into a 3D shape that I am happy with (I am quite particular about this). The best strategy with this particular formula is to be more minimal so that filing/shaping isn’t very necessary after you have applied all of your layers. And because this powder does apply so evenly, that is totally possible. Plus, I also found that I could press/manipulate the dip on the nail simply by pressing it with my finger after applying the activator. I typically like a pretty sharp square shape on my free edge, and I could sharpen it up by pressing it with my finger as opposed to filing, which is just too rough when the powder is still setting. So, if you take the minimalist approach, apply the minimum amount of layers you need and then activator, after waiting a minute you can go ahead and add the top coat, which hardens very quickly, 2-3 minutes.


This dip powder wore really well. Definitely no chips or even tip wear after three weeks. I did have one nail lifting at two weeks, but that was it. I was actually really impressed by how little lifting there was compared to the products I usually use where I get lifting sometimes in a matter of days.

How to do dip

All kits and brands come with their own instructions, but they look something like this (with my added tips):

  1. Make sure you prep your nails properly by removing any excess cuticles and shaping the free edge. It also helps to lightly buff the nail surface, as the dip will cling better to a textured surface than a smooth one. As a last step, remove any oils from the nail surface with 100% acetone.
  2. Apply primer to all of your nails.
  3. Apply a thin coat of base coat to one nail only. You only want to do one nail at a time, because the base coat will dry quickly. It is essentially a quick-dry glue. Be careful to apply accurately, as anywhere you apply the base coat, powder will stick. I find the base coat is on the liquidy side, so you want to use as little product as possible to avoid flooding your cuticles etc.
  4. Immediately dip your nail into clear dip powder, hold for 10 seconds, brush off the excess.
  5. At this point you can choose whether to repeat the same steps with another layer of clear, or move onto a coloured powder. You may need 1-2 layers of coloured powder to get the desired opacity. Make sure that when you are doing the coloured powder steps, that you apply the base coat to the tip of your nail so that colour applies there as well. This will make your manicure look more finished and professional.
  6. End with 1-2 layers of clear powder IF you aren’t yet at the desired thickness or IF you are planning on filing the surface or free edge of the nail. If you are going to file/buff the nail, you want to be buffing away the clear powder, not the coloured, especially if the colour you chose was a glitter. If you file a glitter, what can happen is you will partially file away some of the colour of the glitter, leaving silver glitter behind.
  7. Once you have applied all layers to all nails, apply activator and let set for a couple minutes, or until completely hardened if you plan to file.
  8. The last step is applying the top coat. This particular brand suggests you apply two layers of top coat to give you that super glossy look.

Overall, you are going to have to play with the number of coats to find what works for you. Also, you don’t have to start with a clear layer if you don’t want to, although it is suggested for longevity. Dip powder can get bulky if you overdo it, and like I said, you want to avoid that with this particular formula since you have to wait so long to be able to file. So if you are finding it gets bulky too quickly, you can try skipping that initial clear coat.



Charlie is a medium dusty rose with a creme finish. This is a beautiful classic shade that is wearable for all skin tones and all seasons. Here I’ve shown it in two coats.

Emerald City

Emerald City is a medium emerald green with a glitter finish. This glitter shade is such a show stopper! There is something really special about glitter dip powders, as they seem to show more depth and just more sparkliness than a regular glitter polish! Trust me when I say you need one of these glitter shades! Here I’ve shown it in two coats.

Final Thoughts on the Best Is Yet Beauty Full Dip Kit

Overall, I think this is a great dip kit to try for beginners and professionals alike. If you use the right techniques, and play with the number of layers that works for you, I’m confident you will be happy with the performance. This brand also has some major sales going on right now, so now is the time to jump on it! For individual products, there is also an ADDITIONAL 30% off for Black Friday with the code THANKFUL30. For example the individual powders that are usually $20 USD, are currently on sale for $15.99 USD, and with the 30% discount code, they’re only $11.19!! This is an unheard of price for high quality dip powders!

If you are interested in this dip kit, make sure you check it out on the Best Is Yet Beauty website.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

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