OPI Shine Bright Limited Edition Trio

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of a selection of special effect shades from OPI’s Shine Bright Holiday 2020 Collection. Nail Polish Canada reached out to me to see if I would consider reviewing them, and I was happy to accept. Nail Polish Canada is my favourite retailer to buy mainstream brands because they have a really fast turnaround and low flat-rate shipping, with a low free shipping threshold. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially for shipping in Canada!

What made me really excited to swatch these shades is that they are breath of fresh air for OPI! OPI is an international leader in nail polish, but like a lot of mainstream brands they mostly stick to the classic formulas like cremes, metallics and shimmers. This trio is a step into something a little more special and a little more fun, so I’m excited to share them with you!

This post contains products received in PR

OPI Shine Bright Trio

All A’twitter in Glitter

All A’twitter in Glitter is a clear jelly packed with iridescent micro and hex glitters. This shade is soooo pretty built up on its own, but is also really beautiful as a topper. Here it is shown in two coats on its own, and in one coat over white. Because it is glitter-heavy you may want to use two layers of top coat to knock out any texture and give it that glossy finish. The last picture shows this shade matte.

Bling it on!

Bling it on! is a shimmery blue jelly packed with iridescent shreds. This shade gives you the coolest *pun intended* ice crystal look. And arguably, this shade might look even better matte! If you have worked with shreds before, you will know that they can present texture issues. They do leave the polish fairly lumpy, and some shreds can stick upwards off of the nail, but you can fix this easily. Simply use thin layers when applying, and when the nail is mostly dry, push on the surface of the polish with your finger to flatten the shreds. Then apply as many coats of top coat as you want to smooth it out. Here I’ve shown it in two coats on its own, and as one coat over white. As you can see, it is quite pigmented but still works as a topper. However, I do prefer the dimension you get with it on its own! Here I used two coats of top coat, but there was definitely still some texture. The last picture shows this shade matte.

Puttin’ on the Glitz

Puttin’ on the Glitz is a dark charcoal grey jelly packed with iridescent shreds. Same goes for everything I said about the shreds in Bling it on! This shade is actually so unique, with a dark but glam vibe. I absolutely prefer this shade matte; it really emphasizes the iridescent shreds and it is stunning! Here I’ve shown it in two coats on its own, and as one layer over black (ring finger). It builds up really nicely on its own, as the jelly is quite pigmented, so you almost can’t see a difference in the topper nail. But again, using this shade as a topper will reduce some of the texture issues, and the black base does seem to make the shreds stand out more. Here I used two coats of top coat, but there was definitely still some texture. The last picture shows this shade matte.

Thoughts on the OPI Shine Bright Trio

As much as I was excited by the idea of this trio, I was even more impressed by the performance of the shades. They all built up nicely with only two coats, were pigmented, and had a lovely sparkle for the holidays. I definitely had some concerns about how the shades with shreds would perform, but the texture was easy to fix and the look of them layered ended up being really incredible, especially when matte!

If you are interested in any of these shades, make sure you check out the full Shine Bright collection and the limited edition trio on Nailpolishcanada.com

Which is your favourite shade from the trio?

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

4 thoughts on “OPI Shine Bright Limited Edition Trio

    1. Hi Chanelle, they are certainly more difficult than cremes or metallics. I usually don’t find iridescent glitters/shreds as bad because they seem to be thinner than typical glitters, but I also tend to use peel off base coats just to really make things easy! My favourite is from UNT, although it seems to be out of stock everywhere right now!

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