Haunted House | #glamnailschallengeoct

Hey everyone! This month I am participating in the Glam Nails Challenge, which is a monthly nail art challenge. If you missed my last entries, you can check them out here. I’ve been busting my butt to get these last couple of designs done, and I did it! I might even go back and do ghosts retroactively. There are just so many Halloween manis I wanted to do, but so little time!

The eighth and last prompt was haunted house. Two polishes that I have been dying to use together for a Halloween mani are two gorgeous jelly flakies: Dreamland Bats Full of Shame and Penelope Luz Pitaya Drink. Because I wanted the jelly bases to show up, I did a manual gradient with the brush, slowly building each up, and it worked out well! I love the satin black image on top of the glossy flakie goodness!

  1. For this manicure, I started by applying a peel off base coat (UNT Ready for Takeoff)
  2. For the base I used a combination of two fuchsia jellies with flakies (Dreamland Bats Full of shame and Penelope Luz Pitaya Drinks) to create a gradient. I did this with the brushes from each polish, slowly building each up. I did it this way instead of using a sponge because I wanted the polish base to transfer as well, which would usually get soaked up by the sponge. I think the gradient turned out pretty smooth!
  3. Before applying designs to any of the nails, I used a thick top coat to smooth out some of the texture (American Classics Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat), and a final coat of a quick dry glossy top coat (Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard Pumkpin Spice Latte Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat).
  4. I then stamped on graveyard and haunted house designs from the Maniology M071 Supernatural: The Spirit Speaks stamping plate on the tip of each nail using a black stamping polish (Maniology Straight Up Black) and the Whats Up Nails Jumbo Clear Stamper.
  5. Because I wanted the design to be more of a satin or matte, I did not apply a top coat on top. This isn’t great for longevity, so you could try stamping a matte top coat on top with the same designs. I just left it as it was since I knew I’d be changing my nails in the next day anyways!

Aren’t those flakie polishes so juicy??? Uhg! So perfect for a Halloween mani.

Watch my video tutorial below to see how it was done!

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