April 2020 Polish Pickup Haul | Aquatic Wonder

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you my ACTUAL first Polish Pick Up haul. If you read my May post, you’ll know that for whatever reason it arrived before my April order. The world of mail is simply nonsensical right now. But I did eventually get my April order, and I couldn’t be happier since I was starting to get the sinking feeling that it was lost forever.

Polish Pickup

Polish Pickup (PPU) is an online store that offers new indie nail polish, bath and body products, wax, and jewelry from 100+ brands every month, inspired by a different group-chosen theme. All products made each month are limited edition and can only be purchased during the first Friday-Monday of every month, when the PPU shop is open. PPU has a very cool community of makers located all over the world, coming together to sell their super unique products. Most of the information on PPU is in their facebook group, where you can see swatches and reviews of the upcoming products for each month. The one important thing to note is that when you order with PPU, it is effectively a preorder and items purchased won’t be shipped for around three weeks, so you need to be patient!

What I am showing you today are swatches of all the polishes I purchased. Even though these are LE items that can no longer be purchased, some are being brought back for July (the theme is “Rewind” so the makers can bring back a past LE polish from PPU), and a lot of people trade past PPU polishes in this facebook group here. So, if you really fall in love with something you see, it may be possible to still buy it at some point. However, this is also a great opportunity just to showcase some really incredible indie brands that have whole lines of polish that are permanent! Check them out and support small businesses! When has there been a better time?

April 2020 Aquatic Wonder

Are you mesmerized by the ocean? I am! This was truly the perfect month for me to discover PPU as anything ocean was the theme. If you don’t know, I have my MSc in Marine Biology, so the ocean and its animals are truly my passion. In particular, I study marine snails and will actually be moving quite literally from one end of the country to the other to start my PhD in the Fall. Exciting times!

Moon Shine Mani “L Pod”

L Pod is a thermal that shifts from a light peachy pink (hot) to a light grey (warm) to a deep grey (cold) with micro holo flakies, platinum flakies, and red-gold-green shifting chameleon flakies. Honestly a lot of the flakies in here look rose gold to me, which I love! The inspiration for this shade was the colour of Killer Whale calves, which are peachy pink and black. L Pod is the largest of the Southern Resident Killer Whales.  Funnily enough, this pod sometimes visits where I live! I think this might be my favourite polish of this haul, although it is hard to say. The formula is thicker in consistency, typical of a thermal. However, all the thermal states are really beautiful. I’ve noticed that I usually see the cold or warm colours naturally though, and hardly ever the hot colour, so this thermal might be a little less sensitive than others I have. It of course changes to the hot state easily when washing my hands etc. Here I used three thin coats and one coat of glossy top coat.

Ellagee “Reef Dancers”

Reef Dancers is a sheer medium density glitter polish full of small and micro glitter in brilliant coral reef shades with silver holo dolphins and a sparkling blue-green shimmer. The inspiration for this shade was colourful coral reefs. This topper is such a beautiful and exciting shade. Here I have just shown it over the bare nail, but I cannot wait to use it on top of one of these polishes! I think what makes this topper the most special are those little holo dolphins! I also did not have to work very hard to get the dolphins out. They suspended in the formula nicely after the bottle was set upside-down for 10 minutes. Here I used three thin coats and two coats of glossy top coat.

Dreamland Lacquer “Flamingo Ringo”

Flamingo Ringo is a turquoise-toned blue base filled with aurora pigment that shifts from a peachy-pink through gold and finishes with a bright green. The inspiration for this shade was a flamingo pool floatie floating on the water. This was a last minute impulse add to my cart and I must say that it is pretty, but I’m slightly disappointed. This polish has little black specks throughout it, and even when I tried during application to brush them off/obscure them, plenty still remained. I think this is likely pigment that didn’t get mixed in properly. Unfortunately, because this is a smooth shimmer, I find it quite noticeable. I have since been in contact with the owner and they have offered to send me a new bottle, so that is very kind of them. The predominant shift if definitely the pink, but in lower light conditions the green really shines through too. Here I used three thin coats and one coat of glossy top coat.

By Vanessa Molina “Wonder Seabed”

Wonder Seabed is a blue jelly base with iridescent flakes, pink/green aurora and holographic pigment. The inspiration for this shade was a shoal of yellow fish swimming through the ocean. This shade actually ended up looking a lot deeper than I saw in a lot of the swatches, but I love it! The yellow-green-looking flakies are such a nice contrast with the blue, and it looks extra awesome matte. Here I used three thin coats and one coat of glossy top coat.

Necessary Evil “Sex on the Beach”

Sex on the Beach is a thermal that shifts from a light blue greige (hot) to a medium denim blue (warm) to a medium navy (cold) with iridescent flakies, red shimmer and scattered holo. The inspiration for this shade was where the waves and sand meet. In the original description, the warm shade was actually supposed to be more of a vanilla, so I am a little disappointed since I was expecting more of a nude shade. I could tell that it was almost changing to a vanilla on the tips of my nails when I was heating up my nails to encourage the warm shade, but it got to the point where I almost felt like I was burning my hands. So for me, it wasn’t possible to get that shade. As it is though, this is a really beautiful blue and I love the contrast of the blue shimmer and pink-ish flakies. Here I used three thin coats and one coat of glossy top coat.

Polished For Days “Just Keep Swimming”

Just Keep Swimming is a blue jelly base packed with pink-yellow-green shifting iridescent flakies and holographic flakies. The inspiration for this shade was baby Dory. I swear, PFD is the master of flakie polishes. The reflects and colour combinations in this polish are simply stunning. I was also happy to see that despite there being so many flakies, it didn’t actually end up being extremely textured. Here I used three thin coats and two coats of glossy top coat just to make it extra smooth.

Cadillacquer “Shape of Water”

Shape of Water is a deep teal jelly, packed with colour shifting flakies and small red glitter. The inspiration for this shade was the movie The Shape of Water. There is something so drool-worthy about this shade. It is so rich and yet so reflective with all those flakies. It is incredible!! Here I used three thin coats and two coats of glossy top coat.

By Dany Vianna “Tortoiseshell”

Tortoiseshell is a yellow brown jelly with a mix of black and brown glitters and metallic gold flakes. The inspiration for this shade was the tortoiseshell pattern, which originally came from the use of real Hawksbill Turtles until the trade of such was banned. When I first saw this shade, I instantly knew I had to have it. This is a different kind of unique, and doesn’t it look just like how you would imagine tortoiseshell as a polish to look?? The shade in the bottle is a little off-putting, but once you layer it on it becomes a very rich brown. I had a bit of trouble fishing out the larger glitters, even when I had left the bottle upside-down for 10 minutes, but as you can see I did get some. Here I used three thin coats and two coats of glossy top coat.

Bees Knees Lacquer “Subject Delta”

Subject Delta is a blackened navy with copper-yellow-green magnetic pigment and gold-green ghost flakes. The inspiration for this shade was a character from the video game Bioshock. To me, this shade looks like it has nothing to do with the ocean. But I DON’T CARE!! How cool is this magnetic? Not only is the magnetic result super awesome, but when you do magnetize it, those beautiful green flakes in the navy jelly base are revealed! I used a super strong N52 magnet and the magnetic effect worked very well. I also like the smooth metallic look when it is unmagnetized. In some lighting the colour is more copper, whereas in others it is a bright green. Here I used two thin coats and one coat of glossy top coat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am still pretty happy with this order even if there were a few minor disappointments. The reality is that this is the chance you take with ordering polishes online. However, as these polishes are, they are all still really beautiful and I am looking forward to doing some ocean-themed nail art with them!

What is your favourite shade from April’s PPU? July’s PPU shop opens on Friday July 3rd, and I can’t wait!

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