Polished For Days Enchanted Woods Collection

Hey everyone! Today I have some swatches of a selection of shades from the Enchanted Woods Collection, that I purchased myself. Even though I am polish addicted, I couldn’t go all out and purchase the whole collection. This might not be the time to splurge on polish, but my favourite Canadian polish retailer Harlow & Co. was doing a preorder, so how could I not get at least a few shades? Although I didn’t get the whole collection, the shades I did get are just WAY too stunning for me to not share!

Polished For Days is an indie brand based in California that offers a variety of finishes, a lot of which have a really unique twist to them. As of the last couple of months I have been getting way more into indie brands because they offer polishes that are so much more interesting than bigger mainstream brands. I’m tired of the endless cremes! Polished For Days seems to specialize in flakie polishes, and you will certainly see that in my swatches here.

Enchanted Woods Collection

This collection consists of eight shades in flakie, multichrome and creme formulas. Depending on the type of formula, you will need 2-3 coats for full coverage. I found that overall the shades dried in a normal amount of time and built up well. Sometimes flakie polishes can be on the thick side, but the consistency of these polishes was good. Flakie polishes can also dry with texture, so you may choose to do two layers of top coat instead of one, which is what I opted for. I have also shown a few pictures of the flakie polishes with a matte top coat, since those look incredible when matted up!


Solasta is a lilac purple linear holographic with orange microshimmer. This holo is ultra shifty! I also love the addition of the orange shimmer, since typical linear holos can be kind of boring sometimes. Here I used two coats with one coat of glossy top coat.


Woodnote is a is a sheer purple jelly with orange-yellow-green shifting flakies and holographic flakies. This is by far the most reflective, shiny and mesmerizing flakie polish out there. I am constantly entranced by this shade, and it looks so different in every light! The combination of the purple jelly with the orange-yellow-green flakies is so unique too! This is by far my favourite shade that I own from Polished For Days! Here I used three thin coats with two coats of glossy top coat.


Clover is a sheer pine green jelly with yellow-orange-green flakies. I’ve never thought of green as a boss ass bitch vampy shade, but here we are. You are going to feel straight up like Poison Ivy when wearing this shade. My friend Leah said to me when I showed it to her “Those nails scream hi I find unassuming men, rip their hearts from their chest, and collect the life insurance afterwards”. It’s that epic. Here I used three thin coats with two coats of glossy top coat.

Final Thoughts on the Collection

Overall, I am beyond pleased with the shades that I purchased from this collection. While the whole collection is currently sold out, a restock is scheduled to happen sometime next week, so check back for that, as quantities are limited, and you do NOT want to miss out! Harlow & Co. does also have a few of the shades in stock still, and they ship internationally, so you can try them too!

10 thoughts on “Polished For Days Enchanted Woods Collection

  1. Ohhh Woodnote and Clover are so stunning! I have a thing for holographic flakies and I think I need Woodnote in my life. Harlow & Co is my go-to for indie polish brands because we don’t have to pay for shipping, but I didn’t realize Polished for Days had this collection because you can’t search for it on the website!

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    1. Ooo the trick is to join the Harlow & co Facebook group!! The owner posts about all the preorders she does and about all new collections!! It’s the best.


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