Whats Up Nails Nail Art Challenge | Splatter

Hey everyone! I’m back with another entry for the Whats Up Nails Nail Art Challenge.

The fourth prompt is splatter nails. This is a design that I have never tried before, so why not? There are different ways to do splatter nails, such as blowing polish out a straw, blowing through the opening of a bobby pin, or using a dedicated stamping plate. I decided to use bobby pins since I had plenty of them on hand.

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Who doesn't love a challenge where you HAVE to make a mess for a chance to win a $100 gift card? Time to do some splatter nail art (13-16 May) and feel free to do it the most comfortable way for you. Some people like a straw dipped in polish and blown from the opposite side, some like flicking and flailing the brush like Jackson Pollock. You do you and come up with your very own unique splatter design! Swipe left to see amazing splatter designs by nail artists @xnailsbymiri, @sassyshelly129, @emberlinmoon, @modnails, @kellimarissa, @nailfe, @nail_art_by_tal and @lilsimnailart All May, every 4 days we will have a new Nail Art technique for you to attempt and then post your creations for a chance to win. We are going to have 2 Grand Prize Winners, each will receive a $100 Gift Card to spend on WhatsUpNails.com (link in bio). One winner will be selected from each of the of the following entry methods: 1) in our Facebook group WhatsUpNailsFanGroup, upload your photo to technique album in group 2) on Instagram, upload your photo on your Instagram page with tags @whatsupnails and #whatsupnailschallenge Enter your designs into each entry method for more chances to win! You do not have to post your nail photos for each technique if you are intimidated but this is a challenge! Try to challenge yourself to see if you can do all of them even if it is a technique, you’re a little uncomfortable with. Each post counts as an entry so the more nail art designs you do the more chances you will have to win. Make sure in each entry you use at least one product from one of the brands we carry on WhatsUpNails.com! The nail art challenge is international and for everybody! Please don't tag your old designs, we're looking for what you create today in the month of May! The last day of our challenge is May 31st and we will announce the winners on June 1st, 2020. #nails #nailart #naildesign #nailchallenge #nailartchallenge #splatternails #splatternailart

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I thought that this would be a fun design for neons on a nude base, but I forgot how horribly neons photograph. I used a hot pink and a neon orange in this mani, but the orange does not come across properly at all. On camera it looks like a VERY oversaturated red. But trust that it is a bright hot orange, that is much lighter than it looks. You can almost see the proper shade of orange in the macro photos. Oh well!








  1. For this manicure, I started by applying my favourite base coat, Orly Bonder, to all of my nails.
  2. First, I painted all of my nails a sheer nude (Zoya Naked Manicure Tip Perfector). I let that mostly dry.
  3. To reduce mess clean up I applied a liquid latex (Edge Perfection Easy Peel Polish Barrier) generously around my cuticles and higher up on my finger than I usually would, since we are about to make a serious mess.
  4. Then, using a bobby pin, I painted the opening with a hot pink polish (Candy Coat #185), and immediately hovered the bobby pin over my nail and blew through the opening, causing polish to splatter on the nail. I repeated the same process on all my nails, and again with a neon orange (Candy Coat #264) until I was happy with the composition. Because the polish pooled on some parts of my nails I made sure to allow a generous dry time before adding top coat.
  5. I finished off the mani by applying my regular glossy top coat (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat) and a matte top coat (Orly Matte Top).

I think this is definitely a very easy and fun technique, that can create pretty cool results. I could see using different combinations of colours to create backgrounds for stamping as well. 

Watch my video tutorial below to see how it was done!

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