Whats Up Nails Nail Art Challenge | Reciprocal Gradient

Hey everyone! This month I have decided to participate in the Whats Up Nails Nail Art Challenge. Whats Up Nails is one of my favourite nail art retailers, so I am very excited to give this a go! There is a new prompt every 5 days, so you can expect that I will be pretty preoccupied with this challenge and may not have time for much other content. I haven’t been feeling like wearing makeup lately, so this is just fine with me.

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We are now beginning a Nail Art Challenge throughout the month of May where you could win a $100 Gift Card! All May, every 4 days we will have a new Nail Art technique for you to attempt and then post your creations for a chance to win. We are going to have 2 Grand Prize Winners, each will receive a $100 Gift Card to spend on WhatsUpNails.com (link in bio). One winner will be selected from each of the of the following entry methods: 1) in our Facebook group WhatsUpNailsFanGroup, upload your photo to technique album in group 2) on Instagram, upload your photo on your Instagram page with tags @whatsupnails and #whatsupnailschallenge Enter your designs into each entry method for more chances to win! You do not have to post your nail photos for each technique if you are intimidated but this is a challenge! Try to challenge yourself to see if you can do all of them even if it is a technique, you’re a little uncomfortable with. Each post counts as an entry so the more nail art designs you do the more chances you will have to win. Make sure in each entry you use at least one product from one of the brands we carry on WhatsUpNails.com! Subscribe to our group, we will be posting tips and tricks about each technique and answer all your questions to help you accomplish the best results. The nail art challenge is international and for everybody! Please don't tag your old designs, we're looking for what you create today in the month of May! The last day of our challenge is May 31st and we will announce the winners on June 1st, 2020. We can't wait to see your new challenging nail designs! —————————————————– 1-4 May Challenge – Ombre/Gradient. Subscribe to our group on Facebook called WhatsUpNailsFanGroup to see tips on how to do ombre, we will be happy to help you there if you have any questions about this technique! Swipe left to see some gorgeous ombre designs by talented nail artists @nailsmyth, @ohnoitsruthio, @laublm, @mdollasnails, @olga_krykova, @epicnemy, @burbalkaa #nails #nailart #naildesign #nailchallenge #ombrenails #gradientnails #ombrenailart #ombrenail #gradientnailart #gradientnail

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The first prompt was gradient, so today I am doing a geometric reciprocal gradient. I didn’t want to just do any normal gradient, so why not go for two gradients, that are in opposite directions?! I have to make things complicated, don’t I?







  1. For this manicure, I started by applying my favourite base coat, Orly Bonder, to all of my nails.
  2. First, I applied a white creme stamping polish to all of my nails (Maniology Bam! White Stamping Polish) to give a nice solid base for my gradient. To protect my cuticles I used a liquid latex (Edge Perfection Easy Peel Polish Barrier).
  3. To create the gradient I used a cosmetic sponge wedge and white and black stamping polishes (Maniology Bam! White and Straight Up Black Stamping Polishes), layering one above the other on the sponge. I then lightly tapped the sponge on the nail, moving it slightly up and down to blend the gradient. I repeated this process until I was happy with the opacity and blend of the gradient.
  4. To seal in the gradient I used the Maniology Smudge-Free Top Coat. I also added a little scattered holo sparkle with China Glaze Fairy Dust.
  5. To add the geometric pattern with the reverse gradient, I used the UberChic Beauty Art Deco Flair Stamping Plate, the same two stamping polishes and the What’s Up Nails Jumbo Clear Stamper. When placing the design on the nails, I made sure to line up the black part of the stamp with the white part of the nail, and vice versa.
  6. I finished off the mani by applying the Maniology No Smudge Nail Polish Top Coat (Use code SUPERNOVA10 to save 10% off Maniology purchases (affiliate)), followed by my regular glossy top coat (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat).

My favourite thing about nail art challenges is trying new techniques. Even though this prompt was just for a gradient, it was fun to try a reciprocal gradient and take it one step further!

Watch my video tutorial below to see how it was done!

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