Battle of the Purple Palettes | Violet Voss Sweet Violet VS Colourpop Lilac You a Lot

Hey everyone! I hope are you continuing to do well and entertain yourselves. The weather here has basically been Summer weather, so I have been reading outside every day for the past week and a half and I am already using my Summer foundation shade! Now that’s an early tan!

Today I have prepared for you a comparison of two purple palettes that I reviewed recently! For whatever reason I was having a real hankering for purples in January, so I went all out and purchased three palettes that were on the purple/mauve side of things. Now that I have used the two that are very “in your face” purple, let’s talk about the pros and cons of each, and whether I think one or the other is a better buy.

Let’s start this out with a few overall comparison pictures, and then we will dive into each palette specifically, and then do some shade comparisons between the palettes.

The Violet Voss Sweet Violet contains 10 shades overall, where 5 are mattes and 5 are metallics. The colour scheme ranges all different tones of purples, including blue-toned, neutral and pink-toned purples. It also includes a few peaches and some fuchsias and covers a good range of depth with light, medium and deep shades. The shades are not named so you will see in the swatches that I have labelled them for the top row (T1-T5) and bottom row (B1-B5). In contrast, the Colourpop Lilac You a Lot comes with 9 shades, where 5 are mattes and 4 are metallics. The shade range in this palette leans slightly more toward the neutral and pink-toned purples, but also includes a mauve and a berry. While this palette also has a good depth range, I would say this palette has more lighter and deeper shades. There aren’t really any shades that are medium in depth.

Violet Voss Sweet Violet

This palette has literally everything you need to make a variety of deeper purple looks, and more! Even though there are only 10 shades in this palette, I find it has such range! You can create beautiful light lavender looks, fuchsia looks, deeper indigo looks, etc. I also love the range in depth, where you have some lighter shades, medium shades and deep shades as well. I honestly feel you can accomplish any kind of purple look you could want with this palette. The only thing that might be missing are lighter purple metallics. As you will notice, all of the metallics are medium to deep in tone, with the exception of the peach.

The mattes in this palette are flawless in my opinion! They all have good to great pigmentation, are blendable, and build well! I’d say the only shade that doesn’t have INTENSE pigmentation is the lavender, but it is a pastel shade so that is to be expected.

The metallics seem to come with two different finishes: smooth or sparkly. The sparkly ones seem to have some extra microshimmer or glitter in them, giving them a super reflective, metallic and shiny appearance on the eye. These shades seemed to be pressed a little harder into the pan so they took some building, but when used on a glitter glue these might have been the some of the most beautiful and reflective metallics I have ever used. These shades are really special. The other smooth formula did not have that added sparkle, but were more like a classic smooth metallic, sometimes with a duochrome flip. These were easier to work with for whatever reason, and were also really beautiful. Also, the swatches don’t do the metallics justice, so use the eye looks at the end for reference.




swatches labelled

Colourpop Lilac You a Lot

This palette very much stays within the purple lane. You do have both pinky purples and blue-toned purples, but like I said, I do think it leans a bit more on the pink side of things. This palette is interesting because the mattes are either light or deep. However, in usual Colourpop fashion, the light mattes are actually quite buildable, so the need for medium-depth shades isn’t dire.

The mattes in this palette are mostly great. The lighter mattes are super buildable to become very impactful with layering. These are great shades. The deeper pressed pigments are also impressive, because not only do they pack a punch with barely any effort, but they are super blendable as well. In fact, they might even be too blendable and can blend away if you aren’t careful with your technique.

The metallics of this palette are its downfall. They are either on the thin side with very little body to them, flaky and challenging to use, or satin-y with next to no shine or reflect. All can be used to make pretty eye looks, but none of them are special. The thin shades are easily the best in the palette and are on the whole just average.edit_IMG_1268



swatches 1Swatches 2

The Matte Comparisons

On to the swatch comparisons! In each comparison the shade from Violet Voss (VV) Sweet Violet will be swatched above the shade(s) from Colourpop (CP) Lilac You a Lot. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed the shades in the Violet Voss palette don’t actually have names, so I have labelled them by their location in the palette (T1-T5 for top row, and B1-B5 for bottom row).

Below is an overall look at the similar mattes in the palettes. 

Comparison swatches 2

Comparison swatches 3

The Metallic Comparisons

Comparison swatches 1

Just to give you an idea of how these palettes perform, here are a few looks from each palette. First are from Violet Voss Sweet Violet.


And here are some looks from Colourpop Lilac You a Lot. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, these two palettes surprisingly don’t have a ton of overlap, but I don’t think it is necessary to get both. There aren’t any exact shade dupes between them either. I do, however, think that these palettes cater to two different customers. Violet Voss Sweet Violet is for the bolder more colourful customer, whereas Colourpop Lilac You a Lot is for someone who wants a lighter and more approachable purple palette. However, it is really clear to me that one palette is much better than the other.

The Violet Voss palette is much better in terms of quality. The mattes in both palettes are good, although the Colourpop palette requires a little more finesse (since the deeper mattes can blend away a little too easily). But the metallics are very different. Yes, some of the Violet Voss metallics take a little effort to build, but once built, they are exceptionally beautiful. The Colourpop metallics are either average, a flaky mess, or not reflective at all. This is the clear difference between the two. So, if you don’t care about metallics, then maybe this isn’t a problem for you. But for me, it’s a deal breaker for sure, especially since they take up half the palette.

If I were to choose one over the other, it would be the Violet Voss Sweet Violet. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to own the Colourpop Lilac You a Lot. You can still create very pretty looks with it, a different kinds of looks from Sweet Violet. I don’t think you need to own both, but I will continue to enjoy using them.

If you want to read my original reviews of the Violet Voss Sweet Violet and the Colourpop Lilac You a Lot, click on the links to learn more.

Do you own either of these palettes? What do you think of them? Which would you prefer if you were to purchase?

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6 thoughts on “Battle of the Purple Palettes | Violet Voss Sweet Violet VS Colourpop Lilac You a Lot

  1. I’ll be honest, the violet voss palette had my heart the moment I saw the image!

    ColourPop I feel has hit the stage where they are churning out so many releases that the quality falls on the wayside sometimes. I wish they’d take just a little extra time to get those metallic shades right.


  2. A very detailed comparison and review, well written! I’m still yet to play with Lilac You a Lot haha but I will be using it along with my other Colourpop palettes solely over the next few months 🙂


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