Colourpop Lilac You a Lot | Review + 3 Eye Looks

Hey everyone. Today I am continuing on my purple palette binge. This is another palette that I ordered in January but haven’t really gotten around to using it consistently until the last month or so. Because I have been using quite a few purple palettes lately, I’m going to be doing a comparison post between the Violet Voss Sweet Violet and this Colourpop palette, hopefully in the next week! So if you are in the market for a purple palette, check back for that post!

Packaging and First Impressions

This palette comes in the typical plastic packaging of all Colourpop monochromatic 9 pans. The palette is very adorable, with lavender packaging and metallic lilac writing. Inside you have a mirror the size of the lid and your 9 pans of eyeshadow.

The colour scheme of this palette ranges from mauves, pinky purples and cool purples. I think there is a nice selection that allows you to create a variety of looks, especially because there are a few darker shades.





“A whole lotta lilac in our dreamiest palette yet 💜 Create your best looks with our lilac monochromatic palette that features buttery matte shadows and eye catching metallics. One swatch is all it takes to fall in love.”


cloud: icy lavender with a golden flip
imagine that: pastel lavender
ghostin’*: vibrant pinky lilac
wake me: orchid with duochrome hot pink flip
fluff: icy metallic violet with gold and silver accent
trainwreck: soft lavender with a pink duochrome flip
zoned out*: dusty pinky mauve
iffy*: cool toned purple
filtered*: red plum

*Pressed pigment


swatches 1

Swatches 2

Price and Quantity

This palette is priced at $12 USD and has 0.36 oz of product.

While I usually include price comparisons in my makeup reviews to other popular items on the market, I do not with lower priced items that would typically appear in a drugstore. This is because prices are not standardized between drugstore retailers. Therefore, no comparison today since Colourpop prices can’t possibly compare in a helpful way to higher end items! They will always likely have a better value, which is good!

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, out of my ten Colourpop palettes, this one ranks somewhere in the middle. On the whole I love the Colourpop formula, and it may even be my favourite out of all the different brands I own, including Pat McGrath, Natasha Denona and ABH. Their mattes are almost always perfection. That is really their selling point. However, their metallics are annoyingly inconsistent.

The pigmentation in this palette especially shines where the mattes and pressed pigments are concerned. While Ghostin’ and Zoned Out are classified as pressed pigments, they actually aren’t too intense with your first dip into the palette. However, they are super buildable to become very impactful with layering. These are great shades. The deeper pressed pigments are also impressive, because not only do they pack a punch with barely any effort, but they are super blendable as well. In fact, they might even be too blendable? I find with Iffy and Filtered that they work the best if you place them where you want them to be, and then blend around the edges. If you try to blend them in completely, you can get a beautiful gradient but you lose the impact of the shade, if that is what you are going for. Anyways, I see no issue with this. The mattes in this palette are great and user-friendly. You can achieve light looks, and you can achieve deep looks.


The metallics of this palette are its downfall. At least its downfall from a 10/10 rating. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t nearly as good as I know Colourpop can do! As shown in the Good Sport and Flutterby palettes, Colourpop has revealed to us that they are capable of producing perhaps the best metallic formula on the market, IMO. That formula in those palettes is the creamiest and smoothest metallic that is easy to apply with the finger or a brush, and requires no wetting to give full impact. Those are the kinds of metallics that I want and expect from Colourpop. Unfortunately, that formula does not make an appearance in this palette.

From my experience with this palette, there are three types of metallics in here (whether they intended that or not). Cloud and Wake Me are thinner formulas that are kind of typical for a duochrome and other medium quality brands. They don’t have much body to them so they take some effort to build up, but can look very beautiful once done. Fluff is a bizarrely flakey metallic, that once packed on does have some beautiful shine, but its texture is fairly annoying and it makes a huge mess in the pan (I mean just look at the swatch, it is a flaky mess). This shade pretty much needs a glitter glue. Lastly, Trainwreck has more body to it and a duochrome quality, but it almost looks like a satin on the lid. It has almost no shine in person, which I find bizarre. It also swatches horribly.

Honestly, I don’t know about these metallics, in terms of quality, but as you can see in the following looks, this palette is still capable of creating beautiful purple eyes. I wish Colourpop could just figure out their formula.




Shades Used
Zoned Out:
Crease/transition and lower lash line. This is a beautiful pastel purple matte. It has medium pigmentation that is very buildable, but it does take some building. Very smooth blending though!
Crease, outer corner and outer lower lash line. This is a VERY pigmented cool purple pressed pigment that surprisingly has no issues with blending. In fact, if you aren’t careful it can blend away, so make sure you are using a technique where you place it and blend the edges. But, because it is so blendable it is much easier to use than some other pressed pigments.
Inner lid. This is a light lilac with a slight pink flip. Honestly, while it is supposed to be a metallic this shade comes across more as a satin. In person it looked like it had almost no reflect to it, but it is a pretty colour!
Center lid. This is a purple metallic that has a nice amount of reflect to it. It’s a little on the flaky side so it performs best when pressed onto a super tacky base like a glitter glue. That gives you the best shine and the least fall out!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shades “Psychedelic Sister” and “Heartless” are on the waterline.



Shades Used
Crease and lower lash line. This is a bright pinky purple pressed pigment that has medium pigmentation but again builds very well. This is a such a cute and feminine shade.
Imagine That:
Crease/transition. This is an interesting mauve/taupe matte that I used to tone down the brightness of Ghostin’. I think this is a good companion shade for blending out the crease.
Outer corner. This is a bright red-grape purple that is really beautiful. Again this is another pressed pigment that blends very easily, and perhaps too easily if you are really wanting to pack on the depth.
Inner lid. This is more of a lavender with a gold flip, I would say. A nice, solid metallic.
Center lid.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shades “Rockstar” and “Heartless” are on the waterline.





Shades Used
Crease and lower lash line.
Outer corner.
Outer corner.
Cloud: Inner corner.
Wake Me:
Inner lid. This is a classic fuchsia metallic with a blue flip. Another typical metallic. Nothing special.
Center lid.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Psychedelic Sister” is on the waterline.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, this palette is pretty middle of the road where Colourpop palettes are concerned. It is still a very good palette for its price, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed, knowing how good Colourpop palettes can be. That metallic formula!! It’s so elusive, but when you get it it is great. Honestly, just check out my Flutterby and Good Sport reviews and you can just see it in the swatches and the eye looks. Now THOSE are good metallics.

Well, what do you think? Have you experienced the ultimate Colourpop metallic formula yet? What do you think of their metallics as a whole?

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5 thoughts on “Colourpop Lilac You a Lot | Review + 3 Eye Looks

  1. The looks you created are pretty but I feel like the shades are a bit too similar to one another, I liked the purple palette you reviewed last week way better!


    1. I don’t think the shades within this palette are too similar to each other, but you are right there is certainly less variety than in the VV palette. I think the colour story of this palette is actually really nice. I just wished the metallics were nicer in quality.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I purchased this palette recently too but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, I’m hoping to over the next couple of weeks! I’ve heard a couple of people say the shimmers aren’t Colourpop’s best but overall it’s a nice palette. I have It’s My Pleasure as well so I’m sure the two palettes will pair well together and I can use shades from both palettes to create more looks. All of the looks you created are gorgeous as always! Does setting spray make any difference to the metallics?


  3. It’s too bad about the metallics in this palette! I feel like they’ve been missing the mark a lot on metallics lately. The newer palettes just don’t seem to have that creamy, smooth ultra blendable metallic like they used to 😦 I was really disappointed with two out of three metallics in the Going coconuts palette.

    that being said the shades of purple themselves are beautiful and I love the looks you created! x


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