Dominique Cosmetics Latte 2 Palette | Comparison Swatches, 5 Eye Looks + Review

Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you a review that has been a long time coming. I purchased the Latte 2 at the beginning of February and have been taking my time using it and playing with it. When it was first released I was absolutely intrigued by the colour scheme. Neutrals with a few pops is always good in my opinion!

Packaging and First Impressions

This palette comes in cardboard packaging that looks like it has coffee stains all over it. The size of the palette is the same as the original Latte palette, which I prefer. The Berries & Cream and the others with 12 shades are much larger and longer, which makes them challenging to pack.

Inside you have a mirror and the large round pans that can be found in the original Latte palette. These pans are purposely large since Dominique shadows are often meant to be multi-purpose, so you can dip larger brushes in.

This palette includes a variety of brown neutrals plus pops of yellow, pink and green. To me it is an interesting take on a Spring palette. I did not notice any scent to the shades.




“Packed with creamy multi-purpose neutrals, metallic shimmers, and bold pops of color, our Latte 2 palette is guaranteed to complete any look. Create a tone-on-tone soft glam, or mix and match vivid hues for a look bolder than a double shot of espresso.”


Cafecito: satin rust red brown with gold flecks
Coffee Beans: deep brown matte that doubles as a contour powder or bronzer
Cafe Con Leche: warm pink peach matte that can be used to correct darkness
Frothy: matte cream shade that doubles as a brightener
Blonde Roast: matte warm yellow
Drizzle: metallic bronze with silver flecks
Iced Coffee: metallic chocolate with gold and silver flecks
Frappe: pale pink with silver flecks
Strawberry Milk: rosie pink matte that doubles as blush
Matcha: matte pale green



Below are some swatch comparisons to similar shades in Latte and Berries and Cream, which are the two other Dominique Cosmetics palettes that I own. 

Swatch comparison 1

Swatch comparisons 2

swatch comparisons 3

swatch comparisons 4

Price and Quantity

This palette is priced at $55 CAD ($42 USD) and has 0.6 oz of product. This is the same size as the original Latte palette. The 12-pan Dominique palettes also have the same overall amount of product, just less oz per pan.

While I usually do a price comparison to other similar palettes on the market, I honestly can’t think of any palettes that even compare in terms of colour scheme. Yes, of course there are plenty of neutral palettes out there with pops of some colour or another. But there really aren’t any out there with a pop of green that I can think of, let alone alongside yellow and pink.

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, this palette is very good and consistent with other Dominique palettes that I own.

The pigmentation of the mattes in this palette is VERY good. I was especially shocked by the pink, yellow and green. As you can see in the swatches, they are very smooth and well, pigmented. On the eye they were just as pigmented, and applied well even on a set base. Dominique shadows also blend really beautifully. I almost never have an issue getting a smooth transition, especially when there are lighter or more nude shades to help blend things out.


As for the metallics, I feel a bit meh. The metallics in the original Latte were INCREDIBLE! I absolutely love them. I feel that the only shade in Latte 2 that has a similar smooth, ultra metallic formula is Drizzle. Frappe was disappointing because it is a drier more flaky shade, with added glitter. The shade it reminded me of was Sugar Cookie from the Berries and Cream palette, which I have never liked. It is challenging to apply and you get fall out throughout the day. Lastly, Iced Coffee just doesn’t have quite as much of that metallic reflect that I love.


So, while on the whole the formulas are quite good, I actually find that I am a bit bored with this palette. As I went on to use it, I found myself not really wanting to. I think this is because I have discovered I don’t love the colour story as much as I thought I did.

Firstly, I’ve already said two of the metallics aren’t great, so that leaves me with one. Next, as you may have noticed in the swatches, the two brown mattes are practically identical. Yes, one has a red undertone, and the other is more neutral, but they are just not different enough on the eye. Additionally, I do not think it was necessary to have both Cafe con Leche and Frothy in the palette. Cafe con Leche is literally my skin tone colour, so I only use it to help blend out my transition, so really it doesn’t actually act as a separate shade. I can also use Frothy for the same purpose, even though it is lighter (it isn’t chalky, which is great). I suppose you could use both as lid shades and they might look slightly different, but not different enough for me to care. So, out of 7 mattes, only 5 are really different for me, and three of those are pops of colour. Overall, I just don’t find this palette cohesive enough for me. I’m just left feeling a little unsure with this palette.

Below are five eye looks that I created detailing my experience with each shadow.




Shades Used
Strawberry Milk:
Crease and lower lash line. This is a salmon pink matte that blended very easily. It was also quite pigmented as you can see. However, I don’t actually love this shade. I wish it was just a bit more pink, perhaps. 
Transition. This is a very nice cream matte that is not chalky at all. It works really well to finish off a blend.
Outer corner. This is a rusty brown that has good pigmentation and blend fairly well. As you can see in this look, it added a small amount of depth.
Inner lid. This is a very pretty peachy champagne metallic, however the texture was dry and dusty, with lots of glitter flying everywhere. Once packed onto the lid with a tacky base or glitter glue it looked good, but I still experienced fall out throughout the day.
Iced Coffee:
Center lid. This is a darker taupe metallic that doesn’t have quite as much shine as I would like, but at least the formula is smoother and not flaky.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Rockstar” is on the waterline.



Shades Used
Crease. This shade was a little more challenging to use alone in the crease in terms of blending, but it was helped along when using Cafe con Leche as well.
Cafe con Leche:
Transition. While this shade has essentially no colour on my lids, it does help the blend of other shades.
Coffee Beans:
Outer corner. This brown added some neutrality to the look and did a nice job of adding depth.
Drizzle: Lid. This is a beautiful warm gold metallic. Ultra smooth and shiny. This formula is very similar to my favourite metallic formula in Latte.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Lucky” is on the waterline.




Shades Used
Blonde Roast:
Crease. This mustard yellow had a surprising amount of pigmentation and blended really beautifully.
Coffee Beans:
Outer corner.
Inner lid.
Iced Coffee:
Center lid.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Lucky” is on the waterline.



Shades Used
Coffee Beans:
Outer corner.
Lid. This is such a beautiful teal green. It packed on a tacky base really beautifully and had full pigmentation!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Lucky” is on the waterline.



Shades Used
Crease and lid. The matcha shade had a surprising amount of pigmentation when applied directly onto the lid as well, even with a set base. It also blended really nicely.
Center lid.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Mainline” is on the waterline.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I wish I liked this palette more. Like I said, the mattes perform really beautifully. Surprisingly beautifully! Especially when it comes to the green, I was shocked how good it was. But with the disappointment of the metallics, and too many similar shades, I just find myself a little stuck with this palette. Overall, it is a bit of a meh. I think if you are considering this palette, really give a good think about whether the colour scheme is for you. I thought I liked it, but when it came to actually using it, I’m not as in love as I thought I would be!

What do you think? Have you used the Dominique Cosmetics formula before?

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7 thoughts on “Dominique Cosmetics Latte 2 Palette | Comparison Swatches, 5 Eye Looks + Review

  1. Pretty palette and the looks you created are beautiful but like you say a few of the shades are similar within the palette let alone compared to other palettes in your collection! Normally with palettes its the shimmers that are great and the mattes a little lackluster 😛

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