Maniology Mani X Me Monthly Express Kit | Crystal Moon

Hey everyone! Are you ready for Spring yet? Today I want to share with you two nail art manicures I created with February’s Maniology Mani X Me Monthly Express Kit. The theme this time around is crystal moon. The designs on these plates are very pretty and are just the thing to get you into Spring. Make sure you check out my past reviews of this subscription box here.


The Mani X Me Monthly Box is a subscription service that delivers you Maniology nail art goodies every month. There are two different options: The Monthly Club and the Express Kit. 

Monthly Club ($25 USD per month)

  • 2 Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for members!
  • 2 New Coordinated Stamping Polishes
  • A Surprise Gift Every Month
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Free Stamper & Scraper Set with your first express kit

Express Kit ($18 USD per month)

  • 2 Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for members!
  • A Surprise Gift Every Month
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Free Stamper & Scraper Set with your first express kit

So far I have only gotten the Express kit. With shipping ($4 USD to Canada), in CAD the price turns out to be just over $30 CAD, which I think is fairly reasonable. One of the things that I love about this box is that you are given spoilers of the next month’s box a week before so that you can decide whether you want to skip a month or not. You can easily skip a month on the Maniology website without penalty. I love the flexibility that this subscription has!

So let’s get into this latest box!

February: Crystal Moon

This month’s Crystal Moon Mani X Me Box captures the magic and wonder of nature. Transform your fingertips with two subscriber-exclusive stamping plates filled with luminous crystals and delicate floral arrangements.

February’s kit came with two floral/crystal/moon-themed plates and another plate with some shape basics. In my opinion the third plate was kind of meh, with some basic shapes and moon designs. It might be handy in the future, but I didn’t use it this time around. Honestly I would have been happier with some other kind of extra.

Mani #1

For this first mani I wanted to do something that was delicate, subtle and the epitome of spring. I had recently purchased some new Cirque Colors polishes and so wanted to feature them here in both of these manis. For this one, I used Pink Lemonade as the base, which is such a pretty pink shade with golden flakes. Then I topped it with some more minimal reverse stamping. Feminine and floral!







Products Used:

Mani #2

For my second mani I wanted to focus on using more of the crystal and moon patterns, which ring very Sailor Moon to me! Again, using another of my newer Cirque purchases, Rose Canyon, as the base also gives this mani a pretty Spring-y feel!









Products Used:

Final Thoughts

It’s been a over year now, that I have been purchasing these kits, and I am still very much loving this service. The monthly themes are inspiring and fun. I love that each kit includes two plates, plus some sort of surprise item. But what I love the most is the flexibility of this subscription. I love that I can pick and choose which month I want to receive! It’s honestly all so worthwhile in my opinion.

This month’s plates are certainly very pretty. I was a bit disappointed by the extra plate since it seemed kind of like a place holder or a space filler, but whatever. It can be good to have some random geometric shapes in case you have something specific you want to create in the future.

Watch my video tutorial below to see how I created these two manis!


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