False Lashes Without a Glue? | Attraction Lash Fixative | Review

Hey everyone! Today I am reviewing a particularly intriguing product from Attraction Beauti that was sent my way: A lash and liquid liner system that is supposed to be an alternative to using lash glue. Sounds interesting right? Lash glue isn’t something that has ever really bothered me. So long as you use enough and let it get tacky before application, it works well. But I can totally understand from a beginner’s perspective how daunting it could be. And really, doesn’t it sound convenient be able to add some liquid liner like normal and pop on some lashes?


Packaging and First Impressions

What was sent to me was their Attraction Kit which includes their liquid liner “fixative” and a pair of the Classi faux mink and silk blend lashes.

The liquid eye liner is a felt tip liner, which is actually my favourite style of liquid liner. The lashes look beautiful, have a thinner band, and don’t appear shiny. Sometimes more inexpensive lashes look shiny and fake. These look expensive and beautiful. They come in a beautiful rose-gold reflective box.




“ATTRACTION fixative is an alternative to ‘lash adhesive/glue’ and ‘magnets’ for false eyelashes….This unique formula allows for a glue free-mess free application and is a duo purpose product that gives you eyeliner and fixative for lashes in one!


No more glue or magnets required to secure your lashes in place!

Simply apply the black liquid liner to the lashline and secure your false lashes in place by pressing into liner firmly for an all day hold.”


The items in this kit can either be purchased together or separately. For the Attraction Kit that comes with the liquid liner and lashes it is $45 CAD. For the liquid liner “fixative” it is $30 CAD and the lashes on their own are $20 CAD. This is a little more expensive than I would usually typically spend on lashes, but if this is a system that works well, then I can see it being worth the coin.


Overall, the products on their own are good. However, they just do not work together. The point is that this liner is supposed to make glue unnecessary. That has not been my experience.

The weirdest thing about this system from the beginning was that I just could not understand how the lashes stick to the liner. The company sent me the ingredients list since it was not posted online, and there was no evidence of the liner being magnetic. The lashes themselves also do not have magnets, so that isn’t it. The liner itself when applied is not sticky either, so how…? Their website also seems intentionally vague. There is next to no information on it, so honestly it all seems pretty sketch to me. But, I do have a theory…


When I first opened the lashes, I noticed that there was a ton of adhesive used to attach the lashes to the plastic liner in the box. Usually there will be a tiny bit in to hold any regular lash in its packaging, but this was a lot more than I have ever seen. When removing a typical pair of lashes from their box, I will remove any of the excess adhesive. So I went ahead and did that with one of the lashes, since the whole point, as I saw it, was that the lashes are supposed to stick to the liner, without the help of any other adhesive. When trying to apply that lash to the liquid liner directly on my eye, there was really no hope of it holding. None at all. When I applied the other lash that still had all that adhesive residue, of course it mostly stuck to the liner, but the inner corner came loose within the first 5 minutes. Honestly, I think that must be “how” it is supposed to “work”. They are relying on the adhesive that is already on the lashes. Not the liner being some sort of “fixative”. Because it didn’t work at all for me using the “fixative” only.

Like I said, on their own I think the products are pretty good. I would say the liquid liner is average and the lashes are great.

First, let’s talk about the liquid liner. It is very black, and seems pretty “juicy” (lots of product applies, it isn’t dry). The tip is flexible from the beginning which is nice, so you can easily get thick or thin lines (sometimes you have to “break in” a felt liner in the beginning to get it to be more flexible). Something to note is that the liner is shiny, not matte. I prefer a matte liner since it looks darker on the eye. Overall application was fine, although it felt slightly like it was running out of juice the more I used it, so I had to take breaks before my eyeliner was completed. It also didn’t do a great job on top of metallic shadows, which isn’t entirely surprising. Honestly, it’s an average liquid liner.



The lashes are beautiful. They look expensive, real and the style is very eye-catching. The band is thinner so it was very flexible and easy to apply. With lash glue, these are just like any other pair of nice faux mink lashes. Below are a few of my looks wearing them (from my Natasha Denona Love Palette review). To be clear, these are applied with a lash glue, not with the “fixative”.




Final Thoughts

What can I say? I’m disappointed. I thought that this would be such a cool invention. I wear liquid eyeliner with pretty much every look I do, so how convenient would it be to be able to just pop on a pair of lashes? I’m not sure what the intention of this company was, but I’m fairly certain my hypothesis is correct… they were hoping that the adhesive would do the job. Did they think their customers wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t the liquid liner? I just don’t know…

While the liquid liner is just average, I do think the lashes are very nice and I will be happy to continue to use them. However, I don’t think they are any better than my classic Ardell Faux Minks that I love and pretty much exclusively use (and those are a heck of a lot cheaper).

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own (and I think it’s pretty obvious with this review)…

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8 thoughts on “False Lashes Without a Glue? | Attraction Lash Fixative | Review

  1. Those lashes are really pretty, but It’s weird that they didn’t stick at all :S I would want to try these if they actually stuck without glue, but it seems like they’re just regular products. hmm….

    Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow! Such a shame these didn’t work as they said they would. That would have been so cool if the eyeliner was all it needed to stick. They do look gorgeous on you though!

    Thanks for your always honest & detailed reviews!! ❤


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