Huda Beauty Light Nude Obsessions VS New Nude | Do you need both?

Hey everyone! As a follow up to yesterday’s review of the new Huda Beauty Light Nude Obsessions eyeshadow palette, I have prepared a comparison with Huda’s New Nude palette. When the Nude Obsessions line came out, I immediately pictured Light Nude as a mini version of New Nude.

So is that the case? Do you need both palettes? How different are they? Let’s find out!

Let’s start this out with a few overall comparison pictures, and then we will dive into each palette specifically, and then do some shade comparisons between the palettes.




The Huda Beauty Light Nude Obsessions contains 9 shades overall, where 5 are mattes and 4 are textured metallics. The colour scheme really stays in the cool mauve, pink and peach family, with one deeper brown. In contrast, the Huda Beauty New Nude comes with 18 shades, where 10 are mattes, 4 are “reflective” shimmers, 1 is a pressed pearl (metallic), two are pressed glitters and a there is a concealer base. You not only get more formulas in this palette, but it also has a versatile colour range with lilacs, warm browns, peaches and berries.

Huda Beauty Light Nude Obsessions

This palette includes everything you need to create lighter mauve or pink looks. I like that even though the majority of the mattes are lighter, they do seem to vary in depth from light to medium-deep. I think that deeper brown makes all the difference for the diversity of this palette. All of the shimmers in this palette are either pink or purple.

The mattes blend well, have good pigmentation and are consistent or slightly better in performance with Huda’s previous palettes. However, they do work best on a tacky or unset primer, as the deeper shades don’t build super well on top of others. If you want some real depth to a look, you will need to use a tacky base and start your eye look by applying the deepest shade first to your crease, and then blending that out with lighter shades (reverse blending method).

The shimmers in this palette are a much improved version from Huda’s New Nude “reflective” shades. They have more body to them and take less building up. However, I would still recommend that you use a tacky base. I found that glitter glue had the best results for making the shades appear really sparkly and metallic. I absolutely love Huda’s metallics in this palette and Topaz Obsessions. They have a lot of dimension and sparkle to them. They aren’t just any smooth metallic.




Huda Beauty New Nude

This palette largely leans berry-toned, even though half the palette doesn’t look like it. I find that even the more neutral brown shades end up looking berry-toned once blended on the eye. This palette again has a nice selection of shades with different depths. All of the shimmers in this palette are either red or purple, with one peach.

The mattes have been what I have enjoyed the most in this palette. They are pretty pigmented and blend nicely, but I do actually think the formula has been improved in the more recent Nude Obsessions palettes. Those mattes are creamier and more pigmented. But, these are good, and again they work best on a tacky or unset primer, as the deeper shades don’t build super well on top of others.

The “reflective” shimmers are what I have enjoyed the least in this palette. They look pretty in the pan, and once you get them on the eye they are beautiful, but they are so thin and take quite a bit of building. I haven’t actually tried these shades with a glitter glue, so maybe that would improve their performance, but a tacky base of some sort is definitely a must. The pressed pearl in this palette is a typical smooth metallic, and it is very pretty, but not as dimensional as the metallics in the Nude Obsessions. Lastly, this palette of course has two pressed glitters. I haven’t used them a lot, but they are pretty and adhere to glitter glue well.

Also, I can’t forget to mention that this palette also has a concealer included. I do not use this concealer base. It is a little too stiff and hard, so it doesn’t spread super well or easily on the lid. I far prefer to use my own concealer as a base.




The Matte Comparisons

On to the swatch comparisons! In each comparison the shade from Huda Beauty Light Nude Obsessions will be swatched above the shade from the Huda Beauty New Nude. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed the shades in the Huda Obsessions palette don’t actually have names, so I have labelled them by their location in the palette.

The first comparison is the purple mauve shade in each palette. As you can see, these two are very similar. I can tell that the shade in Light Nude has more pigmentation and is perhaps slightly deeper than Lace in New Nude.

comparison swatch 1

As you can see, both palettes include a cream shade, and these are similar, but the pigmentation in Light Nude is miles ahead of Bare in New Nude.

Comparison swatch 4-2

Both palettes also include a peachy shade, although as you can see these are quite different. The shade in Light Nude is more of a medium peach whereas Play in New Nude is lighter.

Comparison swatch 4-1

The deeper browns in the palettes, however, are very similar. Yes, Raw in New Nude looks like it has more red in it, but both shades are very rich and fairly warm.

comparison swatch 5

The Metallic Comparisons

For the metallic comparisons, almost all of the metallics in Light Nude Obsessions are unique to that palette. 

I thought perhaps that the purple in Nude Obsessions would have something close in New Nude, but that turns out to not be the case. Daydream, what I used to think was a purple is actually more of a mauve pink.

comparison swatch 2

I further compared the mauve pink metallic in Nude Obsessions to all of the “reflective” shades in New Nude, and Daydream came the closest. It’s not a dupe, but they are similar.

comparison swatch 3

Just to give you an idea of how these palettes perform, here is a look from each palette. First is a look from the Huda Beauty Light Nude Obsessions.




And here is a look from Huda Beauty New Nude. 

edit_halo 1.jpg

edit_halo 2.jpg

Final Thoughts

Overall, these two palettes definitely have some overlap, but less than I initially thought! A few of the mattes are similar, but the shimmers/metallics are very different in shade. My end feelings are that if you gravitate more towards pink or mauve looks, Light Nude Obsessions is for you, and if you prefer berry looks, with a peach or purple look here and there, then New Nude would be the one for you.

Altogether I do feel the formulas in Light Nude Obsessions are better. The mattes are creamier and more pigmented, and the metallics have more body to them and apply more easily. The impact of the sparkle and shine is really pretty too.

With regard to which palette does it better, or if I could only keep one, which would I keep? It’s hard to say. I have gotten a ton of use out of New Nude, as you can see in some of the pictures, but I mainly prefer to use the mattes in that palette. Now that I have Light Nude Obsessions, I truly think that I will be using this palette more. But again, these palettes cater to different colour schemes. I really can’t create berry looks with Light Nude Obsessions.

Do you own either of these palettes? What do you think of them? Which would you prefer if you were to purchase?

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