Fall Palettes Revisited: Stilazzi Stellar

Hey everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited that it is October. September and October are easily my favourite months of the year, probably because of Fall. Yes, I’m predictable.

While the last palette I revisited was the epitome of Fall, warm tones and amber goodness and all, this time I’m going to the cool-toned side of the spectrum. I personally think Fall can involve a huge variety of shades, including purples and mauves. Stilazzi Stellar instantly came to mind!

Honestly, since getting it a year ago at IMATS, I really haven’t used it a lot. It’s not a perfect palette, and the formula isn’t my favourite, but as you will see, you can definitely get some pretty looks out of it!



This palette is priced at $39 USD and comes with 1 oz of product. Honestly, I didn’t realize it had so much product! Yes, there are 18 shades so it sort of makes sense, but wow am I impressed. That means that the value of this palette is significantly better than other palettes that are typically found in this price range. For example, most Urban Decay palettes are around $49 USD and have only 0.39 oz of product. Similarly, Too Faced palettes are often around $49 USD and have 0.43 oz of product. Now that’s a significant difference! Perhaps Stilazzi isn’t quite as high end of a brand, but I do think it is darn close.



Colour Story

Taupes, mauves, roses and smokey greys, this palette is such a cool-toned dream. And that is definitely why I purchased it. It’s just different. Different from what has been out there lately. This palette has 10 matte shades (one with glitter) and 8 shimmers, which gives you a really nice selection to work with.



Formula, Pigmentation & Blend

Overall, this isn’t my favourite palette, which is why I haven’t used it a lot over the last year. But, I did want to revisit it because it really does have a pretty colour story. The pigmentation for some of the mattes isn’t great, and I find that almost all of the mattes do not appear on the lid as they do in the pan, in colour. I have experienced this especially with the center row of the palette. They almost all seem to change colour, and perhaps that’s partially because of the less intense pigmentation. I have yet to try these shades on a wet or tacky base, so perhaps that could help.

Another problem that I have with this palette is how many light mattes there are. I honestly don’t know what to do with all of them, I suppose they can just act as different lid shades? Honestly, when used in the crease they look pretty ashy. But maybe they should. They are taupes and greys after all. I just don’t love how they look on the crease or below the brow.

One thing that I do appreciate about this palette is that it is fairly versatile, if only in an all-or-nothing kind of way. I think you can do really light, natural looks, or really intense smokey eyes. I know when you look at the palette that you may think you can do some looks with medium depth, but because of the lacking pigmentation I don’t agree at this point. I do, however, think this is a wonderful palette for a smokey eye. The bottom row has some really incredible shades that can be built up well. In fact, I did a smokey eye with this palette last year for Halloween that I think turned out great. It can be slightly difficult to get a really smooth blend, but that’s not unexpected when working with shades like these. Especially since the grey’s tend to lean more blue-toned.

The shimmers in this palette are nice. They are not super metallic, but they adhere well to a tacky base and I love the variety that you get in the palette.

Below are three eye looks that I created with this palette recently. 

Look #1




Shades Used:
Crease: Taupe’d Out, Crystal Ball
Outer Corner: Smoked Out
Lid: Opal, California Girls

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Heartless” is on the waterline.

Look #2




Shades Used:
Crease: California Dreamin’, Crystal Ball
Outer Corner: Sangria
Lid: Pewter, Thigh High

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Rockstar” is on the waterline.

Look #3




Shades Used:
Crease: Trending Now, Ashes
Outer Corner: Smoked Out
Lid: Moonshine, Jet Set

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Mainline” is on the waterline.

Do you have this palette or something similar? I think I would be interested in adding another palette with a similar colour story to my collection, but with a formula that I might like better. I suppose I just like shades to have better pigmentation!

What eyeshadow palettes are you switching to this Fall?

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12 thoughts on “Fall Palettes Revisited: Stilazzi Stellar

  1. Stilazzi is a brand more known by pro MUA’s. I have their Darkroom palette they did with Jordan Liberty and I love it. I got a review on my blog if you want to check it out.

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    1. Glad that palette worked for you. The colour story is very pretty. Unfortunately my experience with this one just wasn’t great. I think my biggest pet peeve is when shadows appear as a different colour on the eye than how they appear in the pan, or even when swatched. No looks with this palette have turned out how I expected they would, which is a weird experience.


    1. I think the brushes I use make most of the difference! I use the hakuhodo ones mostly. If you search on here for my IMATS haul from last year you can see which ones I got! They are so lovely and 100% worth it.

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