Fall Palettes Revisited: Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions

Hello everyone! It’s finally Fall, so happy Fall! I’m kicking off my favourite season by taking a stroll down memory lane. Over the next little while I’m going to be revisiting my favourite eyeshadow palettes for Autumn.

I absolutely love changing up my makeup seasonally, and the transition from Summer to Fall has always been my favourite. I’ve now rotated all of my palettes, and I am so enjoying using some of my old favourites for Fall! The posts from this series are mainly going to be short review posts that share a few looks from the palette. Short and sweet is the goal, and hopefully these posts will either remind you about a particular palette that you already have and love, or inspire you to create a similar look with another palette! The point is, let’s use what we have instead of buying more makeup. There will be plenty of time for that too!

For the first instalment of this series I’m featuring the Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions palette! This is a small but mighty palette, with bold oranges and many amber-toned shimmers to choose from.



This palette is priced at $36 CAD and comes with 0.45 oz of product. Overall, this is a really well-priced palette. The value is there since you get near the same amount of product as you would in a full-sized palette that would typically cost you $50-$60 CAD.


Colour Story

A brilliant marigold, rusty oranges and bronze-y shimmers, what more do you need for a Fall smokey eye? This palette is filled with the tones you want this time of year. Given that this is a nine-pan palette, the shades seem to have been selected quite strategically. You have both lighter and deeper shades to add dimension to your looks, with a few mid-tones to make blending seamless. I also love the variety of shimmer shades packed into this palette: warm ambers, a gold and a bronze too! Honestly, I can’t see you needing many shades beyond what you get in this mighty little package!


Formula, Pigmentation & Blend

I have been so pleasantly surprised during my recent use of this palette! I couldn’t quite remember what the formula was like, but I did remember other Youtuber’s comments that the formula of some of the Obsessions palettes isn’t the best. Well, this one is quite good.

The mattes are very pigmented, especially if you don’t layer them. If you want full impact of pigmentation, I suggest laying down the main colour you want in the place you want it, and then blending it out with other shades if you desire to add them in. For example, the brown doesn’t add a ton of pigment if you add it on top of an orange in your crease. However, if you start out with adding brown in the outer corner, and then blend it out with the orange, you can get full pigmentation no problem, and a beautiful blend from the brown to the orange. As for blending, these shades really are quite seamless.

I also enjoy the metallics in this palette. They are a good consistency between being too dry and too oily. I’ve encountered some more oily metallics lately, and this was a nice refresher of the type of metallic formula I actually like. I always like to press my metallics on with my finger on top of a tacky base, and these adhere really well. Using a wet brush also helps things along. I usually use a mixture of the two methods to get the desired result.

Below are two eye looks that I created with this palette recently. Because there aren’t shade names, I have numbered the shades from left to right starting with the top row when telling you which shades were used.

Look #1




Shades Used:
Crease: 1, 8
Outer Corner: 7
Lid: 4, 2

Look #2




Shades Used:
Crease: 5, 3, 8
Outer Corner: 7
Lid: 6, 9

Do you have this palette or something similar? Last year I compared this palette to the Colourpop Yes, Please, and I found that they could be almost interchangeable! However, I really do enjoy the shimmers in this palette, and how compact it is! Overall, I’m so glad to have rediscovered this beauty! I can see myself using it daily this season!

What eyeshadow palettes are you switching to this Fall?

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7 thoughts on “Fall Palettes Revisited: Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions

  1. What a pretty color story, soo perfect for the season! I love the looks you created, too. 🙂 I have the Huda Mauve Obsessions palette & really like it, too, though I did have a little trouble with the metallics. Thanks for your tips on how to use them! ♡


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