Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Liquid Eyeshadow | Flash Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a quick review for you, and it’s quick because I just don’t want to devote a lot of time to it. Why, you say? You will find out.

Product Overview

These liquid eyeshadows boast to have remarkable pigmentation and come in a variety of neutral shades, with one deep eggplant shade. I personally purchased the shade “Zone”, which is a light gold with pink/green reflects. The shadow comes in a tube with a small doe foot applicator.

These liquid eyeshadows are priced at $32 CAD ($25 USD) and have 0.27 oz of product, so they are quite pricey. However, when compared to other products like the Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows, these actually have a much better value because they have almost double the product. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter if the product doesn’t perform well, and it doesn’t.




My Review

First of all, when I took out the doe-foot for the first time, there as ZERO product on the applicator. How is that possible, when it is dunked in a presumably full tube? It actually took me at least 5-6 dips with scraping the sides of the tube to get anything on the doe-foot. Not a big deal, but seems weird to me.

When applying the product, it applied nicely, the pigmentation seemed pretty good when applying directly with the doe foot, and it seemed to blend reasonably well with a brush, if you were quick. I did one eye at a time and it seemed to work well, at least initially. The product also looked so pretty and reflective on the eye. However, once the product had dried on my lid, it became the heaviest, most cracked mess I have ever seen on my eyelid. It was so uncomfortable and heavy-feeling that I had to attempt to scrape some off of the inner part of my lid, because I felt like I could hardly open my eye. While I of course have some texture on my eyelid, there is no way in hell that any texture I may have is responsible for the mess that you see in the pictures below. Keep in mind, any patchiness you see is likely because of my scraping off the product to salvage my comfort while wearing that product, but all the cracks are from the product itself.





Because I wanted to give the product a fair shot, I decided to try application with a brush instead. Presumably, a brush will allow you to apply less product, so that hopefully it won’t be so cakey and heavy on the eye. While this did end up being mostly true, the product still felt uncomfortable on the eye, was cracked and even flaked, and I found it difficult to build up with a brush.




To give you an idea of what I think a liquid eyeshadow should look like on the eye, below are two pictures using Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows. While they may show the texture on my lid, they don’t crack, flake or feel heavy in any way. Additionally you can apply directly with the doe foot, and build up as much as you like without them feeling heavy.

Stila Shimmer and Glow “La Douce”
Stila Shimmer and Glow “Jezebel”

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product is much too difficult to work with, and I have no patience for it. I could have tried application with a finger as a third method, but I just didn’t want to go there. With liquid eyeshadows I want easy application with full pigmentation. Application with a finger is just not that. So I guess this product isn’t for me! Overall, I can’t recommend it, which is really too bad! I was very excited for these liquid eyeshadows, especially since I have been on a Natasha Denona spree lately.

Have you tried these liquid eyeshadows? What did you think? What is your favourite liquid eyeshadow formula?

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