Cover FX Monochromatic Blush and Bronzer Duos | Review + Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you a review of the recently released Cover FX Monochromatic Blush and Bronzer Duos. I knew I was interested in these as soon as they were released, and was constantly visiting Sephora, waiting for them to be put out on display. Well, I got my hands on them, and decided to go ahead and purchase one of each, a blush and a bronzer. So let’s get into my thoughts.

Packaging and First Impressions

These blush and bronzer duos come in an off-white matte compact with a magnetic closure that has a luxury feel to it. Inside you get two large pans of one matte and one shimmer shade, and an edge-to-edge mirror. While the matte side is pressed flat, the shimmer side has the most beautiful wave pattern. Neither of the products have any scent to them.

The monochromatic blush duos come in six shades ranging from pinks, roses and peaches to berries and terracottas. The monochromatic bronzer duos come in two shades, one that is lighter and more golden, and another that is deeper and more red-toned. The two duos that I purchased were Warm Honey, described as a bronzed rose, and Sunkissed Bronze, described as a soft bronze.






“A richly pigmented, talc-free blush palette featuring a duo of monochromatic matte and shimmer shades for multidimensional finish.

Formulated talc-free for color-true, high-impact payoff, these blush palette duos include both a matte and shimmer shade for a monochromatic, multidimensional effect. Use individually or layer together to customize your finish.”

Price and Quantity

These blush and bronzer duos are priced at $50 CAD ($38 USD) and have 0.51 oz of product.

For price comparisons, these products are mostly unique, as not many other companies offer duos, especially duos that include both matte and shimmer. So, I have done one comparison for the blushes, and another for the bronzers. I included high-end products that were singles or duos from most larger and more popular brands that can be found at Sephora. I also included a mix of matte and shimmer/radiant products.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:


Rank Product  Cost
($ CAD) 
Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet  $38 0.39 $97/oz
2 Cover FX Monochromatic  $50 0.51 $98/oz
3 Natasha Denona Blush Duo  $50 0.5 $100/oz
4 Bareminerals Gen Nude Powder Blush  $30 0.21 $143/oz
5 Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush  $53 0.28 $189/oz
6 Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush  $38 0.2 $190/oz
7 Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo  $57 0.28 $204/oz
8 Becca Shimering Skin Luminous Blush  $45 0.21 $214/oz
9 Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush  $27 0.12 $225/oz
10 NARS Blush  $38 0.16 $238/oz
11 Ciate London Glow-To Illuminating Blsuh  $34 0.14 $243/oz
12 Kevin Aucoin The Neo-Blush  $50 0.2 $250/oz
13 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush  $52 0.15 $347/oz


Rank Product  Cost
($ CAD) 
Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Sephora Collection Bronzer Powder $21 0.3 $70/oz
2 Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tan $65 0.8 $81/oz
3 Cover FX Monochromatic $50 0.51 $98/oz
4 BareMinerals Endless Summer Bronzer $35 0.35 $100/oz
5 Jouer Cosmetics Sunswept Bronzer Duo $40 0.39 $103/oz
6 Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer $37 0.35 $106/oz
7 Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer $40 0.32 $125/oz
8 Too Faced Sun Bunny $40 0.28 $143/oz
9 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer $69 0.39 $177/oz
10 Fenty Sun Stalk’r $40 0.22 $182/oz
11 Bobbi Brown Bronzer $55 0.28 $196/oz
12 Becca Sunlit Bronzer $50 0.25 $200/oz
13 Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer $40 0.19 $211/oz

Overall, these duos actually rank so well when compared to the value of other products! While the Jouer Blush Bouquet just barely ranks better than the Cover FX Blush Duo, the Cover FX Bronzer Duo ranks in third when compared to other bronzers. As you can see, the lists I compiled are quite extensive, so clearly the good value of these products is true! Obviously the initial price of these duos is on the more expensive side, and you are probably unlikely to actually finish one of these products, but at least they are priced pretty appropriately for when you get. 

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, these blush and bronzer duos really knock it out of the park for me. They are pigmented, buildable and oh so blendable!


As for use, when you dip in to the matte side, you will get a bit of powder kickback, whereas in the shimmer side it is pressed fairly hard. Additionally, I believe the shimmer formula likely has more oils in it so that explains why the powder might adhere to itself better.

When applied, the pigmentation isn’t so intense that you will have over-applied right away. If you dip in a couple times, knock off the excess and apply, you really should get the perfect application right from the get-go. If you are itching for even more pigment, the powders are definitely very buildable. You may also find that you will want to build up more if you are exclusively using the shimmer sides. I do find that the matte sides are more pigmented than the shimmery ones, but that may also be simply because more product picks up on the brush.


Whether using the matte side or the shimmer side, or layering both, I’ve had no problems with blending them in. You get the most beautiful and effortless glow right away.

As for the specific duos that I purchased, Warm Honey is perhaps the best blush shade I own?! There is something so special about the bronze-y rose that works with my summer skin tone. It will also likely work well in the winter when I am my natural shade. When  my summer tan does start to fade this Fall and Winter, I am 100% interested in purchasing some of the lighter shades, like Soft Peach and Mojave Mauve… I’m even interested in Pink Dahlia. Honestly, I think the most difficult thing about these blushes is picking just one shade!

The Sunkissed bronzer is also very nice. It has a slight golden undertone, although it seems cool when compared to my other current go-to bronzer, Fenty Shady Biz, which is very golden. I would also be interested in purchasing Suntan Bronze, the more red-toned bronzer, but I suspect it is very similar to my much beloved and discontinued Becca Gradient Sunlit Bronzer in “Sunset Waves”. So, I think I will hold off.



And here are swatches of the two duos!


Below are also some swatches comparing to other bronzers that I own. The first picture are my matte bronzers, and the second my shimmer. As you can see, the Cover FX bronzer is actually my deepest matte bronzer, although you can apply it very lightly if that is what you need.

matte bronzer swatches

shimmer bronzer swatches

Final Thoughts

These new duos are totally awesome. I knew from the second that they were released that I was interested in getting a few, and I still am interested in purchasing more! While the initial purchase price is on the higher end, you are getting two shades, and plenty of product, so you know they will last you a long time.

Have you tried any of these new duos? What is your favourite product from Cover FX?

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10 thoughts on “Cover FX Monochromatic Blush and Bronzer Duos | Review + Swatches

  1. These duos are stunning, I want them now! The shades look so good against your skin tone. I also love your comprehensive value break downs, no one calculates values better than you 🙂

    I’ll have to look into the shades they have to see if there’s one light enough to work for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Haha. I think the peach one would definitely be light enough, and Pink Dahlia and Mojave Mauve would also likely work too when applied lightly. They look bright/pigmented in photos, but I feel like when I swatched them a couple of months ago they weren’t crazy-look-like-a-clown pigmented.


  2. Honestly I wasn’t all that interested in these at first, but ever since seeing you rave about them, I’ve had my eye on some of the blushes! Warm Honey in particular looks like the perfect warm neutral. Thanks for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

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