Wow! or Waste? H💿l💿 Taco Launch by Simply Nailogical!

Well holo there! Welcome back to Wow! or Waste? Whether a whole collection has been launched, or just a new product, I’m going to evaluate whether each product is either a Wow! buy or a Waste? of money, in terms of the price and the amount of product you get.

This time around we are evaluating the first launch from the new brand by Simply Nailolgical, Holo Taco! Holosexuals rejoice! These new nail polishes first launched on July 6th, and basically sold out in under 1-2 hours. They are working hard to restock now, but in the meantime, let’s look at the pricing and value of these products so that you can go into the restock fully informed, if you haven’t already indulged.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 11.16.09 PM.png

This is a launch that definitely had me very excited. I have been watching Cristine for quite a few years. Perhaps starting when she still did nail art??? Hard to know. But I have definitely been watching her videos every Saturday for years, regardless of their content. My impression of this launch is that it is exactly what it should have been. It is true to her brand 100% and I am definitely looking forward to trying the polishes out. I didn’t order in time for the launch, given they sold out so quickly, but I will definitely be considering the restock.

“Inspired by her love of all things holographic, Cristine decided to launch her own nail polish brand to bring high quality special effects nail polishes to the masses. Holo Taco is nail polish for people who aren’t afraid to have a little fun. It’s about having nails that are bold, playful, a little badass, and anything but boring. Each polish is designed by Cristine and made in New York City. Holo Taco’s products are 5-free, vegan & cruelty-free.”

“Do you have boring nails? Just add a holo taco and it’s not a problem anymore.”

So, do you want to know whether these items are a Wow! or a Waste? Let’s get into it!

Holo Tacos: Linear, Flakie and Scattered

Product Information

Linear: “Transform any base colour into holo with this linear holographic top coat for a stunning rainbow effect! Linear holo means that the tiny holographic pigments are close enough together that they form rainbows in the shape of a line. Watch it shift as you move your nails under the light!”

Flakie: “Transform any base colour into holo using this top coat with tiny holographic flakes! The asymmetrical holo flakies offer a dazzling sparkle with an edge that can’t be missed.”

Scattered: “Transform any base colour into holo with this scattered holographic top coat for an instant galaxy look! The tiny holographic glitters give any mani a sprinkle of holo — it also works great over nail art without covering up too much of the design!”

Price and Quantity

The holo tacos, regardless of holographic type, are all priced at ~$17 CAD ($13 USD) and each have 12 mL/0.4 oz of product.

For price comparisons, I selected other brands that offer clear polishes with holographic pieces.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

Rank Product  Cost
($ CAD) 
Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 China Glaze Fairy Dust (Scattered) $8 0.5 $17/oz
2 OPI Tinker, Thinker, Winker? (Dense Scattered?) $11 0.5 $22/oz
3 Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond (Scattered) $13 0.5 $26/oz
3 KBShimmer Prism Break (Linear) $13 0.5 $26/oz
4 ILNP My Private Rainbow (Scattered + Linear options) $15 0.4 $38/oz
5 Cirque Colors We Trippy (Linear), Delirium (Flakie) $15 0.37 $41/oz
6 Holo Taco Holos $17 0.4 $43/oz

Wow! or Waste?

Overall, because the Holo Taco polishes are in last place, based on my typical ranking system, I would classify them as a Waste. They are definitely more expensive than what other brands are offering, including smaller indie brands. Of course these are Holo Taco’s first products, so that could explain initial high prices, but there could also be a difference in quality. We know that Cristine is going to give us high quality 100% holo products, but that doesn’t mean that other companies aren’t offering comparable products at a cheaper price. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not! For example, I own China Glaze Fairy Dust and think it is a great scattered holo. It is definitely my go-to when I am going for that kind of a look. Also, if you are in the US you are likely to get a much better deal. The Canadian dollar is pretty shit right now.


Product Information

One Coat Black: “This ultra-dark black polish is opaque in — you guessed it — just one coat! This makes for an easy one-coat application on the whole nail, or great for using in nail art when you’re reaching for the most opaque black possible!”

Royal-Tea Blue: “What do you do when you’re feeling blue? Reach for the tea and paint your nails! This rich royal blue polish is opaque in two coats. Great alone or under a holo taco!”

Price and Quantity

These cremes are priced at ~$14 CAD ($11 USD) and have the same amount of product at 12 mL/0.4 oz.

Cristine’s cremes are of course meant to be super opaque, so that is what is going to make them different from other brands. For price comparisons, I selected other brands that offer black cremes.. which is all of them. BUT, what I decided to do was to compare the price of her black creme to the other black cremes that she has recommended in her various videos on black polishes (here and here). There are only two that she has truly recommended, since the rest seem to be utter shit that she has tried. So let’s not fuck around with those.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

Rank Product  Cost
($ CAD) 
Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 China Glaze Liquid Leather $8 0.5 $17/oz
2 Holo Taco Cremes $14 0.4 $35/oz
3 Cirque Colors Memento Mori $15 0.37 $41/oz

Wow! or Waste?

Woohoo, not a waste this time! But not really a wow either.. I personally have been using China Glaze Liquid Leather for years, and I think it is a great one-coater. Really, it’s hard to beat the prices of large nail polish companies like China Glaze, but Holo Taco is offering a better value than Cirque Colors on this one!

Overall Collection Value

Overall, these first products that Holo Taco is releasing are definitely on the pricey-side. However, this is not at all surprising given that this is a new brand, who can definitely be considered indie. It is very costly to start a new company and provide quality products. BUT, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t comparable products on the market for a much better price. If you do choose to purchase these polishes from Holo Taco, it will be likely because you want to support Cristine, which I am all for, and I will likely do as well. If you are a supporter of Cristine, you will also know that you will be getting quality products for your money, and at least you know that your money will be going to someone who you love, which means more as well. But just know, that there are cheaper alternatives out there, including those beyond what I have listed above!

Here is the overview of what we have learned through this Holo Taco edition of Wow! or Waste?

Product Product Category Rank Within category Wow! or Waste?
Holo Taco Holos Linear, Flakie or Scattered Holographic Top Coat 6 Waste
Holo Taco Cremes Black Creme 2 Neither

Well that’s all for today’s Wow! or Waste? Were you thinking about purchasing any of these products? Will you go through with it now that you know their value? Comment down below!

Disclaimer: All pictures are from the Holo Taco website.

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17 thoughts on “Wow! or Waste? H💿l💿 Taco Launch by Simply Nailogical!

  1. I feel like her holo tacos aren’t particularly unique, BUT I do think people who love her videos will still buy them just to support someone they love! Good for Cristine for finally coming out with her own holo nail polishes, I used to watch her videos and they were hella entertaining, she’s a great content creator!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, they won’t be. Although sometimes it can be hard to find some that aren’t too dense. She is definitely so entertaining. It’s also cool how she has such a diverse audience. The age range is unreal lol.


    1. I agree! Unless you have sentimental value associated with Cristine, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there. It does sound like she’s going to start coming out with more unique polishes (multichromes etc.) so those might be worth waiting for instead!


  2. When her collection went up, I went through my entire nail polish collection and realized I only have one holo topper and after testing it, it wasn’t very good, so I went and bought all three toppers on her restock. Very curious to see how they are in person. It was pricey, but I’ve been extremely frugal lately so I felt justified 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How is it possible to review a product without trying it first? That’s just weird. Has it occurred to you the higher price might be justified by quality? The product owner clearly stated holo part of nail polish is expensive , but she wanted to create a quality product with decent amount of holo component, hence the price. If you calculate this: using a product with not enough holo you might use 2-3 coars to get desired effect. With this one, you only need one. I tried it, yes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. First of all, this is an opinion piece, and very clearly NOT a review. Secondly, if you had read the post at all you would know that I touched on all of those points. If you are going to comment on someone else’s blog, at least have the courtesy to read it first so that you don’t end up looking uneducated and ignorant.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I bought the Royal-Tea. It was the only one left. It is way too thick. It does not go on very well and chips almost immediately. Super disappointing since it was about $20 for the polish and shipping.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! When there’s high pigmentation I definitely believe there could be a risk of the polish being too thick. That’s really too bad!!


  5. I purchased the set in the first offering of it, paid a fortune to get it to Australia and here’s what I think. I adore the one coat black, does exactly what is claimed. I love the top coats, the blue is thick and required two coats. Plan for this one – you need time to apply all the various coats you need to see the best from the blue. The big downer for me is that these last one day before chipping and I mean serious chipping, even with the top coat and tip sealing. I see now that the long lasting base coat is out and given the high cost of the original set, they should have waited to launch and included the base coat in the set. Adorable holo coats, great cremes but not worth it without a good base coat. I’m unsure if I’ll risk the $ burn for me to get one item to Australia again. Might invest in a local base coat. Big fan of simply, but a bit burnt by the poor longevity of these products and the bad business technique of selling a highly chip panel product without the base coat opportunity. I would have liked them to think ahead here for international customers and get their sales ops in in one postage cost.


  6. I unsubscribed from Cristine immediately after she announced her collection. Does no one see how she ripped off ILNP? Even the bottles and packaging looks similar. I’d say save your coin and spend it on ILNP who’s been around for years.


    1. I understand where you are coming from but I think it is a little extreme to completely unfollow her because her bottles happen to look the same. There are a limited number of bottle shapes and sizes offered by retailers to be used in nail polish brands. I would think she chose this particular bottle because she liked the look of it, not because it copied ILNP. I have never even heard her mention ILNP, so it’s not like this was done with malicious intent, I wouldn’t think. I’m sure she could have designed her own bottle shape and size, but that would likely be much more expensive, which may be difficult for a new brand starting out and I don’t think she realized how big of a hit her brand would be. I also love ILNP, so to each their own 🤷🏻‍♀️


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