Pink Lemonade | Summer Mani

Hey everyone! Today I’m bringing you citrus-y summer feels in mani form! This mani is sure to make you thirsty, for nail art!






  1. For this manicure, I started by applying my favourite base coat, Orly Bonder, to all of my nails.
  2. For the base colour of this mani, I painted all of my nails white with China Glaze White on White.
  3. To minimize clean up from stamping, I applied a liquid latex around my cuticles. Right now I’m really enjoying the Edge Perfection Easy Peel Polish Barrier.
  4. For the lemon pattern on the middle finger, I used the reverse stamping technique with the What’s Up Nails B008 Summer Seeds stamping plate. What reverse stamping means is that you transfer the pattern from the plate onto your stamper with a polish shade that you want to be your outline, and then you fill in the design with different polish colours directly on the stamper. After that has dried, you can then stamp the whole pattern onto your nail.
  5. I first applied a black stamping polish (Born Pretty Store #3) to the plate, scraped off the excess, and transferred the design onto a XL clear jelly stamper. I then filled in the lemons with two different shades of yellow, KL Polish Tropicana and China Glaze Lighthouse. I also filled in the leaves with China Glaze Paper Chasing. After allowing the design to dry, I applied it to my nail. 
  6. For the rest of my nails I used the citrus design on same stamping plate and two different stamping polishes: Born Pretty Store #1 and #16. I first applied the gold to the top of the design on the plate, and the pink below it, scraping over the two horizontally a couple of times to blend the polishes a bit together in the middle to create a gradient. I then used a XL clear jelly stamper to transfer the design on to each of my nails.
  7. I finished off the mani by applying the Maniology No Smudge Nail Polish Top Coat (Use code SUPERNOVA10 to save 10% off Maniology purchases (affiliate)), followed by my regular glossy top coat (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat).

I love how fun and summery this fruit mani is. Pink lemonade is one of my favourite drinks, and really it’s my favourite summer mani to date!

sign off 2019

13 thoughts on “Pink Lemonade | Summer Mani

  1. Such a gorgeous manicure – I don’t know how you do it!

    I can’t stand people stealing content – I noticed a couple websites that stole some of my pictures or entire content. I also find a ton of people on Pinterest using my pins but leading to another website – everytime I file a copyright complaint Pinterest dings me with the copyright complaint instead or the other user because the pins are still attributed to me – so frustrating!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls


    1. Thank you so much! All you need are the right supplies! Yes, the stealing is hella annoying.. Especially when we put so much work in.. But there often isn’t much you can do about it. And often it isn’t even worth taking action. But the principle!!!


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I’m definitely loving how this one turned out! The pink to gold gradient actually worked out much better than expected. It’s not usually so easy to mix cremes and metallics.


    1. Thanks so much! I definitely love how stamping can give you such cool and professional results! And really with minimal effort once you learn how to use the tools.

      Liked by 1 person

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