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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you two nail art manicures I created with March’s Maniology Mani X Me Monthly Express Kit. This is my third month getting this subscription, so it is still fairly new to me. You can see my past two reviews here:




The Mani X Me Monthly Box is a subscription service that delivers you Maniology nail art goodies every month. There are two different options: The Monthly Club and the Express Kit. 

Monthly Club ($25 USD per month)

  • 2 Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for members!
  • 2 New Coordinated Stamping Polishes
  • A Surprise Gift Every Month
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Free Stamper & Scraper Set with your first express kit

Express Kit ($18 USD per month)

  • 2 Exclusive Stamping Plates – Just for members!
  • A Surprise Gift Every Month
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Free Stamper & Scraper Set with your first express kit

I am currently getting the Express kit since the only difference is that you don’t get the stamping polishes, and I’m mainly interested in building up my stamping plate collection! With shipping ($4 USD to Canada), in CAD the price turns out to be just over $30 CAD.

So let’s get into this latest box!

March: Pure Aloha

For March’s Mani X Me Box, we’d like to share a little piece of our home, so we’re flying your creativity out to Hawaii. Kick off your shoes, let down your hair, and enjoy a little piece of paradise with designs and colors inspired by Hawaii’s natural beauty.


This month’s express kit comes with two tropical nail stamping plates featuring native Hawaiian birds and florals, and a pot of Surfer’s Salve to help soothe dry skin, like your cuticles!

plate 1

plate 2

I am absolutely in love with the designs on both of these plates. The fact that native Hawaiian birds are included is a HUGE bonus for me. I am actually a serious bird lover and try to go bird watching where I live as much as possible. Going to Hawaii to see the birds there would be a dream come true, but having them on my nails is the next best thing!!


Mani #1

For the first manicure I decided to feature all florals on a blue shimmer background. I did a pretty big haul of Cirque Colors shimmer polishes earlier this year and I literally cannot stop using them. The shade featured in this mani is Palm Springs. I then layered different floral designs on top using the reverse stamping technique. What this means is that you transfer the pattern from the plate onto your stamper with a polish shade that you want to be your outline, and then you fill in the design with different polish colours directly on the stamper. After that has dried, you can then stamp the whole pattern onto your nail.

Products Used:





Mani #2

For this second mani, I knew I needed to use those birds! The coolest thing is that the birds on the Hawaiian islands are mostly endemic, meaning that they evolved there through evolutionary time and can’t be found anywhere else (I’m a biologist)! That makes these bird designs extra special to me! I definitely wanted to create something peachy and bright, so I used a variety of peaches and oranges for the base and details of this mani. Again, I used reverse stamping to create the intricate bird designs. Wow oh wow did they turn out well! I am totally in love with all of them and really, I can’t wait to create even more manis with this plate!

Products Used:



This is the adorable Hawaiian Owl, Pueo
This may be the Hawaiian Elepaio, or some other sort of flycatcher or sparrow
These look like some kind of Honey Creeper!

Final Thoughts

March’s kit was pretty incredible. I could have done without the Surfer’s Salve, but it does actually work pretty well to soothe dry skin, with which I have continuous problems. But, I do typically prefer to receive nail art supplies as an extra! But honestly, the plates that were included in this box made it all worth it for me!

Have you ever tried stamping or thought about getting into it? Have you tried Maniology products before? Let us know!

Disclaimer: I am a Maniology Ambassador (use code SUPERNOVA10 for 10% off your Maniology purchases), however, I purchase this kit every month with my own money and I am definitely not trying to sell you anything. Ambassador codes do not work with this subscription service, however they can be put towards other products, should you want to save some money and support a small scale blogger who puts a lot of money into content.

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