Sneaky Repackaging Rip Offs: Origins Mask Line

Hey everyone, today I just wanted to draw your attention to something that companies do that really pisses me off. They repackage a product, and in the process decrease the amount of product included. Sometimes after all that they even raise the price, to add insult to injury!!

Last year I made sure to point this out when Too Faced did this with their Chocolate Soleil Bronzers, which had been a long time favourite product of mine. Before repackaging, you got 0.35 oz of that bronzer for $38. After repackaging they decreased the amount of product to 0.28 oz, and have been selling it for the same price. That’s a 20% decrease in the amount of product! The fact that companies think they can get away with this is stunning. But I’m sure for the most part they do, because people don’t think they need to watch for this. Except for me!!

Now, let’s talk about the brand at hand: Origins. I have been a huge fan of their masks for years. I have basically made a point of trying and buying all of the masks in their line, not only because they work well and are high quality, but also because they have great value! It used to be that you got a great amount of product (3.4 oz) for only $34 CAD, which when compared to other brands at say, Sephora, that is relatively cheap. Well, unfortunately that is no longer the case.


Within the last 6-8 months Origins released two new masks: the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask with Avocado & Swiss Glacier Water, and the Drink Up 10 Minute Hydrating Mask with Apricot & Swiss Glacier Water. Uhg, first of all why do all the names have to be so freaking long. Anyways, when these were released, they were the first to be the new smaller size of 2.5 oz, priced at $33 CAD. Since then, all of the masks in their line have been re-released in this new smaller size, and at this new price. That is a 26% decrease in the amount of product you get, for only a dollar cheaper… The math just isn’t adding up for me.

Often when companies do this downsizing, it isn’t totally obvious that they have (especially in the case of the Too Faced bronzers). But these new tubes are noticeably smaller than the old masks, as you can see in the comparison photos below.

So what’s a legitimate reason a company would do this? Obviously prices of ingredients and labour are going up all the time, usually following general inflation. So it makes sense that companies would have to increase their prices over time, and I think most people could understand that. In fact, ABH has recently increased the prices of their newer palettes from $55 CAD to $59 CAD. And I noticed, but didn’t really bat an eye because while it is disappointing for a second, it is also understandable. So if this is the reason why Origins made these changes, why didn’t they just increase the price by a few dollars? I think a lot of people don’t mind small increases over time. But to have such a substantially large change happen, and in such a sneaky way by appearing to decrease their masks by a dollar, but then decreasing the amount of product by 26%… it’s just so uncool. Just be upfront and increase your price a bit each year.

Of course, this could all just have been done to increase profit, which is obviously the main goal in the business world. But overall this has just left a bad taste in my mouth, and I now don’t know if I feel right about supporting them and continuing to purchase their masks. At this point I’ve run out of most of them, so do I repurchase and support these brand practices that I don’t really feel I can support? It’s just a small thing, but it’s the principle of it that bothers me. It just feels sneaky, which is not good.

So, what do you think about this? What products do you know of where this has happened? I think it mainly bothers me because it feels like brands are trying to take advantage of the consumer’s trust.

Let me know your thoughts down below!

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One thought on “Sneaky Repackaging Rip Offs: Origins Mask Line

  1. Great post!

    I do understand why brands do it. Everyone expects an annual pay rise – and this goes for the people at the beauty brands too. I guess no one would mind a small annual price increase that reflects higher costs for materials, shipping, etc. as well as pay rises, but shrinking bottles and tubs significantly and on the sneak by repackaging or relaunching a product doesn’t inspire confidence in the brands. Every time I notice a drastic price increase or product shrinkage, it makes me wonder if these companies are simply too lazy to renegotiate deals with business partners on a more regular basis. But what do I know… all that’s clear and obvious is that the entire sector is not regulated and that the brands benefit from being free to do as they please.

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