Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer “Shady Biz” | Review

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review the new Fenty Bronzer for you. Bronzer has got to be one of my favourite makeup products! Whenever a new one comes out, I am pretty much interested and almost guaranteed to buy it! When it comes to application, I definitely love that very bronzed look, and I likely take it too far.. I just love bronzer! Over the last year, however, I have pretty much only been using more glowy/shimmery bronzers, like those from Hourglass and Becca. But, I decided to go ahead and try a shade of these new matte Fenty bronzers anyways!

Packaging and First Impressions

The packaging of this bronzer is BEYOND stunning! Matching all of Fenty’s other powder products, the compacts are octagonal and are this time a mirrored copper colour! Honestly, packaging doesn’t get more perfect than this, in my opinion. Inside, you have a mirror and the product with the Fenty Beauty logo imprinted. I haven’t noticed any scent to the product, and there is next to no kick up when you swirl a brush in.

This bronzer comes in 8 different shades that all seem to have neutral or golden undertones, with the exception of the darkest shade, Mocha Mami, which is very clearly red. I was pretty indecisive when it came to choosing my shade, since I wanted it to work for my skin tone whether it was now or summer when I get quite tanned. But in the end I liked the undertone of the shade Shady Biz the most. I don’t love super golden bronzers (I think they can look really artificial and fake, at least on me, even though I am warm undertoned), and the tone of this one looked better than Private Island which I was also seriously considering. But honestly, the difference between the two was so minimal, I do question needing both of them in the line. I wish they had some more red-undertoned shades to mimic a real tan.

packagin 2




Super smooth, creamy, and easy to blend, this light-as-air bronzing powder builds like a dream yet is hard to overdo, giving you a believable sun-soaked glow that stays put all day without transferring. Whether you’re looking for all-over warmth or the ultimate contour, Sun Stalk’r does it all with the perfect soft matte finish that lets skin look like skin. Plus, it’s backed by mango and papaya fruit extracts to help give skin a natural, healthy-looking glow with every swipe.”

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.

Price and Quantity

These bronzers are priced at $38 CAD ($30 USD) and have 0.22 oz of product. To see what the value is of this product, I have compared it to other high end matte bronzers on the market.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

Rank Product Cost
($ CAD)
Quantity (oz) Number of Shades Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tan $59 0.8 2 $74/oz
2 Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer $36 0.35 6 $103/oz
3 Urban Decay Beached Bronzer $35 0.31 2 $113/oz
4 Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer $43 0.38 6 $113/oz
5 Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer $38 0.32 2 $119/oz
6 Too Faced Chocolate Soleil $38 0.28 3 $136/oz
7 Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer $38 0.28 4 $136/oz
8 Fenty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer $38 0.22 8 $173/oz
9 NARS Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer $52 0.28 4 $186/oz
10 Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder $54 0.28 6 $193/oz

Well, as for value, this bronzer doesn’t do too well. You don’t get as much product as a lot of other similarly priced bronzers. However, I would argue that because you get almost no kick back in the pan, at least you know that you will be using ALL of the product. But still, the value could be better.

Pigmentation and Performance

Overall, I am loving this bronzer! It has great pigmentation, and it applies and blends so smoothly! I’ve literally had no issues with this bronzer blending at all, and it builds really easily as well. You can go in with a lighter hand, or build it up to be really quite deep, so I do think this shade will work for me when I am tanned.

I think the look on the skin is a natural matte, but I don’t think there is any radiance to it. It lasts really well throughout the day though; I’ve never noticed any fading.

inside close up

Ultimately, I think there is definitely room for more shades with a red undertone in the line, as I really love those in the summer when I am more tanned. There’s just something about the red undertone that makes a bronzer look more realistic, especially when you have a tan. When I am paler, golden or neutral undertone is fine.

Below is a comparison to all the other bronzers I own, whether they be matte, natural or glowy.


And here are some pictures of it on! Honestly, I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the last three weeks, so any picture you have seen of me recently has this bronzer in it too. This bronzer definitely adds some really nice warmth to the skin!



Final Thoughts

Honestly, I think this is a great bronzer. If you love a good matte bronzer, this is a great contender. I haven’t met many, or any, bronzers I haven’t liked… but I truly do love this one. It seems pretty fool-proof to me, especially since it blends and builds so well. Overall, I highly recommend!

Have you tried these Fenty bronzers? I would love to hear how the other shades are performing!

sign off 2019

20 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer “Shady Biz” | Review

    1. 100% agreed! It’s really quite hard to find red undertoned bronzers too. It sounds like the bronzer in the new Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow palette is more red, so I might check that one out too!


  1. This looks really, really nice on you! I don’t wear bronzer often and the two I already have in my collection are more than enough, so I won’t be picking this up, but I love that Fenty’s collection has 8 shades to choose from! Most brands have like one shade and then slowly expand to maybe three or four lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with bronzers.. but I am lol. I didn’t even know bronzer was a thing until like 3 years ago haha. The Fenty selection is definitely good!


  2. I saw these at Sephora the other day when I popped in the one at Disney Springs. They had the travel set too with a mini size bronzer & one of the Match Sticks. Think it came in 2 shades. I swatched the mini and it felt nice. I liked the color (I think it was the one you have). But I’m super picky about bronzers and really don’t need another right now. But maybe in the future I might get that mini set to try.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Even if it’s not the best value compared to other bronzers I think that I would buy it just for the packaging! It’s seriously gorgeous. I love that this shade is nice and bronzey without being orange!

    Liked by 1 person

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