Zoya Innocence Spring 2019 + Winter Holos

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of the full Zoya Innocence Spring 2019 collection, plus the Winter Holos that were released late last year! I’m definitely loving how curated this Spring collection is! I typically prefer smaller seasonal collections, and I think six shades is just the right amount! The combination of pastels and medium pops of colour is so perfect for Spring!


About Zoya

Zoya polishes are 10 free, meaning that they are formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor, THPH, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide or lead. Their polishes are also safe for pregnant women.

My thoughts on the Zoya Formula

Overall, the Zoya formula is a really solid one. The most impressive quality of Zoya nail polishes is the opacity of their lighter cremes. Often “skin-coloured” or lighter cremes require at least two if not three coats to reach full opacity. Zoya’s lighter cremes are almost fully opaque with ONE coat. That is incredible! So clearly the pigment is there. And this rings true for their other shades as well.  In terms of wear, I find that the Zoya formula is chip resistant until you hit around the 4-5 day mark, which is pretty typical, if not a bit better than typical.

In terms of the brush, it is a bit thinner than I would like, but they do now offer a wider brush called the Z-Wide Brush which can be purchased separately for $2 each.

Zoya Innocence Spring 2019


“…Evocative of nature and the transitions from Winter to Summer. Complete with its own thunderstorm in the color Theo, this collection is stormy and subtle, yet features a touch of brightness and softness.”


Birch is a pale greyish purple with a creme finish. This is a really lovely pastel. I absolutely love purples this time of year, and this one is so soft and pretty. This shade looked best with two coats.






Agnes is a light blush pink with a creme finish. Another very pretty pastel for Spring. Upon first glance I thought that this shade might be similar to one of the nudes included in the Jubilee Holiday 2018 collection (Leigh and Carson), but it is definitely distinct! Leigh is a cream with a yellow undertone, whereas Carson is more of a pink brown (see comparisons below). This shade looked best with two coats.





nude comparisons.png


Evette is a medium purple with a pink undertone and a creme finish. I love that this purple has a pink undertone. It makes it much more flirty and berry-ish. This purple also reminded me of Maeve from the Element Fall 2018 collection, but Evette does have slightly more pink in it and is slightly brighter. I also included Chiara from the Jubilee Holiday 2018 collection in the comparison, which is a deeper purple with indigo in it (see comparison below).







Aire is a dusty perwinkle with a creme finish. I am head over heels with love with this shade! I have always loved a good periwinkle, but this dusty take on the classic shade is just so beautiful. This shade looked best with two coats.






Fern is a dusty sage green with a subtle light green shimmer. This is the stand out shade in the collection for me, and was the first shade I had to wear! This sage is such a unique colour, and I love the green reflect it has in the sun! It is important to note though that the shimmer really doesn’t appear unless you are in direct sunlight. Indoors, most of the time it looks like a creme. This shade looked best with two coats.





Fern in direct sunlight
Fern in direct sunlight


Theo is a grey with scattered blue and black glitter with irregular silver flakes. This is such an interesting shade; I have definitely never seen anything like it! I love the mixture of blue and black glitter, although I have never truly been a fan of polishes that have larger irregular flakes. Similar to what I have experienced in the past, the silver flakes in this polish don’t always lay flat, leaving the surface of your manicure feeling bumpy, even with top coat on. I even tried applying two layers of top coat, and the texture still wasn’t smooth. So if you know that is something that will bother you, you should be aware! This shade looked best with two coats.





Winter Holos

The holos released in this mini collection are definitely really beautiful, multi-dimensional shades (in fact, I’m pretty obsessed with them). However, similar to what I described in my review of the “Happy Holodays” quad sold over the holidays (shades Dream and Payton), I believe the base pigment is too strong for the holographic colours to shine through properly. So while they are sold as holographic polishes, and even look holographic while you are applying them (they definitely do have holographic shimmer in them), the end result is just not holographic.


These shades are done the best justice when shown in direct sunlight, so I have included pictures outdoors and indoors for each shade.


Brighton is a off-white multi-dimensional metallic. To be honest, I’m really in love with all of the Zoya “holo” shades I have tried. They actually are really unique, likely because they don’t come off as plain old holo. The shimmer is really beautiful, and the reflect off of the irregularly shaped shimmers is so stunning. This shade looked best with two coats.

Brighton in direct sunlight
Brighton in direct sunlight
Brighton in direct sunlight
Brighton in direct sunlight
Brighton indoors
Brighton indoors
Brighton indoors
Brighton indoors


Cadence is a fuchsia pink multi-dimensional metallic. I love how barbie pink this shade is! This shade looked best with two coats.

Cadence in direct sunlight
Cadence in direct sunlight
Cadence in direct sunlight
Cadence in direct sunlight
Cadence indoors
Cadence 6
Cadence indoors
Cadence indoors
Cadence indoors


Everly is a bright ruby multi-dimensional metallic. This was the first of the Winter holos that I had to try. It’s just so juicy! This shade looked best with two-three coats.

Everly in direct sunlight
Everly in direct sunlight
Everly in direct sunlight
Everly in direct sunlight
Everly indoors
Everly indoors
Everly indoors
Everly indoors

Thoughts on the Innocence Spring 2019 Collection

Overall, I am LOVING this collection! I basically have no comments, other than I don’t love the practicality of Theo. I just really don’t like the surface of my nails feeling bumpy. But other than that all of the shades are stunning for Spring, and I love the selection of both pastels and medium pops of colour! I also am in total favour of how curated this collection is. Six shades is the perfect size!

If you are interested in any of these shades, make sure you check out the full collection here on the Zoya website!

Loving these swatches? Check out swatches of Zoya’s Polish quads here!

all swatches.png

Have you tried out the Zoya formula? What is your favourite shade from the collection? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

sign off 2019


5 thoughts on “Zoya Innocence Spring 2019 + Winter Holos

  1. I love that they did something different from the usual pastels we see during this year! Zoya had a BOGO sale last week so I picked up a bunch of polishes, and Fern was one of them. It just looks so beautiful!
    I totally agree with you, I bought a holographic polish from them last year and it’s very pretty, but just doesn’t look that holographic-y to me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I am seriously appreciating the mix of shades in this collection! It is 100% Spring, while still being different from the rest! I’m glad you got to splurge! You definitely picked up some pretty shades, and some that I love too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gosh you are so lucky that they send you all this polish to review. All of these colors are gorgeous, especially Birch & all the Holos. Zoya is slowly becoming my favorite brand. Do you like the new wide brushes better?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am definitely lucky! It is really nice that they trust me enough to swatch their beautiful collections for them. I haven’t actually had a chance to try the new wide brushes though! I actually have really gotten used to using their thin ones, so they don’t really bother me anymore. Especially when I’m not using shades that show streaks. Metallics are more likely to be streaky, which none of these are.


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