Four Valentine’s Day Manicures for all personalities!

Hey everyone! This year I have gone over and above the usual and have created four different manicures for Valentine’s day!

Whether you stamp or not, perhaps these colour combinations and themes can give you some inspiration if you are looking to wear something special on your nails for V-Day! My main goal was to create four very different manicures, in the hopes that at least one would appeal to everyone! Everyone has different stances on V-Day and different personalities, so maybe one of these will match you.

So let’s get into it!


For the fun and flirty

For the first manicure, I knew I wanted to do something involving Candy Hearts. Even though it’s such a classic Valentine’s Day candy, I literally can’t remember the last time I ate or even saw any. Well after getting a few as props for photos, I’m reminded that the sayings on them are so funny/dumb haha. Some said “Cool”, or “You Wish”, or even “Call Me”. One said “LOL” and I could relate, lol. Anyways, regardless of the fact that they taste like chalk, they sure make for a cute and fun mani!

To create this mani I used the Uber Chic Love and Marriage 02 Stamping plate and the reverse stamping technique to fill in the candy hearts with different colours. To find out more about reverse stamping you can visit my last Chinese New Year mani. I also just added a Reverse Stamping highlight on my instagram page that includes a random tutorial I did when I was creating that mani.

Products Used:




For the deep romantic

While I knew I wanted to touch on a few themes for V-Day, I also wanted to do some sort of classic romantic look involving red and roses. Again for this manicure I used the Uber Chic Love and Marriage 02 Stamping Plate, however the full nail rose design is from the Clear Jelly Stamper A Taste of France Stamping Plate. This design is actually layerable, allowing you to stamp the green stems, and then the red roses separately on top!

Products Used:




For the cat lover

I don’t know about you, but I personally like cats more than humans… I honestly couldn’t be happier than when I am snuggling with my little furballs, and I know other people feel the same way! So this one is for all my cat lovers out there!

For this mani I used a combination of the Uber Chic Pretty in Plaid Stamping Plate and the Maniology X MrsWhite8907 M006 Stamping Plate. The MrsWhite plate is so freaking cute, I know I will be creating many more cat lover manis! To do the little hearts I did take a layerable heart design from the Clear Jelly Stamper A Taste of France Stamping Plate, but any heart from any plate would do, even a freehand heart!

Products Used:




For the hot and spicy

Lastly, I wanted to do another rendition of my Lace French Mani, but this time the hot mami version, lol. When I completed this mani, Cardi B’s “I Like It” was running through my head “…spicy mami, hot tamale…” lol.

I originally envisioned it all just to be hot pink, but why not throw in a red to pink gradient to really drive the Valentine’s theme home. Unfortunately the pink part of the lace got a little blurred when I added the top coat, so the lace doesn’t contrast as much as it should with the base colour, but it still looks good I think! It kind of looks like a gradient on a gradient. The camera also just doesn’t do the contrast justice when shades are really saturated.

Doing a gradient with a stamped design is incredibly easy. You simply add two different colours to the plate next to each other and then you scrape off the excess a couple times, slightly blurring the interface of the shades. Stamp and voila!

Products Used:





Well those are all my ideas for Valentine’s Day manis this year! I wanted to go out of the box, and I think I succeeded in that! In previous years I have just gone for rose mani’s, and those are cute too!

What are you going to be wearing on your nails for Valentine’s Day? Do any or all of these appeal to you and your individual personality?

Do you have any special plans? I will be having some girlfriends over for our annual dessert night!

sign off 2019

6 thoughts on “Four Valentine’s Day Manicures for all personalities!

  1. Oooh I love these so much! I love how they’re all so different from one another. My favourite has to be the cat one – super adorable! Love the hot pink lace nails, too! I can totally see Cardi wearing something like that on her long talons lol. I also need that Taste of France stamping plate in my life…

    LOL there’s a reason you can’t remember the last time you saw candy hearts…they sell them during Valentine’s Day but nobody buys them cause they taste terrible!

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