KL Polish is closing down | My thoughts and swatches to help inform your last purchase before it does!

Hey everyone. It is with complete and total sadness that I write this post. My favourite nail polish brand, KL Polish will be closing its business. This news was announced Feb 6 2019, by KathleenLights on her Youtube channel. You can watch the video for yourself here.

Although Kathleen has not been able to give us any details yet as to why, a lot of us had become concerned recently that this was the direction things were heading in. Constant sales, no birthday polish release, international shipping never coming back, etc. And it appears the rumours are true.

KL Polish has been my favourite formula since I first tried it after purchasing the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 collection. Since then I have purchased every collection, until international shipping was discontinued, although I did manage to get my hands on the Fall 2018 collection. The polishes are fast drying, VERY chip-resistant, have a great brush, and overall the curated collections are unique and beautiful. I am so so sad to lose this awesome formula.

So far, we have not been given a date as to when the company will be shutting down, but if you are in the US and are wanting to stock up before it does, you should get on it sooner rather than later. So here are some of my favourites, which may help inform your shopping decisions!


Matanzas is hands down the most beautiful blue polish I own. It is a metallic ocean blue that has such a beautiful shimmer to it.


St. Clair is also in this pic on the middle finger. Also gorgeous!


1435 is a very unique muted navy blue. I love this colour glossy, but absolutely love it matte!

edit_1435 3

Cozy in There? Is also in these pics as the base for the umbrella nail on the ring finger.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a stunning blue green metallic that has a ton of dimension. It looks different in different lighting, more blue in some, more green in others. But it is drool-worthy regardless.



Mojito is a really stunning emerald green creme that is actually quite unique. There aren’t a ton of greens out there, and this is one of my personal favourites.



Chloe is also a unique green, but this time an army or khaki green! I absolutely love this shade during Fall.


Oh look, another unique green! Medusa is a really special green to gold duochrome that looks quite different depending on the lighting. Regardless, the metallic-ness of it is incredible!

edit_medusa 3.jpg


Ace is hands down the best true, bright red out there. It is my go-to whenever a red creme is called for in a mani! I’m sorry I don’t have an example of it glossy!


Mojito is the green in this mani as well.

South Peach

South Peach is the loveliest light peach shade and is so perfect for Spring! I am looking forward to wearing it a ton this next season!


Charmed is a very cool lavender with a strong blue shift. It is more on the sheer side so you may prefer it with another shade underneath. In this picture I have Dream Boy as a base, with Charmed on top.


Casino Night

Unfortunately I don’t have a full manicure with Casino Night to show you, but I have very often used it as a feature nail. This is the best kind of gold sparkly polish. It has a variety of holographic glitters in it, making it shine from every angle. You can also see it in the Chloe picture I have above too.


Well, I think those are most of my favourite KL Polishes. There are certainly more, as I pretty much love every single shade I own. To see more swatches from some of their full collections or other shades, you can check out my other posts. As you can see, I have featured KL Polish a lot on my Instagram and blog. That is a true testament to how much I love these polishes.









sign off 2019.png

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13 thoughts on “KL Polish is closing down | My thoughts and swatches to help inform your last purchase before it does!

  1. omg all the shades you have are so gorgeous, I can’t believe they’re shutting down and have no international shipping anymore, ahhhh how annoying as id been interested in purchasing some shades for a while!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is really hard to believe! Because their product is so good and they have been seemingly so successful, it’s hard to understand! It is definitely very unfortunate for those of us that are international too 😦

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I do like to feature manis a lot on my insta 😛 I have so many pretty KL Polish shades, and I agree those are some of the best! I definitely want to paint my nails with that lavender again soon!


    1. I know, I’m really hoping that we get the story one day. Moreover, I’m hoping KL Polish can come BACK one day! It’s a great product, there’s no reason why the company shouldn’t succeed but it sounds like there were issues behind the scenes with the other owner(s).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so upset that KL Polish is shutting down! If I knew earlier I would have placed another order for my In-laws to bring back for me but they leave next week and it won’t arrive in time 😦
    My favorites are Ocean Drive, Jane & Scorpio!

    I hope she releases more info soon about why there closing 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knowww!! Ugh that sucks! Scorpio is on it’s way to me! I’m hoping for more info too, I’m not sure why she thinks she will be able to give it to us in the future if she can’t now, but we shall see. I’m ultimately hoping KL Polish will be able to come back one day!


      1. It’s so strange that the shutdown is happening like this with no word as to why. We’re all dying to know what happened! I hope that maybe she can relaunch one day independently, I loved her polishes.


  3. Oh no!! I can’t believe they are shutting down before I even got a chance to try it. I’m too paranoid to order from them now in case things go wrong & there will be no more way to contact them.

    Liked by 1 person

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