January Fave Five

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I just wanted to share with you some products I have been loving lately! More specifically, products that I was using non-stop throughout January!


Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Alright, I know I’ve mentioned this palette plenty of times lately, but I would be remiss to not include it since it has easily been my most used palette this last month!

I have really been enjoying creating simple, soft looks with this palette. The pigmentation is good, and the shade selection is even better. I love the pinks, peaches and berries in this palette! While I said in my original review that I think this palette performs best with an unset/tacky base, I’ve been using it all month on a set base and it still works perfectly well! You just don’t achieve quite as much depth, which is just fine for softer looks!



Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam Highlight Palette

This is a goody that I recently dug out of my collection when I came across it during my inventory! This is a really beautiful and smooth highlighter formula with a nice variety of shades. I didn’t use it all summer when I was tan, and now that I’m lighter, the paler shades work well for me again. I just love the formula.

Although this palette was a limited edition collaboration, I still had to mention it, just in case you have it too! This palette does leave me wondering though why UD doesn’t have better highlighters in their main line though. No one ever talks about their highlighters and half the stuff they release is full of chunky glitter…



beauty beam swatches.jpg

Benefit GALifornia Blush

This has been my favourite blush for a long time, but I had been giving it a break during the Fall, reaching instead for warmer, more peachy blushes. Well now that the New Year has come and with Spring just around the corner, I was so glad to bring this back into rotation. This pink-coral shade just adds the most beautiful colour to the cheeks. It is probably still my favourite blush out there!



galifornia swatch.jpg

Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot “Top Yacht”

Now these, I have definitely featured before. The Tarte Chrome Paints are some of the most metallic shadows out there, and I totally love them. I’ve actually probably never used them more than I did in January, because I have been leaning towards softer looks with a metallic pop in the center of the lid.

Usually I wear liquid eyeliner every day, but I have been less and less, on work days at least, because I’m too tired in the morning to do anything detailed. I actually find these shadows annoying to wear with liquid liner, because the level of metallic-ness is kind of hard to cover up with the liner. So since I’ve been wearing winged liner less and less, I’ve been reaching for these more and more! I can only hope that they will expand their shade selection to include more colourful shades! Can you imagine blues and purples in this formula?!!



tarte swatch.jpg

Pat McGrath Labs Mini LUST: Gloss™ Trio Warm “Flesh Fantasy”

This last month when I saw that Pat McGrath was releasing minis of her lipglosses, I knew I had to get them. I actually stayed up until midnight to order these off of Sephora as soon as they were released. And I have not been disappointed!

My favourite shade of the warm trio has definitely been Flesh Fantasy. It is the perfect nude gloss. These glosses have a good level of pigmentation, and they might be the most hydrating gloss formula, ever? There’s something special about their lasting power. Yes, when you drink some of the pigment transfers away, but a hydrating layer always seems to be left over on your lips! Also, the scent is to die for. Very much like butter cream icing or something. Not too sweet, but definitely delicious.



pmg swatch

Well that’s it for my January Fave Five!

What were your favourite products of the month? Have you tried any of these? Comment down below!

sign off 2019.png

15 thoughts on “January Fave Five

    1. They are both really high quality products, I think you’ll love them! They are both expensive, but from the amount of use I’ve gotten out of them so far, they are very worth it!


    1. It might be my new favourite gloss formula, which is unfortunate considering the price. But at least they have the mini set! I think that that is really awesome


    1. I find I always shop my stash a bit more when seasons are changing (I thought Spring was coming but apparently not)! Regardless, I am still excitedly anticipating Spring!!!


      1. Yeah we’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow and Monday. Snow at all is unusual for us! We got at least a couple cm yesterday and it’s been crazy windy. Overall, no sign of Spring anymore lol.


  1. My favorite highlighter is actually from UD’s main line! The Illuminated in Lit. It does have some glitter in it though I wouldn’t call it chunky. 😝 The blush packaging is so cute & I totally agree that Tarte should create more fun colors for those pots!

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