Palette Roulette | Ace Beaute Grandoise

Hey everyone! After a very long break, almost a year, I am bringing back my series
Palette Roulette, where I randomly select one eyeshadow palette to concentrate on using for two weeks. I have found in the past that this is a great way to rotate through palettes that don’t normally see much use and that have been forgotten among the sea of constant new releases.

For each Palette Roulette, I create 4-7 looks from that randomly selected palette. I will share these looks with you, tell you which shades I used and where, and my overall thoughts on that palette.

If you have missed any of my past Palette Roulettes, you can check them out here!

To start off the relaunch of Palette Roulette, the Ace Beaute Grandoise palette was selected! This is a pretty new palette to my collection that recently came in BoxyCharm. While I’m not actually signed up for BoxyCharm anymore, a lot of people in my area are and often sell items that they don’t want through a used item app I use. So I snapped this up new and unused at a bargain!




When I saw the colour story of this palette, I thought it might be a good way to give the brand a try. I have been interested in Ace Beaute for a while, but their palettes are on the pricier side, plus the exchange from USD to CAD is ridiculous right now. So here was my chance!

This palette includes 4 matte shades, 3 shimmers/metallics and one satin. 


And here are some looks with the palette!



Shades Used
Clove: Crease. This is a beautiful bright orange matte shade that builds up nicely! As you will see in all of my looks, I pretty much always used this shade.
Patchouli: Transition. This is a light yellow/cream matte that is perfect for blending out the upper edges of the crease.
Cinnamon: Lid. This is a medium brown that works well in the crease or on the lid. It’s perhaps not as deep as I would like, but it’s good for adding a little dimension.
Jasmine: Center of the lid and inner corner. This is a nice light shimmer. In this look I applied it on top of concealer to increase impact.



Shades Used
Clove: Crease.
Patchouli: Transition.
Cinnamon: Crease and outer corner.
Myrtle: Lid. This is easily the prettiest metallic in the palette. It is such a delicious amber shade.
Jasmine: Inner corner.



Shades Used
Clove: Crease.
Patchouli: Transition.
Poppy: Crease. This is a deeper matte red that perhaps didn’t deepen things as much as I would have liked. But it certainly added more red to the look!
Rose: Lid. This is a surprisingly impactful red with a satin finish. It is so pigmented! I did apply it over concealer, but I was regardless impressed with this shade! It’s so rare to get true reds in palettes.
Myrtle: Center of the lid.
Jasmine: Inner corner.



Shades Used
Clove: Crease.
Patchouli: Transition.
Cinnamon: Crease and outer corner.
Primerose: Lid. This is kind of a basic bronze shade. I see how it fits into this palette but I’m not entirely sure it was necessary given the really nice Myrtle shade. Also they spelled Primrose wrong. There’s no such thing as a “primerose” lol.
Jasmine: Inner corner.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I definitely think this is a nice palette. It has a good range of go-to shades with some reds to add a little spin on things. All of the shadows performed well, however I was a little disappointed with the amount of depth I was able to build, or lack thereof.

Have you tried Ace Beaute shadows before? I am super interested in their Flair palette! It looks so beautiful!

sign off 2019

15 thoughts on “Palette Roulette | Ace Beaute Grandoise

  1. I have this palette and struggle to know what to do with it. Thank you! You are really helping me out here, I’ll have to try some of these looks. When I do use the palette I get great compliments but I just am not great and figuring out HOW to use it to create more than one look.

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  2. The shades in this palette are so pretty, I feel like this would be the perfect palette for me as there are nice neutral shades, as well as some more colourful shades like the pink and the deep purple! The looks you created were so beautiful as well, I’m really interested in buying this!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The palette roulette is a great idea! I only have a few palettes I normally use while the rest are sitting in a drawer. It would be great to use the others as well!
    I haven’t tried any makeup from Ace Beaute, but this palette is gorgeous & I love the looks you came up with especially the 3rd one! ❤

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  4. Yay palette roulette is back!! This is one of my favourite series on your blog.
    This palette looks really pretty but I can see what you mean about not being able to create much depth. I think that brown shade needs to be a bit darker. Oh well, the looks you created are still beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw that’s so nice to hear! It’s a series that takes a lot of work, which is why I’ve now made it be every two weeks.
      I definitely still like this palette, and it’s not like I can’t just use a deeper brown from another palette if I need to!

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      1. Posts with makeup looks always take the longest! I can usually only manage one eye shadow palette review a week. Yes that’s true! I sometimes forget that we don’t have to use exclusively what’s in a palette.

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