Best Beauty Releases 2018

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today, I’m not really so happy because I am the sickest I have ever been in the last two years. I have been sick three times in the last three months, and this time is the worst by far. When will it ever end?! I hope you are keeping healthy at least!

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite beauty releases of 2018. As we all know, there were a TON of releases last year, so many that it was incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to keep up! Of the sea of releases though, a few products really shone in comparison to the rest, and I’m going to share my thoughts on them for you now!


Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick

If there’s one product that rocked my world in 2018, it’s the Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Sticks. I’m not sure what it was about these boujie cream highlighters that made me pick one up, but I couldn’t be more glad that I did. They apply perfectly on top of powder, which is a must have for me, and don’t move around any products you have underneath. The glow can be natural, or built up to be blinding, and they have a great selection of shades. My favourite shade is Champagne Flash, the perfect light gold for every day. These highlighters are best applied with a damp sponge. Perfection! You can read my more detailed original review here.


hourglass closeup
Left to right: Rose Gold Flash, Pink Flash, Champagne Flash
hourglass swatches
The highlighters are of course less pigmented when applied with a sponge and give you a beautiful sheen.

Becca Glow Gloss

My favourite lip product release of the year was definitely the Becca Glow Glosses. The formula of these glosses is great: not too thin, not too thick, not sticky and really quite hydrating. The best part of this story is that they have great pigmentation, but can be worn more sheer if you prefer, and almost all of the shades have a subtle pearl effect. What really tells you that I like these is that I own 5 full-sized shades, and I even forgot when taking these pictures that I own four more mini’s from the Chrissy Teigen Lip Icing Holiday Set! My favourite shade out of all of them is Rose Gold, a more brown nude. But the shades Snapdragon and Tigerlily are extremely gorgeous for Spring and Summer! For my original review, check it out here!


glosses 2

gloss swatches

Colourpop Dream St. Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

If you are a consistent reader, you will know that I am an eyeshadow person. Eyeshadow is my favourite thing to purchase, play with, and review. I love the creativity of creating new eye looks and testing out new formulas.

But when it comes to the palette that I have used the most consistently throughout the year, it is hands down the Colourpop Dream St. Palette. Every time I went travelling, this palette came with me; every time I needed to do a quick no-fail look, it was with this palette; when I wanted to do something stunning whether it be neutral or colourful, my hand immediate reached for this one. I think I can say at this point that the Colourpop eyeshadow formula is my favourite on the market. Even if you take price and value away from the decision, I think Colourpop is still my favourite, so that should tell you a lot. Furthermore, I am seriously considering getting a back up of this palette, which is something that I have never done… Need I say more? Check out my original review here.

After writing this post, I realized that this palette was actually launched in December of 2017…. But I just had to include it since it was my most used palette of the year, and technically I didn’t get it until 2018.. Hope you will forgive me! 😛

dream st

dream st open

Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette

Even though I have purchased this palette more recently, I am continually blown away by it’s beauty and reach for it almost daily. This is a palette that I can see getting use throughout the year, and is definitely my go-to when I am doing more subdued looks. But, if you are looking for high impact berry looks, this palette can deliver on that too! Most of all, I love the variety of textures this palette includes, and that it simultaneously has so many mattes to really ground looks. Overall, even though it is expensive, I think this palette is a total winner and I can’t wait to wear it all Winter and Spring! See my original review with a bunch of eye looks here.

huda new nude

huda new nude open

Becca Gradient Sunlit Bronzer

Bronzer is another makeup product that I find I am continually drawn to. It’s funny, because I didn’t even know bronzer existed until about two years ago, and now I can’t get enough.

The best bronzer release of this year was hands down the Becca Gradient Sunlit Bronzers. Two shades of these bronzers was released, Sunrise Waves, a more golden bronzer, and Sunset Waves, a deeper more red-toned bronzer. Each bronzer included multiple strips of shades from the existing Becca bronzer line, plus strips of one shade from their pressed highlighter line.

I absolutely love the simultaneous bronze and glow that these compacts give, and the mixture of shades really allows the bronzer to match you, regardless of your undertone. These bronzers are also extremely blendable, making them the perfect addition to your complexion routine. Unfortunately these bronzers were LE, but I am hoping that they will bring them back, or that you have already gotten your hands on one shade or another. Regardless, if you did miss out, you can always give Becca’s regular bronzer line a try. And if you have one of their highlighters, try dipping in the bronzer and in the highlighter to give yourself a similar bronze-y glow look! Check out my original review here.


becca open

becca swatches

Smith #104 Fan Brush

This Smith fan brush was a goodie that I picked up when I was at IMATS 2018 in Vancouver. At that event I really made it my mission to pick up more brushes from brands that I had been wanting to try, and Smith Cosmetics was one of them. Well lucky me, Smith was offering exclusive access to their newest line of face brushes at IMATS before they released, and this fan brush was one of them!

This goat hair fan brush is designed to apply intense highlighters in a more diffused way, helping you avoid the unfortunate stripe look. I truly think different highlighter formulas need different brushes, and this brush just works so well for the types of highlighters that don’t need to be packed on. I find that I love this brush the most for ABH and Fenty Killawatt highlighters. You can still have a beaming highlight with this brush, it just builds up more gracefully, which I love, and has truly changed my highlighting game. Highlighters that I used to be unsure about, I now love!


smith close
Sorry, I didn’t bother washing the brush for these photos!

Well, those are all my top product releases for 2018! There are always so many products to choose from, but these were definitely my favourites from the year!

What was your favourite product release from 2018?

sign off 2019

14 thoughts on “Best Beauty Releases 2018

    1. If I had to choose one… and it would be hard…it would probably be the Hourglass highlighters! So they should be first on your list! It’s too bad they are so pricey, but I truly think they are worth it!


      1. The Fenty glosses are one of my favourite formulas!! I love the original shade, but also have Fu$$y and it is pretty! I prefer the original shade because it has a bit more of a tint, whereas Fu$$y just looks like a clear gloss on my lips. But they both have an incredible shine and a comfy, hydrating formula!

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