Sephora Collection Glitter Pots | Holiday 2018 | Review, Swatches and Eye Looks!

Hello everyone! Today I have what I think is a super exciting review. I think to a lot of people, this product might not be appealing, but because of certain circumstances, could be an awesome buy for many!

Ever since Anastasia Beverly Hills released their new loose glitters, I had been wishing for a smaller value pack that included many shades. I don’t know about you but I am just not a common glitter user, even when it’s in the user-friendly medium of a liquid eyeshadow. So because of that, buying a large jar isn’t all that appealing to me. I would much rather get a variety of shades in smaller amounts.

Well Sephora did was ABH didn’t by releasing the Glitter Pots for the Holiday 2018 Season. As soon as I saw this kit, I knew I was interested. AND THEN IT WENT ON SALE FOR HALF PRICE! I immediately picked it up in store, and now I am of the opinion that this is the best fun holiday buy you will find this season. Need help getting ready for New Years? Look no further.

Packaging and First Impressions

These mini glitters come in a cute navy blue display box. Inside, each glitter comes in a plastic tube with a sifter cap, plus the additional black cap. I definitely appreciate when glitters and pigments have sifters to help you avoid dumping it everywhere. Sometimes sifters, however, can do too good of a job and block the product, but these glitters pour easily.

This set includes four shades, a gold, silver, pink and a green mixed with iridescent.




What it is:
A mini set of four loose micro-glitter vials.

What it does:
Add a dash of glitter to your look this holiday season with Fairy Dust Glitter Eye Poppers, a set of mini loose glitter vials in four festive shades. This loose glitter is available in four wearable yet festive shades. It’s that time of year to add a little sparkle to your look.


Disco Ball: Gold
Emerald Envy: Green
Silver Bells: Silver
Pink Champagne: Rose Gold

Price and Quantity

This glitter set is priced at $17 CAD ($14 USD) but is currently on sale for $9 CAD ($7 USD)!! Does it get better than that price?! Each pot has 0.06 oz of product. Just to give you an idea of how prices and product amounts compare across standard glitters, here is a comparison list of singles. There really aren’t a lot of glitter sets out here (however, I’ve included one from MAC in the comparison), so the variety that you get in this kit is awesome.

Here are the comparisons listed from best value to worst value:

Rank Product  Cost
($ CAD) 
Quantity (oz) Cost-Quantity Ratio for 1 oz of product
1 Sephora Collection Glitter Pots (Sale Price) 9 0.24 $38/oz
2 Sephora Collection Glitter Pots (Regular Price) 17 0.24 $71/oz
3 Make Up For Ever Glitters 15 0.14 $107/oz
4 Make Up For Ever Star Lit Glitters 25 0.23 $109/oz
5 MAC Shiny Pretty Things Party Favours Mini Glitter & Pigments 35.5 0.32 $111/oz
6 Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter 22 0.19 $116/oz
7 MAC Glitter 26 0.15 $173/oz

The value of this set is incredible!!! If you have ever been interested in branching out into loose glitter for festive looks, now is the time!


Overall, I don’t think there is much to evaluate when it comes to glitters, other than whether they are milled small enough, and if they work well with a glitter glue. These glitters satisfy both of those requirements!

I would definitely classify these as microglitters. They are quite small, but do a great job of reflecting light.

As for the shades included in this kit, all are solid shades except for Emerald Envy, which is a mix of green and iridescent glitters. At first I was concerned about this because I was worried that it would dilute the green effect, but in fact it just added more dimension to the look I created! In the shade descriptions, Pink Champagne is described as a rose gold, which I think is entirely incorrect. This is just a straight pink, which is fine! As a rose gold lover though, I am frankly offended that they would try to trick us in this way… Just kidding, even before purchasing I could clearly see it was a straight pink. Think how fun that will be for Valentine’s day and spring looks!

close up

As for their performance, I found that they stuck to the NYX Glitter Glue really well and I literally got no fallout throughout the day. Of course you will get fallout during application, that is just unavoidable. So doing your eye makeup before your face makeup is integral. I think a lot of people stay away from loose glitter because it is “so messy”. I really don’t think these glitters require much more effort than doing a cut crease look with a metallic shadow. You simply set up your crease, add a lid shade if you want a base, tap on some glitter glue and then tap on some glitter. The end result is well worth it, even if you do think there are too many steps.

Lastly, I noticed very minimal creasing. Glitter is really always going to crease, since it is larger than finely milled pigments etc. But I found the creasing was a LOT less noticeable than it was in my Huda Beauty New Nude looks. So these glitters might be a bit smaller.

Below are the shades pressed on to a NYX Glitter Glue base. You will see in my eye looks that they can be built up to be quite opaque too.


Here are two eye looks using the glitters! In the first I used Disco Ball, and in the second Emerald Envy.

This was my holiday glam look for the last day of the #12daysofinstagramas challange on instagram. What is more glam than a winter flower crown? This was my look on Christmas Eve!






I love that the iridescent glitters look slightly blue over a green base! Definitely adds more dimension to the look.

Final Thoughts

I truly think that this is the best holiday buy this season. The variety and value you get is amazing, which I think is especially important for products that you might not use all the time. When is there a better time to buy and wear glitters than now? If you are looking to add an extra touch to your New Years look, look no further!

Have you been thinking about getting into glitters, or already love them? I think they are a super fun touch, and are going to become more popular over this next year. Which shade is your favourite? And do you have plans for New Years Eve?

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3 thoughts on “Sephora Collection Glitter Pots | Holiday 2018 | Review, Swatches and Eye Looks!

  1. I didn’t even know that Sephora had these little glitters! They look awesome in the looks you did with them. I just told myself I would do a no-buy until the end of January so I have to stick to it, but it I wasn’t I would pick these up. Great review!

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    1. Thank you!! Maybe they will still be around when you are done your no buy! Also I’m crying over how late I’m responding to comments right now 😥 How did it go so long lol.


      1. I hope so, I think it’s going to extend into March. Longest No-buy I’ve ever done!
        I’ve been getting behind on so many comments too, I keep putting them off and then before I know it I haven’t replied to anyone in a week. Oops!

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