Becca X Chrissy Teigen Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit | Holiday 2018 | Swatches + Review

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, or are at least having a very happy holiday season! I actually had a pretty great Christmas! And now to relax a little bit…

What’s more relaxing and fun than makeup and new holiday sets? When this lipgloss set first released I had my eye on it, but I wasn’t convinced I NEEDED it, especially since it was priced at $35 CAD. I already own 5 of the Becca Glow Glosses, and they are awesome, but that means I didn’t necessarily need 4 more minis… Well, I spotted this in store at Sephora on sale for $23 CAD, and that was enough to make me snatch it up immediately. So let’s get into this review!

Packaging and First Impressions

This lip gloss set comes in a gorgeous gold window box. Each lipgloss comes in a tube that is a mini likeness of the original Becca Glow Glosses, except they have gold detailing, gold caps and Chrissy’s signature.

There are two things that I find annoying about the design of the Becca Glow Glosses, and these design flaws have definitely carried over to the minis:

  1. The bottoms of the tubes are rounded so you can’t stand them up, and the top isn’t flat either. So I just find that a little non-functional because apparently I stand up my lipglosses a lot when I’m using them lol. Minor, but annoying for me
  2. The doefoot is angled, thin and cylindrical with a slightly flattened bottom. I honestly hate this doefoot. It really doesn’t hold any product, so you have to dip in 3-5 times to actually get decent coverage on your lips. And it’s even worse in these minis because it’s even smaller!

Regardless, both of these flaws are minor and clearly it hasn’t stopped me from purchasing these glosses (full-sized or mini), using them, and loving them. Just some notes I have lol. These glosses have a light vanilla scent.



overall open


“A limited-edition Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit created in collaboration with BECCA Glow Queen, Chrissy Teigen, featuring 4 brand-new, delicious shades inspired by Chrissy’s ultimate holiday cravings. Drench your lips in light, colour and a sweet vanilla scent – packaged in a clutch-friendly size to create sweet, kissable lips everywhere you go.”


Creme Brulee: A sheer, sweet pink with iridescent pearl
Cinnamon Bun: A delicious bronze with golden pearl
Sugar Plum: A sugary mauve with golden pearl
Candy Cane: A sugar-coated, luscious red with white pearl

up close

Price and Quantity

This lipgloss set is priced at $35 CAD ($29 USD) but is currently on sale for $23 CAD ($19 USD), which is why I jumped on it! I can’t see it on the Sephora website anymore, but I just picked it up a few days ago in store at Sephora, so it is still around. Each gloss has 0.09 oz of product, so the kit has 0.36 oz in total.

The regular full-size Becca Glow Lip Glosses are priced at $27 CAD ($22 USD) have 0.18 oz of product, so that gives you some indication of the value of this kit!

Pigmentation and Performance


Overall, this is a great little lip gloss set that gives you a great range of shades and levels of pigmentation.

Creme Brulee is very sheer and works best when used as a lipstick topper. It gives you a little sparkle, but doesn’t change the colour. Both Cinnamon Bun and Sugar Plum have semi-sheer pigmentation, with more of a metallic finish. Surprisingly though, I find the metallic finish to be really quite wearable, likely because it is semi-sheer. Cinnamon Bun is a gorgeous bronze that I can see myself wearing year-round, but especially in the Summer and Fall. Whereas, Sugar Plum is more of a berry/mauve. In the lip swatch you can see that some of the pigmentation sank into the lines in my lips for some reason. This really wasn’t noticeable in person, but I haven’t had that happen with a Becca gloss before so that was an interesting result to note. Lastly, Candy Cane is an INSANELY pigmented red creme gloss that leans on the orange side. All of the Becca glosses up until now have all had a micropearl, but this one is a straight creme, although they describe it as having a pearl (it really doesn’t look that way at all). I CANNOT believe the opacity of this gloss!


creme brulee
Creme Brulee
cinnamon bun
Cinnamon Bun
sugar plum
Sugar Plum
candy cane
Candy Cane

In terms of the formula, these glosses are great! I already own about 5 shades, so clearly getting this set was a no-brainer for me. These glosses have just the right viscosity and are a good middle ground between being too thick and too thin: they adhere to your lips pretty well when drinking, while still being comfortable and non-sticky. One of the best parts is that these glosses wear down really evenly, and some of the pigment stays on your lips. Even the metallics wear down well, can you believe it?

Although this formula has peppermint oil in it, I really don’t notice any tingling upon application, for those of you who do not like that. And I do agree with the claim that these glosses are hydrating! They are very comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am a big fan of these lipglosses, and this set is a great deal, especially when on sale! It truly has something for everyone.

Have you tried these glosses? What holiday sets have you picked up this season?

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11 thoughts on “Becca X Chrissy Teigen Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit | Holiday 2018 | Swatches + Review

  1. Wow, what beautiful glosses! And they’re all so wearable as well. I haven’t tried the Becca formula yet, but I’m just starting to get back into glosses again. I was fervently anti-gloss for years but the formulas have come a long way since I was teenager. That red shade, like you said, is really amazing! Do you find it moves around though since it’s not matte?

    By the way, I included one of your earlier posts in my 2018 favorites list today! If you wanna check it out, go here: https//

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now is the time to embrace glosses! And the formulas really keep getting better and better. I don’t find the gloss moves around too much, but I never really have an issue with colours moving out of my lip line with drinking etc. I would probably be extra cautious when eating though.
      Thank you so much!! I will definitely check that out ASAP. I have fallen so behind with reading blog posts so I am excited to catch up with what everyone has been doing!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I would say that the formula of these glosses is even better than those toppers! So you should definitely look into them. My favourite shade out of the whole line is Rose Gold. I think in this set the shade Cinnamon Bun is my favourite too!


  2. I HATE when lip glosses have rounded bottoms! I have a little mirror tray that I stand up a lot of my products on and it’s frustrating when I can’t stand things up properly. Not the end of the world, I don’t have to stand up my lip glosses but I like to display them lol
    The packaging is gorgeous otherwise! I love that this set has a good mix of super pigmented glosses and sheer glosses. That red is stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it doesn’t even bother me so much for display purposes because I use a rack, it’s just when I’m applying them I don’t necessarily want to hold the tube because I might be holding a hand mirror, and so when you put it down it starts rolling away etc. It’s a little gripe but it’s such an unnecessary design flaw.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a stunning set! I was interested in this set when it came out because I’ve been meaning to try the Becca glosses, but didn’t end up getting it because felt like Crème Brulee wouldn’t show up on my lips, and I wouldn’t get much use out of Candy Cane (although it is gorgeous!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with your thoughts entirely, which is why I didn’t get it until it was on sale. $23 isn’t so bad for two glosses I will use a lot, and one or two I will use occasionally, at least in my opinion!

      Liked by 1 person

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