Zoya Holiday Polish Quads | Swatches Galore!

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of a selection of polish quads that Zoya is offering this holiday season! From nudes and brights to vampy metallics, these quads offer a variety of shades between and within the different kits! Even though I’m posting this swatch post too late for you to order and gift these on Christmas day, these quads are still available and will provide you with a great gift that can be given any time of the year. So stock up now before they’re gone!

The best thing about these polish quads is the value. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, these are a great buy because you are basically getting one polish free in each kit. While Zoya polishes are typically priced at $10 USD, these quads are priced at $30 USD each! 


About Zoya

Zoya polishes are 10 free, meaning that they are formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor, THPH, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide or lead. Their polishes are also safe for pregnant women.

My thoughts on the Zoya Formula

Overall, the Zoya formula is a really solid one. The most impressive quality of Zoya nail polishes is the opacity of their lighter cremes. Often “skin-coloured” or lighter cremes require at least two if not three coats to reach full opacity. Zoya’s lighter cremes are almost fully opaque with ONE coat. That is incredible! So clearly the pigment is there. And this rings true for their other shades as well.  In terms of wear, I find that the Zoya formula is chip resistant until you hit around the 4-5 day mark, which is pretty typical, if not a bit better than typical.

In terms of the brush, it is a bit thinner than I would like, but they do now offer a wider brush called the Z-Wide Brush which can be purchased separately for $2 each.

Zoya Holiday Polish Quads

Currently Zoya is offering 11 different nail polish quads that you can choose from and all differ in colour story. While 10 of them are regular polish quads, one is their Naked Manicure kit which is for people who like natural nails but want to colour correct/treat their nails. All of the available quads include full-sized polishes (except in the Naked Manicure kit) and include shades that are available for individual purchase on their website. Today I have 4 of these colour kits and the Naked Manicure kit to show you!


Naked Manicure Women’s Travel Set

This Travel set is priced at $24 USD and includes mini sizes of the Naked Base, the Lavender Perfector, the Pink Perfector and the Glossy Seal Topcoat. These polishes are typically sized at 15 mL, but the minis have half the amount at 7.5 mL.

The Naked Base coat is a pretty typical base coat that is designed to protect your nails from any polish you use. In the Naked Manicure line there are six different shades of Perfectors that are all designed to neutralize unsightly discolouration, smooth ridges and create a natural healthy tone and finish. Each shade is designed to combat a different discolouration issue, and can be layered to give you a custom shade. In this specific kit you get the Lavender Perfector, which is supposed to neutralize yellow discolouration, and the Pink Perfector, which is supposed to brighten and provide a healthy pink glow. Lastly, you also get the Glossy Seal, which again is a pretty standard top coat that adds a glossy shine, but is on the thinner side.

Because the Perfectors have such a slight tint, I didn’t swatch them for you because they just aren’t noticeable enough. But I can attest to the fact that they do help to correct light discolouration. Parts of my nails are quite yellow because I obviously have them constantly painted, and the Perfectors aren’t quite able to battle it, but they certainly help.

naked manicure.jpg

All Snuggled Up Quad

This quad includes the nudes and mauves Shimmer, Mia, Madeline and Joni.

all snuggled up.jpg


Shimmer is a light pink shimmer (never would have guessed) with both gold and silver microglitter. This shade is such a gorgeous and relatively understated nude, and is for someone who wants something glamorous but not too noticeable. This shade is meant to be sheer, but can be built up. Here I have shown it with three coats and it is mostly opaque.






Mia is a light dusty pink with a creme finish. This is a beautiful nude that would be so nice for daily wear. This shade looked best with two coats.






Madeline is a cool-toned muted rose with a creme finish. I absolutely love dusty rose shades like these on my nails. They go with basically everything you wear while still standing out as a really pretty shade. This shade looked best with two coats.






Joni is a dusty thistle purple with a creme finish. This is such a beautiful shade for winter! This shade looked best with two coats.





Merry & Bright Quad

This quad includes the bright pinks and reds Ellie, Mandy, Carmen and Marigold.

merry & bright.jpg


Ellie is a bright fuchsia with a creme finish. I love the vibrancy of this shade! I also think the name of it really channels Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Seems like her kind of shade right? This shade looked best with two coats.






Mandy is a bright fuchsia with a light pink shimmer finish. These are my favourite kind of stand-out pink shades, and I think I will be wearing this one a lot in the spring and summer! This shade looked best with two coats.






Carmen is a bright, slightly warm red with a creme finish. The vibrancy of this red is incredible and such a fun shade for this time of year. I also love reds like this in the summer! And doesn’t the name suit the shade perfectly? This shade looked best with two coats.






Marigold is an orange red with orange microshimmer. This shade is incredibly unique. Even though Zoya says it is more of a red, it really comes across to me in person as more of an orange shimmer. I love how hot this shade is! And what a fun and unique shade for the holidays! This shade looked best with two coats.





All Wrapped Up Quad

This quad includes the reds and berries Vanessa, Ash, Jem and Sam.

all wrapped up.jpg


Vanessa is a dark raspberry with a creme finish. What a delicious shade for Winter! This shade looked best with two coats.






Ash is a magenta with red and gold shimmer. This is definitely my favourite shade out of the All Wrapped Up Quad. I wore this for my MSc graduation in November with a matching magenta crushed velvet dress and the combo was killer! This shade looked best with two coats.






Jem is a deep plum with a shimmer finish. Usually when I wear a vampy shade it is a creme, so this metallic is a great alternative! This shade looked best with two coats.






Sam is a deep burgundy with brown undertones and a creme finish. This is one of my favourite kinds of shades to wear in the Fall and Winter. This shade looked best with two coats.





Happy Holo-Days Quad

This quad includes the deep blues and purples Dream, Payton, Ryan and Lael.

happy holo days.jpg


Dream is a deep multi-dimensional blue metallic. This shade is actually supposed to be holographic, and when you are applying it it does look like there are holographic sparkles, however, I believe the base pigment is too strong for the holographic colours to shine through properly. The result is a very multi-dimensional deep blue with a lot of depth to it with green and blue reflects. It’s stunning and gorgeous, but the end result is not holographic. This shade looked best with two coats.






Payton is a deep multi-dimensional purple metallic. Much the same can be said about this shade as for Dream, except this shade has pink and purple reflects. Again, it has a lot of depth and is stunning, but the end result is not holographic. This shade looked best with two coats.





Because metallics like this can never be done justice with indoor lighting, here is a shot of both Dream and Payton in direct sunlight. They look better yet in person.



Ryan is a deep indigo blue with a creme finish. I am totally loving this shade. I have nothing like it in my collection already and I really do think it is a must have for the Winter season! This shade looked best with two coats.






Lael is a deep grape with a creme finish. This shade is very similar to Leighton from the Fall 2018 Element collection, although they are slightly different. This shade looked best with two coats.





Thoughts on these quads

Overall, I love the variety of quads they have made available for this holiday season. They are all very curated and can be directed easily at the different nail polish lovers in your life! For those who love nudes, the All Snuggled Up quad gives them everything they need and more! For the fun, center of the party person you have the Merry & Bright Quad. For those who love deeper and more moody shades, the All Wrapped Up quad is perfect. As per usual, I found that all of the shades applied very smoothly and had a great level of opacity, similar to past Zoya releases. I also found that they wore well for 4-5 days before any chipping occurred.

If you are interested in any of these shades, make sure you check out the full quad selection here on the Zoya website!

Loving these swatches? Check out swatches of Zoya’s Jubilee Holiday 2018 collection here!


Have you tried out the Zoya formula? What is your favourite quad from the ones I swatched? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

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9 thoughts on “Zoya Holiday Polish Quads | Swatches Galore!

    1. I don’t think they shop outside the US and Canada unfortunately! I hate how hard it is to ship nail polish! It’s so frustrating! There are certain companies that are specifically out there to source hard to get nail polish brands and ship it internationally, like Harlow &Co but I don’t think they carry Zoya.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 🙂 No, I’ve never used ZOYA before. But it’s definitely a brand I will try.
    I especially like the purples you’re showing in the post.

    May I ask what kind of camera you’re using? I need to get a new one in due course and I’m looking for something I can take good close-ups with. Thank you!

    Happy Holidays!
    Claudia 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They have such a huge shade selection so it’s definitely a fun brand to try! And they have super unique finishes too!

      I actually just use my iPhone 7 to take all my photos. For the up close macro shots I have a clip on macro lens that came in a $15 set from amazon!


  2. Great post! I had these quads as part of my gift guide because they’re such a great deal.

    I love and appreciate your swatches. One frustrating thing I find from buying from Zoya is that when I look up nail swatches, the same shade looks different across different blogs, so it’s always nice to see more swatches for comparison. I don’t know which set I would choose, they’re all gorgeous!

    For some reason, I find that Zoya doesn’t wear as long on me as other brands – I get 3-4 days wear before it chips, whereas with other brands I get about 5-7 days. I still buy from them every once in a while though, because their colour selection is so wide!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome! It’s crazy how different nail polish shades can look depending on the lighting. I do my best to make sure I’m editing my photos so that the swatches look as close to how they look in person, which is made easier since I have swatch sticks of each shade for reference. I think sometimes people sacrifice the shade accuracy to get a nicer looking photo, or they forget how the shade looks by the time they are editing. And that happens to me too, which is why having swatch sticks with all the shades is so handy.

      The wear of Zoya polishes definitely depends on the finish, which I really should add to my review. The metallics adhere really well, and perhaps the mattes chip more quickly. All depends on your nails though! And the nail shape. I’ve specifically filed my nails in the shape I have to reduce chipping and bending of the nails. It’s always the outer edges of your nails that bend and chip first, which is why I have eliminated them with the almond shape!


    1. They are apparently stocked in salons internationally but I’ve never seen any in person. But you can easily order them online and the shipping isn’t too bad. I think those are my favourite quads as well, but it’s hard to choose! There are also some other really nice ones that I wasn’t sent so I might pick them up!


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