Eye Look of the Week | Suva Beauty Saffron

Hello everyone! After an unexpected week off I am back with an eye look for you!

If you read my IMATS Vancouver 2018 Haul post, you will know that I took that opportunity to try out some new brands. One of them was Suva Beauty, a brand local to me, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. At IMATS I had the pleasure of viewing a demo done by the brand owner, Shaina Azad, which showcased some of their different products. Most of you will likely have realized that I am a sucker for eyeshadow palettes, and I instantly fell in love with the colour selection in the Saffron Palette!


suva palette

suva palette 2





To accomplish this look I used the following shades:

  1. I created this look using the reverse blending method with my eyeshadow primer left tacky. I first applied Cinnamon to the crease, outer corner and lower lash line. This shade turned out to be a much more vibrant red than I thought it would be, but it blended and faded really beautifully.
  2. I then deepened the outer corner with Clove. This cooler deep brown certainly added some depth, but it didn’t necessarily build as much as I wanted it to on top of Cinnamon.
  3. I cut the crease with a white concealer and applied the shade Tumeric to the inner third of the lid. This is such a beautiful true gold metallic shade. This shade applied beautifully with my finger and a brush!
  4. I then added Saffron to the center of the lid. The metallics in this palette are something special. I love their smooth texture and the fact that they can be picked up with a brush!
  5. To finish off the look I added Coriander to the inner corner.

So far, I am very happy with this Suva Beauty palette. For my first venture into this brand, I am really impressed and excited to explore more of their products in the future!

What is your favourite smaller indie brand right now? Have you tried Suva Beauty?

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