Remembrance Day Mani

Hello everyone! In honour of Remembrance Day I have of course created another themed mani. In past year’s I have done actual poppy nails, but I knew I was going to be travelling this weekend so I opted for something slightly more simple. But you know I always like to go glam.



  1. For this manicure, I started by applying my favourite base coat, Orly Bonder, to all of my nails.
  2. I painted all of my nails with a black polish (Sally Hansen Blacky O). I then topped them off with a red and black sparkly polish, China Glaze Louboutin Heels. This is a gorgeous polish that I absolutely love for Fall, but the base isn’t as black as it could be, which is why I started off with black nails.
  3. To speed up the drying process I applied a fast drying top coat to all of my nails (Seche Bite Dry Fast Top Coat).
  4. After letting my nails dry completely (hours), I used the La Paloma Boutique Single Triangle nail vinyls on all of my nails. After applying the stencil and making sure that it was pressed down firmly, I filled in each stencil with two red sparkly polishes layered over each other, CND Crimson Like it Hot and China Glaze Ruby Pumps. After filling in the vinyl, I removed it immediately before the polish set.
  5. I then applied a top coat to all of my nails (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat) after ensuring the red triangles were dried.

Even though I created this manicure specifically for Remembrance day, it would totally work for any occasion, as it is really easy for you to switch up the colour combination. As it is, this is also a great Fall mani!

What are you doing today to remember?

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