Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Review, Swatches and 6 Eye Looks

Hey everyone! Welcome to my most expedited review yet! I just purchased this palette on Friday, but I know so many people are curious to see how it is since it just released on Thursday! Now, expedited isn’t to say that I haven’t thoroughly tested out this palette. I have used different techniques and ALL 18 shades to create six different looks for you. So what are you waiting for? Read on to see how it is!

Packaging and First Impressions

This palette comes in a hard plastic semi-sheer box with pink and gold detailing. The front of the palette itself features a bridal-looking photo of Huda with pink holographic text. I love the outer packaging of this palette, it is very nude and pretty, and the holo text adds a special touch. The size of this palette is the same as Desert Dusk and Rose Gold Remastered.

Inside the palette there is a large mirror and 18 shades that lean heavily on the pink to berry side of things, with a few browns that pull more red/berry-ish as well. In this palette there are ten mattes, four duochrome reflective shades, two pressed glitters, one pressed pearl, and a cream concealer base.



edit_palette overview


“Reinventing nude so you can experience it like never before, The New Nude Palette by Huda Beauty is versatile and wearable in equal measure. Delivering infinite possibilities, this unexpected palette encourages you to experiment, empower and express yourself however you please.

The all-in-one eyeshadow palette consists of 18 highly pigmented shades, ranging from flattering mattes to shimmer-drenched hues, and has everything you need to transform your lids. The carefully curated lineup is studded with easy-to-use combinations – from soft berry to dusty copper, and rosy pink to golden taupe tones.

The New Nude Palette boasts a variety of game-changing textures and colors – finally balancing cool and warm tones to complement the best of both worlds. The New Nude Palette includes Ten Highly Pigmented Matte Eyeshadows, formulated with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for butter-like application; Four Reflective Shades, featuring shimmering pearl flecks for a gorgeous duo-chromatic finish; Two Glitter Formulas, infused with innovative silicones for advanced adherence, pigment dispersion and luminosity; One Pressed Pearl, combined with Acacia, Jojoba and Sunflower Wax for a high-shimmer finish that layers effortlessly on top of mattes, adding dreamy depth and dimension; One Concealer Base, for flawless application, and to boost eyeshadow”


Bare: Matte cream
Crave: Reflective peach with light gold sparkles
Play: Matte peach
Lace: Matte lilac
Daydream: Reflective lilac with light pink sparkles
Tickle: Matte mauve pink with a touch of peach? Hard to tell.
Concealed: Cream concealer base
Secret: Matte taupe
Tease: Matte cool deep brown


Fantasy: Reflective berry with hot pink sparkles
Love Bite: Matte deep berry
Spanked: Matte medium mauve
Excite: Red pressed glitter
Infatuated: Pink pressed glitter
Kinky: Deep wine pressed pearl
Raw: Matte red brown
Charmed: Reflective brown with hot pink sparkles
Teddy: Matte warm light brown

edit_right side of palette.jpg

Price and Quantity

This palette is priced at $85 CAD ($65 USD) and has 0.59 oz of product. For a value comparison to other palettes, check out my Wow! or Waste? on this palette!

Pigmentation and Performance

After creating six looks with this palette, I have to say that I am really enjoying it. Before purchasing I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to create looks with much depth. But I decided that either way, I was going to be able to create some pretty looks, even if they were lighter. Overall, this palette is easy to work with, the shades are pigmented, and the colour selection gives you something to play with every day.

Upon swatching these shades, it was immediately clear that they definitely have pigment, and that’s true on the eye as well. I found that all of the shades showed up true to colour and depth on the eye, with the exception of the more brown shades. I found that the browns seemed to pull more red which was surprising since some of them look so cool in the pan.


As for the different formulas, all of them performed well. The matte shades in this palette seemed much creamier than they have in the past, which is nice. I own Desert Dusk for example, and in that palette the mattes are very dry and dusty. This doesn’t seem to impact the quality, but I do think they are less pigmented than what is in here. All of the mattes blended smoothly, but I found performance was the best when I worked with a tacky base. The shades just adhered better and the blend in the outer corner seemed to be better as well. A tacky base will also just give you a better chance at getting the maximum depth out of your shades. I personally use the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as my base.

The new “reflective shades” in this palette definitely remind me of the duochrome toppers in the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, but just a more pigmented version. The flaky look that they have in the pan is likely just to make them look beautiful to the eye, because when you dip your finger in there and apply to the eye, you don’t get flakes, it smooths into a pretty consistent shade that has a duochrome effect. So that appearance must just be for how it looks in the pan. These shades do seem to be extra sparkly though. You will notice this if you swatch them in store!

Swatches in natural light
swatches in sun
Swatches in direct sunlight.

The pressed pearl, which is the shade Kinky, performed like all of the other pressed pearls in Desert Dusk. It’s like a smooth metallic. Very pretty, and the pigment transfers well to the lid, even with a brush.

I was surprised by how well the glitters adhered. However, I did use the NYX glitter glue when applying them because I wasn’t interested in messing around. Once I did lay down that glue though, they packed on extremely well. And I got little to no glitter fallout throughout the day! The only thing that I did notice is that the glitter definitely started to crease on my lids almost immediately after application. After only five hours of wear I noticed that my look with the red glitter was much less beautiful than when it started because of all the creasing, and there was a small patch of missing glitter on one lid as well. But overall, the effect of the glitter on is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. So sparkly! To avoid creasing, the best option might be to apply these  glitters on the center of the lid only.

And finally the concealer shade. While I think that it was very smart to include this in the palette, I still prefer to use my own concealer to set my lid or cut my crease. This cream concealer is just very stiff, so it makes it a little more difficult to get a decent amount on the lid without tugging too much. It also makes it hard to accurately cut the crease if that is what you are looking to do. But it does work, and it works best if you can apply it with your finger. I think the best purpose for this concealer would be to either prime the lid, or tap on the center of the lid with your finger tip for a halo eye.

swatches labelled

Below I have created five looks with this palette using all of the shades. My thoughts on each specific shade are discussed as I list them.

peach 1

peach 3

This look was created with a tacky base and as you can see, the blending is near flawless!

Shades used:
Tickle: Outer corner, lower crease and outer lower lash line. This is a matte mauve pink shade that blended really well.
: Upper transition and lower lash line. This is a very pretty matte peachy shade that has pretty good pigmentation for such a light shade. It blended out the periphery of Tickle really well.
Bare: Brow bone. This is a typical cream shade that isn’t that pigmented, but personally I wouldn’t want it to be super pigmented. It works well to set the brow bone, and I’m sure you could pack it onto the lid if you wanted to.
Crave: Inner two thirds of the lid. This is a very pretty light peachy shimmer. These reflective shades have good pigmentation and are extra sparkly in person. However, I did always use a tacky base before applying them. These reflective shades worked best with a finger.
Spanked: Outer corner. This is a medium berry matte that added a bit more depth to the outer corner.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Heartless” is on the waterline. Lashes are Stilazzi Bad A Lash Mini.

edit2_lilac 1.jpg

edit_lilac 2

This look was created with a set base. The blending had some issues mainly because the outer corner of my eye was watering a lot. Ultimately, I think I would have been able to achieve better depth if I hadn’t set my base.

Shades used:
Lace: Crease and lower lash line. This is a beautiful matte lilac shade that had good pigmentation and blended really smoothly. Lilacs and lavenders are so rare, so I really love that one is included in this palette.
Love Bite: Outer corner and outer lower lash line. This is a matte deep berry that has good pigmentation. This is one of the deepest, if not the most deep, shade in the palette, and it builds up well.
Bare: Brow bone.
Concealed: On the lid before adding Daydream. This is the concealer that is included in the palette. While this might be handy for some people, I still prefer to use a separate concealer to cut the crease. The concealer in this palette is fine and totally works, but it is quite stiff so you really have to work to get it on the lid and get a clean line. It applies more easily with a finger, but a brush can work too.
Daydream: Inner two thirds of the lid. This is such a pretty lilac shimmer. I love how soft and pastel it is, while being quite sparkly!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Heartless” is on the waterline. Lashes are Ardell Faux Mink 817.

plum 1

plum 3

This look was created with a tacky base.

Shades used:
Love Bite: Crease, outer corner and lower lash line.
Lace: Upper transition and lower lash line.
Kinky: Outer third of the lid. This is a very smooth metallic wine shade. It is similar to the pressed pearls in past palettes like Desert Dusk. These shades apply well with your finger or a brush.
Fantasy: Inner two thirds of the lid. This is the berry reflective shade with hot pink shimmer. You can really see that pink reflect on the center of the lid there!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shades “Alkaline” and “Rockstar” are on the waterline. Lashes are Ardell 3D Faux Mink 852.

edit_halo 1.jpg

edit_halo 2.jpg

This look was created with a set base. Again, I think the outer and inner corners could have had more depth if I had not set the base.

Shades used:
Spanked: Crease and lower lash line.
Love Bite: Inner and outer corner, and up into the crease. Also on the lower lash line.
Bare: Brow bone.
Concealed: Center of lid.
Kinky: Center of lid.
Infatuated: Center of lid and center of the lower lash line. This is a medium pink pressed glitter that actually adhered to the lid really well. I used the NYX Glitter Glue underneath just to be sure though. The glitter effect was insane! So pretty!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Black Bean” is on the waterline. Lashes are Ardell Faux Mink 812.

brown 1

brown 2

This look was created with a tacky base.

Shades used:
Tease: Outer corner and lower crease. This is the cooler deeper brown in the palette. This shade did actually seem to stay cool, but I do feel like it could have built up more than it did. As you can see, it doesn’t look super deep in the outer corner there.
Raw: Crease. This is a very warm matte red brown. In the pan it literally just looks like a brown, albeit warm. Well doesn’t it look like I used a pink or red shadow in the crease there? I was definitely surprised by this, but I quite like it in any case.
Teddy: Upper transition. Because I used this shade to blend out raw, the resulting shade on the lid also looks super red and warm. Teddy itself does seem to have somewhat of a pink-red undertone, as you can see in the swatches.
Bare: Brow bone.
Charmed: Inner two thirds of lid. In the pan this just looks like a brown shimmer, but a pink reflect is obvious when it is on the eye.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Black Bean” is on the waterline. Lashes are Ardell Faux Mink  810.

edit_glitter 1

edit_glitter 2

This look was created with a tacky base.

Shades used:
Raw: All over the lid, lower crease and lower lash line.
Secret: Upper crease and lower lash line. Even though in the pan this looks like a cooler taupe matte, it became quite warm when blending out raw. Again, doesn’t it look like I used red eyeshadow?
Excite: All over the lid. This is the red glitter. It also adhered well to the lid with glitter glue and I had almost no fallout throughout the day. I did notice creasing though and you can kind of already see it in these pictures that I took right after application.
Bare: Brow bone.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade “Alkaline” and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Black Bean” are on the waterline. Lashes are Ardell Faux Mink 811.

Final Thoughts

I think that this is a really beautiful daily palette if you gravitate towards pinks and berries. The majority of the palette really leans towards that colour scheme, however, you can still create a variety of different looks, as you saw above. The quality of this palette overall is really good. All of the shadows performed well, but the best performance was when I left my eyeshadow primer tacky. The mattes blended well and the shimmers were very pretty. And the glitters are definitely a fun addition!

Have you tried the Huda Beauty eyeshadow formula before? Which palette of hers is your favourite? I’m definitely curious about the Rose Gold Remastered. Have you tried that palette?

sign off 3

31 thoughts on “Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Review, Swatches and 6 Eye Looks

    1. I can totally understand this palette not being everyone’s thing! It leans heavily on the berry/pink side, so if you don’t gravitate towards those tones then that makes sense!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am very happy that I decided to go through with purchasing it! The glitters are a fun addition for sure. I would never consider buying glitter singles, but the fact that they come with this palette is awesome!


      1. I have enough points to do the Rouge points redemption for a gift card but I haven’t once seen it as an option yet!! That definitely would have come in handy for this palette!


      1. I read your wow or waste post so think I’ll stick with the mini palettes as they seem to be better value. This is still so pretty tho 😫x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah they definitely are! There just aren’t any that are quite this colour scheme. But if you don’t care about the colour scheme then that is the perfect move for you!

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      1. Thanks , I’ve been on the hunt and wondering whether using an eyeshadow primer actually makes a difference to the overall look

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like concealer because it gives a nice blank canvas on the eye. It also works great whether you set it with powder or not. These days I’m preferring to not set it and leave it tacky. Shades are much more vibrant that way! Even more so if you use a white concealer like the Kat Von D concealer creme ☺️

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  1. Beautiful looks as usual!! I really like your thorough reviews! I can’t wait to dig into this palette. I have been using the ABH Sultry palette all week so haven’t touched this one yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s great to see the different looks you’ve managed to achieve with this palette, the shades are what’s really sold this to me as the other ones huda has released doesn’t interest me too much.

    Adell x

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