Zoya Element Fall 2018

Hello everyone! Today I have swatches of the full Zoya Element Fall 2018 collection! Exciting, right?

Zoya is a nail polish brand that I have always wanted to get more into, and boy am I doing that now! Zoya kindly sent over both their Fall and Winter collections, as well as a selection of nail care products, so they are going to be featured a lot on my blog in the future. From what I have tried, I am LOVING their products! And this Fall 2018 Collection is no exception…


About Zoya

Zoya falls under the Art of Beauty brand that was started by Zoya and Michael Reyzis, two Russian natives who immigrated to the US in 1979. While Zoya was a classical pianist in Russia, her husband Michael was an advanced chemist. With Zoya’s dream to create high quality, healthy and natural salon and spa products, and Michael’s ability to formulate such products, they together developed and patented products that eventually founded this brand. Her husband was in fact the first to formulate a successful fast drying topcoat! These two are THE power couple. 

Art of Beauty owns and manages the brands Zoya, Qtica, Smart Spa and Zoom.

Zoya polishes are 10 free, meaning that they are formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor, THPH, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide or lead. Their polishes are also safe for pregnant women.

My thoughts on the Zoya Formula

Overall, the Zoya formula is a really solid one. The most impressive quality of Zoya nail polishes is the opacity of their lighter cremes. Often “skin-coloured” or lighter cremes require at least two if not three coats to reach full opacity. Zoya’s lighter cremes are almost fully opaque with ONE coat. That is incredible! So clearly the pigment is there. And this rings true for their other shades as well. One thing I always like to touch on is the brush width, because that is an important characteristic for me. Unfortunately the Zoya brush is really quite thin, so it is not my favourite. However, for most of their shades I don’t find it is a struggle to achieve a non-streaky finish, which is usually the number one problem with thinner brushes. In terms of wear, I find that the Zoya formula is chip resistant until you hit around the 4-5 day mark, which is pretty typical, if not a bit better than typical.

Zoya Element Fall 2018

1177779.Element_Main Page_1000x150_4.jpg

This collection features an array of blush-toned mauves, deep sultry hues and some mystical metallics. I think this collection offers something for everyone, whether you are a neutral or colour lover. It also offers classic Fall shades, and some with a twist. So let’s get into it!


Devin is a steel blue metallic foil with multicoloured shimmer. This shade is so unique and really quite stunning! I can see myself wearing this a lot during the Fall and the Winter. However, I did notice that these foils dry exceptionally fast. Almost too fast. Because the brush is thinner it takes a bit longer to fully cover the nail, and I found by the time I was getting full coverage it was starting to dry. This just made the application not quite as easy as it could be. This shade looked best with two coats.

Devin 1_edit

Devin 2_edit

Devin 3_edit

Devin 4_edit


Rumor is a light pink mauve with a smooth metallic finish. I found it a little more difficult to get this shade to not be streaky, but the finished result was really beautiful. This shade is so girly and the perfect nude for Fall. This shade looked best with two coats.

Rumor 1_edit

Rumor 2_edit

Rumor 3_edit

Rumor 4_edit


Jenna is a light pink with a hint of purple and a creme finish. This shade in particular seems like it would be great for pink lovers year-round! I have to say, I am super impressed with Zoya’s creme formula. They are almost opaque with only one coat, however, I would still recommend two. I’m a nail snob, what can I say?

Jenna 1_edit

Jenna 2_edit

Jenna 3_edit

Jenna 4_edit


Ruthie is a medium rose with a creme finish. This is my kind of pink! I love anything rose-toned, or scented, or patterned….. This shade looked best with two coats.

Ruthie 1_edit

Ruthie 2_edit

Ruthie 3_edit

Ruthie 4_edit


Maryanne is a medium rose with a shimmer finish. I think this shade is so beautiful and girly and I am loving the subtle sparkle it has. It also pairs really well with the other pinks in this collection. This shade looked best with two coats.

Maryann 1_edit

Maryann 2_edit

Maryann 3_edit

Maryanne 4_edit


Kendra is a medium berry with a touch of wine and a creme finish. This is the perfect shade for the Fall. Not too vampy, but definitely deeper and more moody. I can totally picture myself wearing this on a crisp November day. This shade looked best with two coats.

Kendra 1_edit

Kendra 2_edit

Kendra 3_edit

Kendra 4_edit


Alyssa is a medium/deep true red with a creme finish. I absolutely LOVE this red. Because it is a little deeper and more subdued than any typical bright red, it is awesome for this time of year. This shade looked best with two coats.

Alyssa 1_edit

Alyssa 2_edit

Alyssa 3_edit

Alyssa 4_edit


Donnie is a medium purple-toned fuchsia with a creme finish. This is such a fun bright shade. This shade looked best with two coats.

Donnie 1_edit

Donnie 2_edit

Donnie 3_edit

Donnie 4_edit


Maeve is a medium grape purple with a creme finish. Even though there are plenty of purples on the market, this true shade of purple is really quite unique! This shade looked best with two coats.

Maeve 1_edit

Maeve 2_edit

Maeve 3_edit

Maeve 4_edit


Rachel is a mulberry purple with a creme finish. This is the perfect vampy shade for Fall. What I love about it is that it isn’t so dark that you can’t tell what colour it actually is, which is often a problem with a lot of shades like these. This shade looked best with two coats.

Rachel 1_edit

Rachel 2_edit

Rachel 3_edit

Rachel 4_edit


Leighton is a dark eggplant with a creme finish. Because this shade is so deep, it can be difficult to see that it is purple and not black, unless you are looking at it under a bright light. As it is, this is a gorgeous moody shade. This shade looked best with two coats.

Leighton 1_edit

Leighton 2_edit

Leighton 3_edit

Leighton 4_edit


Gardner is a deep blue metallic foil with purple shimmer. I am totally picturing using this shade once I start doing Winter mani’s with snowflake details! This foil performed similarly to Devin, in that it did dry exceptionally fast during application. This shade looked best with two coats.

Gardner 1_edit

Gardner 2_edit

Gardner 3_edit

Gardner 4_edit

Thoughts on this collection

Overall, this collection is super comprehensive and definitely includes something for everyone. All of the shades apply super smoothly and have a great level of opacity. I also found that they wore well for 4-5 days before any chipping occurred.

In terms of the shade selection, I am left with a few questions as to why this was called the Element collection. Zoya always seems to name their shades with female names, and never inanimate objects or anything like that, and this collection was no exception. So I do feel like I am left wondering what the inspiration was for this collection as a whole, as well as the individual shades, and how it relates to the element trend that is so popular right now. But as it is, it is a beautiful collection! 

Have you tried out the Zoya formula? What is your favourite shade from the collection? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. As always, all of my opinions expressed here are never solicited and are entirely my own.

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12 thoughts on “Zoya Element Fall 2018

    1. Zoya is definitely such a good brand! They create such good quality products and they have incredible colour ranges! Their nail polish collections that they release are so well curated too!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve tried a Zoya nail polish once! I used a regular creme color & had the same issue you had with the foils; the formula dried so fast it was hard to keep up with it. I also thought the brush was a little small but, the color payoff really is great & it lasted on my nails without chipping longer than most other brands.

    This collection is gorgeous but I wish there had been a true brown included! Can’t wait to see your winter manis!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting that you ran into that issue with a creme! I haven’t encountered that yet, just with these two metallics. Zoya actually just released a wider brush in the last week which is super exciting! Unfortunately it is something additional that you have to buy though. All polishes are still going to come with the thin brush. You just have the option to buy the wide brush.

      My swatches of the Holiday collection are now up and there is a true brown in there!


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