Candy Corn Glam Mani| Halloween 2018

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Today I have another slightly festive Halloween mani for you! Candy corns… and they are glam. Glam is my style, have you noticed?

I’m currently waiting for some more nail supplies to arrive for more Halloween manis, so in the meantime I was thinking about what I could possibly create without any specialized nail vinyls etc. And voila! Gradient candy corn nails. Throw some glitter on there and you have a mani.








  1. For this manicure, I started by applying my favourite base coat Orly Bonder to all of my nails except for my ring finger. On that nail I used a peel off base coat (UNT Ready for Takeoff) to make the removal process easier because that will be a glitter nail.
  2. Then I painted my thumb and pinky a shimmery orange polish (Zoya Ginger from my Top 10 Fall Nail Polishes 2018), my pointer and ring fingers a white creme (China Glaze White on White) and my ring finger an orange creme (KL Polish Cha Cha Cha).
  3. To do a gradient on my pointer and middle fingers, I used a yellow, orange and white polish on a sponge (I used KL Polish Tropicana, China Glaze White On White and OPI Tangerine Scene). To prepare for doing a gradient, I applied the Mini Mani Moo Mess No More Liquid Nail Art Tape around the cuticles. Then I painted one stripe of each shade beside each other on a cosmetic wedge sponge, and dabbed it on my nails. To achieve full opacity, I repeated this step multiple times, letting the polish dry a bit in between. Afterwards I added a scattered holo polish, China Glaze Fairy Dust.
  4. To do the glitter nail on my ring finger I used the glitter burnishing method. The glitter I used is really interesting because it reflects gold, orange, green and red! I can’t however, tell you what brand it is because it came from the Nina Nailed It Scratch Monthly Mani Kit from July 2017.
  5. After the orange polish had dried on my ring finger, I applied a tacky base coat (American Classic Yellow Stopper Base Coat) and let it dry for 30 seconds to 1 minute to let it get tacky. Then using loose glitter and a cosmetic sponge, I applied the glitter using pressing and slight dragging motions. It’s important to drag the sponge down the nail a bit because this method is supposed to make it so that all the glitter lays flat on the nail. This will allow the glitter more effectively reflect light. I actually did two coats of glitter, so I repeated this process by adding the tacky base coat again etc.
  6. I then applied a top coat to all of my nails (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat), and dropped a triangle stud from La Paloma Boutique on both my thumb and pinky nails near the cuticle before the top coat dried.

While this Halloween mani is pretty simple, that is kind of my style for Halloween stuff: simple but glam and slightly themed. It’s not in your face, but definitely cute.

What are you doing to get ready for Halloween?

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