KL Polish Fall in the City | Fall 2018

Hello everyone! I have been hard at work preparing this post for you, and it’s finally here!

About two weeks ago I managed to get my hands on the KL Polish Fall 2018 Collection. How, you ask? Because international shipping is currently suspended, I used a shipping forwarding service. Long story short, it worked out, but it was INCREDIBLY expensive, so I can’t recommend it, and I won’t be doing it again. Why must shipping nail polish be so expensive and difficult? But in the end, I am very happy to have gotten my hands on these polishes!


About KL Polish

KL Polish is a brand that was started by the very popular Youtuber Kathleen Lights just over a year ago. All KL Polish nail polishes are vegan, cruelty free, 12-free, and made in the USA using a high-quality, long-lasting, non-chip formula.

12-free means that these polishes are free of: Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, MEHQ/HQ, MIT, Parabens, Animal Derived Ingredients or Gluten

My thoughts on the KL Polish Formula

As soon as I first tried the KL Polish formula last Fall, I knew I was hooked. However, the formula hasn’t always been consistent. Some of the Spring 2018 shades were of a thicker consistency, which made them harder to work with. But there are many reasons why this formula is my favourite:

  1. The brush is a good width: not too skinny and not too wide.
  2. The polish is pretty quick drying! For a polish where I always use two coats, this dries pretty quick.
  3. The formula is pretty chip-resistant. I notice that my manicure lasts noticeably longer when I am wearing KL Polish.

Make sure you check out my reviews and swatches of their other collections!

70’s Vibes Fall 2017

Ethereal Garden Spring 2018

Havana Heat Summer 2018

So, let’s get into this year’s Fall 2018 collection, Fall in the City.


“This collection of six high fashion shades will make you feel like your walking the streets of New York City in the midst of Autumn.”


overall 4

overall 3

In all of my swatches I will be comparing this year’s shade to any similar shades that may have been in the Fall 2017 Collection, for reference.


Yzma is a deep blackened purple metallic. This is a really beautiful polish, but it looks best in bright LED light. In natural light, it really appears quite dark and it is difficult to see all the beautiful purple shimmers that this polish has. This shade applies deeper than it looks in the bottle, and looks best with two coats.

In my swatch pictures I am comparing Yzma to Mozart from the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection.


edit_yzma 1

edit_yzma 2

edit_yzma 3

edit_yzma 5

edit_yzma 6


Jane is a muted magenta berry creme. Initially, this was the shade that interested me the least since I own a lot of pink polishes. However, when I applied it, I was stunned by the gorgeous berry colour! I definitely do not own anything like this. This shade looks best with two coats.

In my swatch pictures I am comparing Jane to Princess Penny from the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection, since there was no similar shade between the two collections.


edit_jane 1

edit_jane 2

edit_jane 3

edit_jane 4

edit_jane 5

edit_jane 6


1435 is a muted navy creme. I have to say, I am totally in love with this blue! And I do think I prefer this tone of blue when compared to Cozy in There?, which has more of a teal undertone. This shade looks equally as gorgeous when it is matte! This shade looks best with two coats.

In my swatch pictures I am comparing 1435 to Cozy in There? from the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection.


edit_1435 1

edit_1435 2

edit_1435 3

edit_1435 6

edit_1435 7

edit_1435 9
1435 with a matte topcoat


Medusa is a metallic green with a gold flip. I would have to say this is the stunner of the collection. There’s always one, right? This is the most unique metallic green you will ever find. And it isn’t just a smooth metallic, it has such a sparkly quality to it, especially in LED light. I also love how in some lights it looks more green, and in others it looks more gold. It is kind of like a chameleon in that way. I think this might be my favourite shade in the collection. However, a drawback is that it is quite thin and looks best with three coats, so you do really need to build it up. Metallics are usually more opaque so I find this a bit peculiar. But clearly this shade is something special, regardless!

In my swatch pictures I am comparing Medusa to Chloe from the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection.


edit_medusa 1

edit_medusa 2

edit_medusa 4

edit_medusa 5

edit_medusa 6

edit_medusa 7

Cafe Disco

Cafe Disco is a taupe grey creme with a silver microglitter. I also wasn’t expecting much from this shade, until I applied it! I love a good taupe shade in the Fall and Winter, and this one gives you so much more with the microglitter. And bonus, the microglitter looks great both in natural light and LED. This shade looks best with two coats.

In my swatch pictures I am comparing Cafe Disco to Wishbone from the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection.


edit_cafe disco 1

edit_cafe disco 2

edit_cafe disco 3

edit_cafe disco 4

edit_cafe disco 5

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a medium yellow brown creme. I am loving this shade for Fall. I feel like a shade like this isn’t something a lot of people would think that they loved, until they saw it, or wore it. I really like it because it feels like a twist on a classic brown nude. This shade looks best with two coats.

In my swatch pictures I am comparing Peanut Butter to Prince Cornelious from the 70’s Vibes Fall 2017 Collection.


edit_peanut butter 1

edit_peanut butter 2

edit_peanut butter 3

edit_peanut butter 4

edit_peanut butter 5

edit_peanut butter 6

Thoughts on this collection

Overall, I am really loving all of the shades from this collection. However, I am left wondering about the composition of the collection as a whole. I don’t necessarily feel like all of the shades “go together”, but I guess “Fall in the City” can mean anything. Basically just Fall shades. It’s not like the collection needs to be cohesive, but in the past they have been. As you can see from all of my swatches though, most of the shades partner really well with last year’s 70’s Vibes Collection!

In terms of the consistency of the polishes, all of them are the right viscosity. Like I mentioned earlier, the Spring 2018 Collection had some seriously thick polishes that were more difficult to work with, but all of these are great! I’m glad to see that we are back to the good ‘ol KL Polish formula.

Have you tried out the KL Polish formula? What is your favourite shade from the collection? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: Images that do not have my watermark are from the KL Polish website.

sign off 3

20 thoughts on “KL Polish Fall in the City | Fall 2018

    1. It is, especially in the macro shots! I know! Medusa is so unique, I love it! That’s one of the things I love about KL Polish collections, they usually have quite a few unique nail polish shades that you won’t be able to find easily anywhere else.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Your nails a re flawless! I’m obsessed with the shade Jane and Cafe Disco, I think I’m going to order them to the US and bring them back in November. How long did these nail swatches take you? I saw you uploading a new polish to ig everyday and I thought wow that’s a lot of nail painting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you! I’m pretty much obsessed with all of them! I did these swatches in two days. I actually did them all over TWICE. I did them all a couple days before I decided to update my photo setup. So then after I did that I felt like I couldn’t be posting sub-par photos, so I reswatched them all again! I didn’t want to because it’s a lot of work, but I’m so happy with the result lol.


  2. Cafe Disco is by far my least favorite shade she’s come out with, I don’t know why, but it just looks weird on me? Medusa is definitely the standout and probably my favorite out of everything she’s made!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This collection is quite polarizing for you then!😅 I’m wearing cafe disco now, I wonder if you don’t like it with the undertone of your skin or something?? I like a good taupe in the fall and winter so I’m pretty happy with it. I can’t wait to wear Medusa over and over!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love KL Polishes. But I only get the chance to purchase when I am visiting US. Loved all the shades in this collection but Medusa stands out to me. I will be purchasing along with some others that are on my wish list. 🙂
    Nova hats off to you my dear. You work so hard on your blog and all your pictures are just stunning. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love their polishes too! Definitely my favourite formula! I am very sad that they don’t ship internationally any more 😦
      You are so so nice to me! Thank you!


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