Fall Eyeshadow Edit | Makeup palettes I’m bringing back into rotation for Fall

Hello everyone! Today I am here to chat about the eyeshadow palettes that I am going to be focusing on using for Fall. My eyeshadow palette collection has absolutely exploded after the last two years, so it is great to periodically pick out some that you may have forgotten, or that may be perfect for the season, to use.

While I think that some of these palettes are amazing, not every single one of these palettes are my favourite, so look out for my mini reviews of each palette. Some I am rotating back in just to give another try. The formula might not be my favourite, but the shades are perfect for the season!




Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes

This is a palette that I lusted over for months after it came out, trying to show some self-restraint for once, but in the end purchased anyways. I absolutely love all matte looks during the Fall, and this palette really feeds that craving. Even though the peachy and berry colour scheme is really pretty, for the most part I have felt very neutral on this palette so far, so I haven’t used it a ton. The shadow formula just doesn’t wow me, and some of the shades are underwhelming (especially Sangria). BUT, I am looking forward to really putting this palette to use this season! If you are curious, I have done a Palette Roulette with this in the past, which you can check out here.

tf peach2

tf peach

Colourpop Yes, Please!

This is the perfect affordable palette for Fall. As you can see, mine is permanently dirty (it won’t come clean!) and has definitely seen some use! The Colourpop shadow formula is one of my favourites out there, and the colour scheme of course screams Fall. I love the metallic golds in this palette!

cp yes please 2

cp yes please

Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Precious Stones Collection

Now this is a new palette to my collection, but it is the epitome of Fall. I definitely knew I didn’t need this palette, given that it has a lot of similar tones to CP Yes, Please! But I just couldn’t not get it after seeing the promotional pictures of the swatches. I haven’t used this palette a ton yet, but it is really pretty. I will definitely be doing a post to compare CP Yes, Please! to Huda Topaz shortly! Do you need both??

huda topaz

huda topaz 2

Colourpop Good Sport

This is another new palette to my collection that I am super excited about. For whatever reason, the pictures of this palette on CP’s website are so freakin ugly, but look how gorgeous it is in real life! The shade selection is so unique! Like Fall remixed. And let me tell you, the metallics in this palette ARE LIKE BUTTER! If you want to see a look with this palette, check it out here.

cp good sport 2

cp good sport

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture

Another new palette to my collection… but at least this one was at a reduced price! I got this palette for $30 CAD at Winner’s, yeahyuh! This is a palette that I SO wanted last year when it came out, but all the bad hype just ruined it for me. But for $30? Yeah, I’d try that. This is another colour scheme that feels like Fall remixed, it has some classics, but the mixture of shades feels unique. So far I’ve created one look with this palette, and it turned out perfectly fine! I had zero problems with the formula. You can check that look out here.

abh subculture 2

abh subculture

Tarte Tartelette Toasted

You know, I was so excited when this palette came out last year. I don’t know why, but the warm neutrals were just really calling to me at that point, and I was LOVING the Tarte eyeshadow formula. Last year I was non-stop loving on the Tarte Clay Play! However, after getting the Toasted palette, I kind of realized that I don’t actually like the Tarte formula. What?? This palette made me realize that their eyeshadows are actually TOO blendable for me. When you place a shadow in a specific area, none of it will stick to that area if you don’t blend carefully. So, because of this realization, I really didn’t use this palette a lot after purchasing it, so I really want to give it another go this season. I bought it, so I might as well try using it! I’m sure it is still good, it’s just no longer my favourite formulation (which is the ABH formula).

tarte toasted

tarte toasted

Juvia’s Place Saharan II

I purchased this palette this summer in my first Juvia’s Place order. Juvia’s Place is one of the brands that I really wanted to try out this year. However, because I also got the Zulu Palette, I really got distracted by that one since it is the perfect Sumer palette. So, I had been saving this one for the Fall. The composition of this palette is really interesting, since you have only three deeper mattes, and then quite a selection of shimmers. Even though the mattes look very deep and intimidating, in my experience they apply lighter than they look in the pan. So far I am loving this palette for Fall, and I did my first orange-y Fall look with this palette back in September! The metallics in Juvia’s Place palettes are GORGEOUS!!!

juvias saharan 2

juvias saharan

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk

Desert Dusk is a palette that I often open just to look at and take in its beauty. I just love the combination of shades, and the metallics are really beautiful. The Huda matte formula is very light and dusty, which I think a lot of people complain about. However, the dustiness actually makes these shadows blend really well. The only slightly underwhelming shade in this palette is Amethyst, which really lacks in pigmentation. However, a tacky base might really help it along, and I need to try that.

Since this is such an expensive palette, I am always thinking that I need to use it more, but I also just want to use it more because it is beautiful! When I did my last Palette Roulette, for the next post I was supposed to do Desert Dusk, so I really want to pick that back up so I have an excuse to use this palette for a week straight! Should I do it?

huda dd 2

huda dd

Well those are all the palettes that I have rotated back in for Fall! When your collection grows as much as mine has, it’s good to periodically remind yourself of palettes that may have fallen by the wayside. I can’t wait to use all of these palettes regularly again!

What palettes are you really focusing on for Fall?

sign off 3

18 thoughts on “Fall Eyeshadow Edit | Makeup palettes I’m bringing back into rotation for Fall

  1. Such a nice collection!! Desert Dusk palette is my all-time favorite!! I really want to get myself Huda Beauty’s mini obsession palette, the purple and the green ones. The colors are just too gorgeous!! Very nice post xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I know, Desert Dusk is just so stunning! I think the Emerald Obsessions looks so unique and pretty! The Amethyst one is pretty too, but it seems to have a lot of pink in there which I already feel like I have.


  2. I don’t really focus on any certain colors for the season. I wear what I want when I want. All my palettes are in regular rotation year-round. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes a lot of sense! I seem to lean towards cool tones when we go into Winter and Spring! But I don’t have a lot of cool-toned palettes! Which are your favourites?

      Liked by 1 person

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