Designing my DREAM Boxycharm Box!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another fun post that I am taking from a Youtube video! I think video ideas can often translate really well to blogs, and this is certainly one of them!

One Youtuber that I watch every day is Samantha March. She posts six days a week (wow, right?) and always has interesting topics and new products to try out and review! I find that her personality is really likeable and she’s a small Youtuber (about 60K), which I prefer these days!

A couple of weeks ago a really fun video idea was suggested by a subscriber of Samantha’s, Ashley H. And what Ashley H suggested was to make a video where if Samantha were to create her very own Boxycharm box with personalized contents, what would be in it? Isn’t that fun? Basically fantasy shopping. My kind of thing for sure. You can watch Samantha’s original video here.

If you aren’t familiar with Boxycharm, it is a beauty subscription box that costs $21 USD per month and usually includes 4-5 full-sized items, with the total value of the box amounting to $100-$150 USD.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 3.16.09 AM.png

This idea of designing my own Boxycharm box really appealed to me, because I used to be very interested in Boxycharm, and was subscribed to it for quite a few months. However, I eventually stopped my subscription because I often wasn’t interested in more than one item, and then I had all these products that I didn’t want. The great thing about Boxycharm is that you are only paying $20-$30 dollars (~$33 if you are Canadian), but the item value usually amounts to well over $100. One HUGE caveat though is that often the box can include quite a few brands who are not popular or well-known (however, this can be a good thing for discovering new brands to love!), and their items are often priced at a much higher price than you would expect, given you’ve never heard of the brand before, or it’s supposed to be a value brand. So this in turn inflates the potential “value” of the box to well over $100, but you are perhaps getting items that you aren’t all that interested in. That’s not to say that no one would be interested in these items, and that they aren’t worth those higher prices (companies can charge whatever they want obviously), they’re just maybe not as interesting as more popular or hyped items. This is my experience anyways, and I’ve talked to many people who feel the same.

SO! For today’s post, I’m going to be listing five items that would be in my dream Boxycharm box, with the total value amounting to between $100-$150. These items are items that either I wouldn’t necessarily buy on my own for whatever reason, items that I think could likely be in a Boxycharm box in the future, or items that I just think would be HANDS DOWN AMAZING if they were to be in the box. Let’s get into it!

Jouer Blush Bouquet in “Rose Gold” ($30 USD)


The Jouer Blush Bouquets look incredibly gorgeous and have had my interest ever since they first launched. Why I haven’t purchased one yet, I don’t know. But the Rose Gold one has come very close to pushing me over the top. Personally, I think the Rose Gold one would suit almost all skin tones, so this would be amazing in the box! The packaging is also to die for!

Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette ($42 USD)


If you read my Wishlist Tag post a last week, you will know that I have been dying to get my hands on this palette! Well what better way than through Boxycharm?! I feel like getting this palette in a Boxycharm would be a real possibility, given that they have often featured smaller more “on the rise brands”, such as Laura Lee Cosmetics (I can do without) and Alamar Cosmetics (yes please!). Although, palettes this old don’t usually appear in Boxycharm, but I’m not going to rule it out! Also, DC seem to be having production problems since this palette has been out of stock on their website and on Sephora for a month or more now. Maybe once they get it together Boxycharm will surprise us 🙂

Pat McGrath Labs The Original Mattetrance Skin Show Trio ($25 USD)


Now this is something that I would LOVE to try, but would never buy (although a set like this is tempting). Pat McGrath products are so pricey, it’s hard to know if they are worth it. And the reviews are controversial too. But I do love trying lip products, and getting a mini kit with three shades would be killer! That way there will hopefully be a shade for everyone. Gotta say I hate the name “Flesh 3” though. Flesh… shudder.

Revolution Beauty Renaissance Flick ($8 USD)


This is a liquid eyeliner that I have been hearing a lot about, but mostly from Emily Noel on Youtube! Apparently it is so black and easy to use (felt tip), and yet I can’t find it in Canada! It doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere here, so you have to order it online. I think that this would be such a nice drugstore addition to the box. And the packaging is pretty too!

Ardell Faux Mink 811 False Lash ($8 USD)


I think lashes are another fun thing to get in a box. Perhaps it’s not something you like to wear on the daily, but they can be nice to have on hand for special events. And these are the lashes you need! The Ardell Faux Mink lashes are my absolute favourite lashes. The 811 style is especially nice for a sexy, sultry look because they flare out longer on the outer corners. These lashes are affordable, look real, and come in really nice styles! What better way is there to finish off this box?

Total box value: $113 USD

Now tell me, who wouldn’t be jumping for joy over this box?

What would you put in your own personalized Boxycharm box? Would you subscribe to mine? Which item would you be the most excited for? Let us know down below!

Disclaimer: All photos are from the associated brand’s website.

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20 thoughts on “Designing my DREAM Boxycharm Box!

  1. I love Samantha’s channel too! I watch her daily! I loved her box that she created! I love yours too! I personally don’t wear false lashes, but that is no big deal. With boxes like these there will usually be something that I won’t get a ton of use out of… or any use out of. There us usually something else or more than one item that makes the box worth the money spent. Which is why I still get my boxycharm. When that is no longer the case, or my collection becomes too large… I will cancel. I would love to get this box though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah false lashes can go either way with people. They are a good thing to receive free though! I think that was the biggest reason I cancelled my Boxycharm. My makeup collection was just getting too big and I wanted it to be more curated and have more control over what was added!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree.. just because I personally don’t wear lashes, I don’t have a problem getting them in a box because I know tons of other people wear them. I will end up cancelling when I either get bored with the things I get or my collection is unmanageable.


    1. Hehe yesss! I know, I’m definitely curious about them. Matte lips are so nice for the Fall, but my lips always feel so dry so I wonder if they would fall off with this formula..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes those are great picks!! A mini ND palette would be so amazing for so many people!! And the Hourglass powder min would be so good too! Let’s e-mail Boxycharm our resumes right now 😉


  2. Ahhh! I love this idea, so creative & fun!! I’d definitely subscribe to your box. The lipstick trio looks beautiful but yeah… “flesh” does not sound nice lol.


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