Seeing Stars Rose Gold Mani

Hello everyone! Another week, another mani!

Today I am sharing not necessarily a Fall mani, but a mani that works for anytime in Fall or Winter. One shade that works any time of the year however, is ROSE GOLD! I am obsessed with rose gold, did you know? My Beats headphones are rose gold, my laptop cover used to be rose gold (it broke :(), my phone is rose gold, my phone case is rose gold, even the Popsocket ON my phone is rose gold. It’s a rose gold life I lead. So why not on the nails, I ask?

Why not indeed.




For this manicure I just used two shades of nail polish, and some nail vinyls. Simple, right?

  1. I started by applying 2 coats of a black nail polish. I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in “Blacky O”, but of course any black polish will do. I did not use a base coat because you do not have to with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels, but otherwise I would recommend Orly Bonder.
  2. I then applied a fast drying top coat (Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat).
  3. After letting my nails dry completely (I’m talking hours here, be conservative because you are about to apply a sticker stencil that you will have to pull off), I used the What’s Up Nails Stars and Northern Star nail vinyls to apply the different star patterns on my nails with Cirque Colors “Halcyon”, a beautiful shimmery rose gold polish.
  4. I first used the Stars stencils on my pointer and pinky fingers, which apply as a sheet. Do one finger at a time, and apply the stencil very firmly to your nail. I find wrapping the stencil under the tip of your nail helps A LOT. After applying the stencil, I used a cosmetic sponge to dab on the rose gold polish. This polish in particular must have more of a gold shimmer, with a rose gold base. When using a cosmetic sponge, often a lot of the polish base is soaked up, but obviously not the glitter. This is why these stars look a little more gold.
  5. Then I used the Northern Star stencils on the rest of my fingers. The Northern Star stencils come as individual stars of varying sizes, so you can pick and choose when combination of sizes you want to do on your nails. For these stencils I just painted in the stars directly with the nail polish brush. These stars turned out a lot more rose gold.
  6. Once my nails were dry I applied a fast drying top coat (Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat).

I can’t even tell you how stoked I am with how this mani turned out. While it isn’t inherently Fall, it works so well for Fall or Winter. This is also my first time using Cirque Colors “Halcyon”, and it is such an incredibly beautiful shade!

What mani do you want to see me do next? Let me know!

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12 thoughts on “Seeing Stars Rose Gold Mani

  1. Every time I see you use stencils to do your manis, I always want to pull mine out! Then I remember that I suck at using them. Halcyon is too pretty! I’ve always wanted to try Cirque Colors.

    1. The more I use stencils, the more I realize that some just work better than others! It’s always the full sheet ones that give me trouble, but some more than others. The single stencil ones, like those bigger stars, always work well! Because they aren’t having to bend over the contours of your nail!

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